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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Preppers in England

This comment just came in on an old posting.  I wanted to repost it here because otherwise, no one would see it.

Sol's blog 

I am intensely interested in how people in other countries are trying to be self sufficient.  Strangely, most of these folks are women where in this country the vast majority of survivalists and preppers are male, based on blogs. Maybe it's just that overseas the men are more reticent about talking over their planning and ideas with strangers. I have some friends in Australia, South Africa, England, Scotland and Germany who are preppers and they have some good ideas. Interestingly, none of them would describe themselves as survivalists, which tends to bear out the idea that there are philosophical and practical differences between survivalists and preppers.

I thought this was an interesting comment so here it is:

Hi there. can I add my two pence worth?

I am not sure how I found your blog. clicked someones side bar I think.

I live it what is probably classed as middle England. I can say that out of the 50 women in my office I am the only one of two people who has ever held a fire arm. It just isn't something you hear of and if you did say it out loud some one would think you were mad.

People just don't own guns here of any type. I thought it was strange when in Canada that in the Walmart you could buy hunting knives and bullets (please excuse my basic language, I don't know what many of these things are called).

We don't need guns to kill each other here, the riots that happened after the Police shot that boy a few years ago are testament to that. I really scared a lot of people. the youths took something and changed it, they didn't even know why they were rioting. Face book and blackberry messaging encouraged them. it is not something I have seen in my life time. and it is on the rise.

England and the rest of the Union realise we are on a knife edge. not all of us are baking and making bunting all the time. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But others of us, we are learning skills that our grandparents grew up with. We are returning to growing food. Not just to be able to blog about it, but because we know the wind has changed. For sure your above comment is right, we are prepping not trying to be survivalists. It is more for when we cant afford the supermarket food. last week I bought yoghurt for £1 for 500ml. this week it was £1.20. All our food is going up like that. there are too many off us on this Island now. and houses are built with a garden so small that you couldn't grow enough food if we went to war again like 1939. 'dig for victory', don't make me laugh, a garden of less than 10'x10' wont give you much when you have 3 kids.

If you can get into iplayer on the net, there was a programme a few weeks ago, called Blackout. It used lots of footage from the riots all over England a few years ago. The bit that struck me was about the man who blogged and said about his generator and how he was cooking on the BBq in his back garden in London (Ithink). it made me think, if people can smell you cooking they will come for your food.

I have friends who are Mormons. They have said a few times about their 72 hour kits and having food storage for a cushion against lose of employment. Like you said in another post. They know what they are doing.

Sorry this comment is long. I will be back to read more. Thanks


  1. Neat post and comment. I used to think of myself as a homesteader. I think I even did a post about it, but I'm more focused on being a prepared homesteader now. I think I did a post on that too. LOL!!! Still don't feel prepared but am definitely working towards it ☺

    Have you watched Blackout? It made me aware of things we still needed to do.

    1. I had never even heard of "Black Out" until today but now I am trying to run it down on DVD. I know a lot of people who are survivalists, and more that are preppers, and I don't know a one who would say they are 100%. I've been at it awhile and I still am not without things that need doing. Every single thing you do , however small, makes you that much better off.

  2. Hey there! Thanks for the link. There isn't anything about prepping on my blog. It is more about travel and normal life. Although you might see my stock pile or my stove and wood piles. And finding things for the best price.

    But like Kelly's comment above. the programme Black out, really shook me up.

    They say in the UK we are 3 days from chaos with our food supplies. With the weather getting worse each winter, people need to get supplies and relearn things like backing.

    They are also threatening us with real black outs. No electricity also means no gas, so no heating. A wood burning stove is a must.

    You only have to look at all the gardening, allotment, sewing blogs coming out of the UK to see that we are embracing old ways. Going back to war years to relearn and re-educating ourselves.

    2 of my favourite blogs are Down to Earth and the Greening of Gavin. both in Australia. Both people are learning old skills.

    1. Sol, "prepping" takes in things like trying to be sure you have enough food, and alternate ways of cooking it, like your stove. Your concerns about food inflation, and your gardening, are important tenets of self sufficiency. So, you are a kind of prepper, even if you didn't know it. : - )

  3. Sorry also we aren't allowed guns here. lol we have cricket bats! lol although if you hit a burglar in this country they can sue you. There was a case where a farmer shot a burglar and he went to prison.

    1. I remember. The man had been broken into several times, finally shot a burglar, and was sent to prison. It's strange, but our "Castle laws" which give a person the right to defend their homes and possessions, were based on old Anglo Saxon common law.

  4. I am not sure you can get the DVD but this is the link to channel 4. it spooked a lot of people


    1. No joy. I found the page. The You Tube style box with the start button was there. But when I clicked it, a window came up and said "this service is not available in your area." Maybe Amazon has it.

  5. There were several movies on Amazon with that name. I couldn't tell which was the one you saw. This looked like it might be it from the box cover, which featured some woman looking out of a jail cell in the dark.

    Blackout Starring Amber Tamblyn, Aidan Gillen, Armie Hammer and Katie Stuart (2007)
    Buy new: $14.98 $8.90
    18 new from $4.90 18 used from $1.26

    Order in the next 2 hours to get it by Thursday, Oct 10.

  6. No that is not the one I am on about. This one is in the UK, there is a cyber attack on the electricity companys we call the national grid... 2007? It has only just been shown? its is more recent and by Channel 4. The riots in England were in 2011. the footage is from then.


    I don't think it will be on DVD yet.

    I cant see it on you tube either, other than a trailer.

    1. I tried that page you can watch it on, and it wouldn't play for me here. Probably a copy right thing. I will see how Kelly saw it. I think she is in America so maybe it is showing on Hula plus or something of that nature. Glad I didn't order the first one on Amazon.

    2. Harry,

      Blackout will be on Nat Geo on Oct 27 @ 2100 EST

      Here is the trailer:

    3. SnW, thanks very much for that heads up. Now I can just tape it on the satellite receiver and not have to buy it. Couldn't find the DVD anyway to save my life.

  7. Sol - would seed sprouting help your situation ? I don't know about the availability of seed in England, but sprouting takes very little time and space to accomplish and is healthy to boot. If seed is available, you may want to look at this as another source of vegetables.

    Your comments above of growing food out of necessity rather than choice is telling, we wish you the best.

    1. hey Anon, we used to sprout seed, but have lost the habit we will do it again in winter when the garden dries up of fresh stuff.

      Thanks. Any tips are helpful and this was a reminder that I already have that knowledge

  8. Hi just found this blog. My hubby watched blackout and it shook him. He understands better now where I am coming from. So do some of my friends. We feel helpless in UK but fortunately air rifles and cross bows are legal. Now we are watching the USA situation and wondering if this it it. If its about to be too late...very frightening..

  9. Anon,
    We are wondering the same thing here ourselves. If the U.S. government was trying to bring on a collapse, they couldn't be doing a better job right now. Most of the people I regularly communicate with are watching events unfold with the same sense of unease.