Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday before Thanksgiving

It has been raining most of the day, but it's an odd kind of rain.  So thin and light it looks like mist.  The rain is colder than the air so maybe that's what is causing the mist.  The photo was not taken tonight but gives a good idea of what it looks like out there.

Other than the rain falling, there's no sound. It's taking me awhile to get used to these winter nights. I like them, but they are certainly different from a summer night up here.

My wife came home today, and will be home for a whole week. I asked her if she wanted to go anywhere or do anything over the break, but she said she just wants to stay home.  Tomorrow I'll build a fire in the fireplace and keep it going for her. She likes to make a little bed on the couch with her pillows and blanket and have the fire going.  The plan tomorrow is for me to go to town and buy some things to make chicken soup with, then pick up a few extra supplies we want that we don't normally buy, like some ice cream and other treats. After that I expect we will just stay up here on the mountain. It is supposed to snow here Thursday but now they are saying it might just rain. It's late enough in November for snow.

Had a good talk with my son on the phone tonight. He's supposed to play football this weekend with a bunch of his cronies. I asked him to beg off if it's tackle, because I don't need him getting busted up. He is too light and slim to be playing tackle with no gear. Not that these considerations have ever weighed heavily with him on  such issues and I have the doctor bills to prove it.

When he was a teenager he wanted a dirt bike. I got him one over his mother's howls of protest. The first time he rode it he crashed into a fence made up of steel rails and telephone poles. Armored head to toe as he was, he still got busted up. I had to call his mom from the emergency room. This is not a pleasant memory. But life is rough and young men have to get out there and take their lumps or they'll never be good heads of households.  I still hope he doesn't play tackle this weekend though, that's a kamikaze mission for a guy his build. Peer pressure will make young fellows do anything. They haven't learned yet to say "hell, no. I'm not doing that."

I haven't heard from my daughter in a day or two, but my son says she is feeling well enough to go back to work, so that's one less thing to be concerned about.


  1. Maybe the propane truck driver was mature enough to say "hell, no, I'm not doing that."

    1. You could be right. Still, in more than twenty years up on this mountain I never had one just flat out refuse the road. It cost his company my business because I had to switch to someone who would deliver. I can't fault your original statement. If he was not up to the task then he had a right to decline. After all if he had gone over and blown us all the to hades that would have been a worse outcome.

  2. It sounds nice, to be up on a mountain cuddled up by the fire and away from civilization for an entire week!

  3. It is nice, especially on days like today when it's wet and misty outside. It's nice having her home for a whole week, too.

  4. Harry - it sounds like you are settling in for the perfect week. as for your son, i remember when i had to tell my father that i couldn't play gravel football or hockey anymore when i was 12 - the boys were beefing up and i was just too light and too small - it didn't matter how much skill i had - they were beating the living beejeezuz out of me. i hope that your son realizes his limitations, has a blast and doesn't get hurt! i am glad to hear that your daughter is feeling better. and i hope that you and your wife have a very relaxing week. much love being sent to you and yours, always. your friend,

  5. Young men don't back off. Their pride won't let them. I tried calling my son this evening to see how his day went, but can't get an answer. I hope this is not ominious!

    When you were twelve you must have been risking your life playing with the males. It's a wonder you surived into adulthood. ;-)