“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cold and Flu Medicines

I've been dragging around with some infection my wife brought back from her school.  It's like a long term bout with the flu but not bad enough to keep you in bed.

I've used several different OTC medicines but these are the three that have worked best.

 I had an old bottle of this in our supplies.  It's really good with aches and pains, congestion, sinus problems and sore throat.

The downside is,  I have't been able to find any more in either of our drug stores so it may not be on the market any longer.

Theraflu also comes in little packets like lemon powder, and you can mix it up with hot water if you would rather do that.  It's not good for people with high blood pressure (like me) but when you feel badly that tends to take a back seat to the desire to feel better.

I'd give Theraflu Flu and Sore Throat a good rating. There is a "Severe" version that would be even better if I could find it.

My next favorite would be this one. It has a good taste, and alleviates the problems associated with the flu, a bad cold, or just feeling badly because of some random infection.

This one helps with fever as well as all the other unpleasant aspects I mentioned with the Theraflu.

It's not even expensive. A bottle costs about five dollars at the drug store. There is a generic version at Walmart for a dollar less but I bought the Tylenol brand. I know this is unnecessary but I did it anyway.

This blue stuff has the added advantage of knocking you out so you can sleep.  I take it at night, because it really causes drowsiness. I consider that a big plus, since when you are sleep you don't feel sick.

I figure on buying a few bottles of all three of these (if I can find the Theraflu) and putting them down in our medicine locker.  I usually take NyQuil but I think these do a better job of  getting you out of the hurt locker  more rapidly than NyQuil does.

Since it's the cold and flu season,  I thought I'd pass these experiences on. If you don't need the medicine now, you probably will before the winter is out.


  1. Not to tell you your business, BUT.....knock off the frozen burritos and get yourself some good fatty chicken soup..the kind with globs of golden fat floating on top...and eat/drink a goodly amount of that. A little Jewish penicillin really does do the trick. Wash it down with about a quart of milk and a quart of OJ every day and you'll be good to go in short order.

    1. You think so? I mean, I've heard that but it seems kind of "old wives tale." I guess it couldn't hurt to try, because all these medicines have little five or six page labels on the back, like a little book, telling you that if you have this or that ailment don't use them. As I happen to have this or that ailment I suppose I could be doing more harm than good with the medicines. They make me feel better , though.

    2. The secret is the schmaltz..the golden chicken fat that floats on the surface...but here's the thing about chicken soup: it's a hot liquid so it breaks up the congestion in the chest, the salt helps you retain liquids, it's high protein which is always good, and a few other 'hey, that makes sense' things as well. Thing is, though, the schmaltz is the big deal...go find a diner or somepalce that when they give you a bowl of soup it has these big globules of golden chicken fat on the surface...thats what you want. After that, lots of milk and OJ. Right off the bat, the heavy liquid intake is good and the vitamin C and ther nutrients are a big deal too. You know the joke about how a cold lasts two weeks untreated, but if you treat it then it lasts 14 days? Even if this *doesnt* work, it'll make the symptoms and discomfort far more manageable. My Chinese friends swear that some food with heavy garlic/ginger will also do the trick and there is some stuff to support that...garlic having some natural antiobiotic properties and all.

      Theres a diner a couple blocks from my shop that serves the exact kind of chicken soup Im talking about. When i get sick I drag myself in there with my big thermos and get a big jug of it to go. I beleive it makes a difference and perhaps just the belief in itself has some healing ability.

      I'll tell you what, though, buddy....those frozen burritos aren't gonna do the trick. I'm not one of these organic, anti-"Big Pharma", all-natural-all-the-time kinda weenies, BUT there is certain amount of sense to the notion that what you shove down your gullet is going to have an effect/impact on your overall health. I usually eat a pretty craptacular diet, but when I start feeling like theres a bug coming on I get out the milk/OJ/chicken soup and shove as much of it as I can down my throat.

      A lot of those 'old wives' tales about certain foods doing certain things for your health are being found to have some basis in fact. Just from an empirical standpoint, if they didnt then they wouldnt still be around. Something to think about.

    3. Well, my wife got home tonight and she can make real chicken soup. I'll ask her to make me some. I'll have to go to town to get the other stuff though, since I don't usually have orange juice and I never drink milk, I hate the taste of it. But in this case I can make an exception because I dislike feeling "fluish" even more.

    4. I hear ya, man. I hate milk too. I just take a deep breath, chug the quart, and call it a day.

    5. add some sage to the soup just before you eat it. Sage naturally helps with sweats when ill and for ladies of a certain age. If you have a mild head ache with it fever few 2 leaves in a sandwich will get rid of that. do not just chew it plain. you will pay for it. it will burn and give you mouth ulcers.

      Defo add garlic to the soup, helps with bacteria in the throat as well as it is good for the blood.

      If the soup isn't clear like Chinese soup broth, more grey like dishwater, strain it. or the way we make chicken broth is in an enamel soup pan, take all the racks out of the oven and cook it in the oven. it will come out golden as pointed out earlier. you can enhance the colour with lots of carrots and a small amount of brown skins of an onion.

      this has been proven now to do you good.


      Milk can create mucus, that's why singers don't eat or drink dairy. ew what a horrid word.

      Maybe inhale some steam to help the airways? it might also be too dry in the cabin.

    6. "grey like dishwater" ...... thud. The sound of a limp body falling to the kitchen floor! :-)

      I am running a humidifier 24 hours a day, because the ferrets have to have minimum 55% humidity.

      I didn't know sage could mess you up, that's good info.

  2. Plus one on the Theraflu, we were on vacation last Christmas when my son came down with a respirtory infection. Theraflu was the only medicine the small convenience store had - but it worked very well, it minimized the symptoms tremendously. We were impressed and bought more - it works for us.

    1. The last time we bought some packets, there were two kinds. One was a kind of Lemonade and it worked really well. It was in a yellow packet. The other was in a green packet. It was a lot stronger. Too strong, actually. I prefer the liquid stuff in the bottle and it does seem to work really well on all the things like congestion, sinus problems, fever, aches, and cough.

      But there isn't any to be had in our town and I am wondering if they make it any more, or have changed the name.

  3. Honey! ( no I am not calling you honey..lol) I mean take lots of honey. it is a natural cure all. If it was good for the Egyptians then it is good enough for us.

    I like theraflu too though, will have to look around here for it. I know some cold medicines are nothing more then pure alchohol and knock you out... I hate that drugged feeling.

    1. NyQuil is like that, that's why they call it Baptist Bourbon here. It's got a ton of alcohol in it, and it does knock you out and make you feel woozy.

      I have actually been eating a lot of honey lately, not because I knew it had medicinal properties for feeling bad, but because I just wanted it. And that's strange because I don't eat honey regularly.

      If you find any Theraflu let me know, at least then I will be sure it is still on the market. Can't find any here at all.

  4. I don't take medicines unless I really have to...I have been lucky and not had the flu for about ten years. I have a teaspoon of Manuka honey (it has a natural antibiotic) every morning with my breakfast (oatmeal). Not sure if you can get it over there I put my good fortune down to that and healthy eating. Now I have given up dairy products and switched to oat milk and that clears up the the mucus. This might help with your congestion. Do a search for the manuka honey and see if you can get some :)

    1. I never heard of oat milk. We have honey here but I am not sure about the Manuka part, I'll check and see. Maybe I can order it off the net, as you suggest. I can't believe you haven't had the flu in so long. I get it about every year. If I take the shot, it makes me sick. If I don't, my wife usually brings it home from school and I get it then. Last year I thought I was going to croak and after the second day I was hoping I would.

  5. There was a voluntary recall on Theraflu awhile back, maybe they are not at full production yet.

    1. That's not good since I just drank a whole bottle of the old stuff over the past week. :-(

    2. I am not a drinker, but have a case of medicinal Jack for just such things. I can't think of anytime it has been recalled. Chicken soup, hot tea, Jack for sleep with honey and lemon.
      I just found your blog while suffering a severe procrastination episode caused by not consuming coffee. As I remedy my malady, I have enjoyed your blog. Didn't mean to horn in, and I am sorry you have been ailing.
      Happy Thanksgiving