“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Orange Jeep Dad's house burned down.

I heard from a friend that Orange Jeep Dad's house burned down. He lost his supplies, vehicles, and just about everything else.

The guy has been working like a dog for years to make it to the countryside. He finally did, and this happened.

I guess now is not the time to make a pious posting about combat loading your supplies and equipment in different buildings. So I'll just say he is a good fellow, and his wife and little girls are nice people from what I can tell.  Rawles has more information on Survival Blog.

Survival Blog: Orange Jeep Dad 

The picture here on Orange Jeep Dad's web site made me feel badly for him. I live in fear of fire up here, because all my buildings are log.  This is sort of a worst nightmare scenario.

Orange Jeep Dad's house burnt down.


  1. That's so sad! :( I have a student who's families farm (everything) burnt down last year.

    My kids never read "The Wind in the Willows". Maybe I should check it out for them! Mica stuck on history books, and this series of Magic Tree House. Isaak is just starting to read.

    1. What! No Toad. No Ratty, or Moldy, no Badger and Otter! How can this be?

      At least OJD didn't lose any family or pets but I doubt that has really impacted on him yet.

  2. In all the posts, I havent seen anything about the cause of the fire...or maybe I just missed it.

    1. I don't know what it was. Could have been wiring but I am just guessing. I've had two fires in thirty years. One was wiring and the more serious was a chimney fire in the wood burning stove. Fires surprise you even with smoke detectors.

  3. aww dang ! I hope he can make a recovery from this..just stinks...

  4. I expect he will. Lots of people read his blog, and the Great Guru Rawles seems to have taken an interest. In a way, bloggers are like a church, in that when something bad happens to one of them, lots of others help.