Thursday, November 7, 2013

Off to town.

I'm going into town.  It will be dark in a few hours and I need to get out of the house.  The best thing to do when you get aggravated is drive through the woods a bit, then go into town and have a good supper. I may swing by Walmart and see if they are still trying to jack people on the ammo prices.  If they have gotten their ducks in a row I may pick up some .45 ACP or 9mm.  I can't think of anything else I need but I usually see something I want.

The leaves are mostly gone now, but I'll take my camera.  I saw a huge herd of deer in a field the other day and didn't have it, would have made a good picture.

"Another Day in the Life."


  1. Have a good dinner and hope it's a nice evening.

    1. I went to the Chinese place. It was pretty good. Nobody else there but me.

  2. Enjoy and give us a report I been holding off on ammo waiting for prices to drop. The stuff is only lead and copper not friggin gold.

  3. Ammo prices at Walmart were good. Prvi Partisan for $14.95 the box of 50 rounds, 9mm. $19.95 the box of 50 rounds .45 ACP. I wanted to buy some. I waited 15 minutes, nobody showed up. I got a clerk to page the people who were supposed to be in the sporting goods. No one came. 15 minutes later I went to see the manager. He wasn't there. The secretary or whatever she was said "Terry" the assistant manager would come if I waited. I waited 10 minutes, no Terry. She paged again, 10 minutes later I told her I had better things to do than wait around on a bunch of incompetents and that I admired for being able to work with people who were obviously substandard. I'm going to send a blast to the Walmart headquarters with the managers name and store number off the receipt. I've had enough of these people jerking me around.

  4. It's the same at our local wally-world. I rate it equal with most third world nations. I hate this place. Sam Walton, so I've heard, has rolled in his grave. His children need their collective butts kicked.

  5. As hard as jobs are to find you would think that people who had them would do them well. But the people at our Wal-Mart have no qualms at all about taking out their anger against the company on the customers.