Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hitler finds out about Obama Care


  1. Harry,


    What scares me is that obama/osamacare is designed to fail, collapsed insurance companies and force us (this country) onto eurotrash (European) styled socialized medicine.
    I never married and have no family so when I get old and start to fall apart, screw it. It may be time to drop over dead or move to Canada and be eaten by Kymber's Canadian Cannibals.
    One good thing about the multitudes of younger spoiled, self centered (me, me, me) Americans is that they want their piece of the pie (and their Iphones) and under Marxist ideology that does not work. ObamaOsama/Valerie Jarrett's model for the new socialized European Marxist America may actually backfire thanks in no part to our spoiled kids.
    In China, the past generation and their 'one child policy' is raising what China is calling a nation of "little Emperor's" spoiled kids from one child family's. That will have an interesting social and cultural effects on the Communist China's politics in coming years.
    What I am getting at is that its easier to force a culture of communism and redistribution of wealth when most people are raised in low income households where there are many brothers and sisters, clothes are handed down, everything is in short supply and everyone is used to sharing the same bathroom etc.
    In America we have raised and are raising kids that have all their own stuff, brand new $150.00 shoes, brand new $300 Iphones etc. A great many of the kids in America today have their own bathrooms in their parents Mcmansion's so this gives me hope that this European socialism stuff may not go over too well and good ol' fashion greed and materialism in our culture may just steer us away from Obama's Marxist dream.

    1. You may be right on a philosophical level. Right now, my major concern with Obama care is that it caused my HMO policy to be cancelled, and replaced with a "health expense reimbursement account" which costs as much as the HMO but pays nothing until I've spent $5000 out of pocket, something I can ill afford to do.

  2. Harry..


    I'm waiting on Kymbers Canadian Cannibal Cookbook:)

    (kymber, I gotta run with thease jokes a little bit, their just too funny. Take no offense, I'm from Texas where where we have 50 million cattle and bullcrap is knee deep:)