Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Turkish Ammo at Walmart.

I've been reading some gun forums and this new Turkish ammo is causing quite a furor.  As with anything new, there are a lot of rumors floating around that are unfounded.

The ammo is produced by a munitions company owned by the Turkish government.  This plant makes small arms ammo, but also mortar rounds, cannon rounds, and a number of other related products. They are the suppliers of small arms ammo for the Turkish Armed Forces. Doing a little research on the company, they appear to be highly professional and have significant international sales.  I  worked in Turkey on frequent TAD trips from 1982-1985, from Izmir to Eskişehir to Diyarbakır and points in between.  I can  say without reservation that shoddy equipment of any kind produced in Turkey for  the Turkish military would have immediate and unpleasant ramifications for the responsible individuals. Failure to meet quality control goals or produce spec equipment is punished severely.

The U.S. distributor has a web page :  ZQI Ammo

ZQI currently offers 9mm luger,  .380 ACP, .45 ACP, 5.56,  7.62X51 in the U.S.  I read on the forums that other chamberings are available, but I can't confirm that.  I did look at the Turkish web page but it is primarily concerned with items other than small arms ammo. MKEK web page

Here are some pictures of the ammunition.

I have not seen anyone writing about actually having fired any.  Many people on different forums bought some, and I will be checking back to see what their experience of it was.


  1. Harry,


    I appreciate the effort you put to researching all this. If can buy one box of the that .308 for the M1A sometime, I will try it out. I think the M1A is a very fault tolerant rifle. If I can get that ammo in 7.62 by 54R I will run it through one of the Mosin Nagants I have (Its almost impossible to destroy a Mosin Nagant)

    It will take some testing for me on other rifles before I try it on one of the AR's. AR's being "finicky and temperamental" as they are, make poor test platforms for durability and reliability.

    I was in Turkey in 1990. What struck me was some of the shoddy construction I saw in buildings. I also noticed how people drove, the cars they drove and how they interacted with one another and it was all very strange. A forward thinking Muslim nation that was backwards at the same time. All rolled into one burrito.

    I got the idea that Turkey was stuck in the past and was struggling to come to grips with the future. Turkey was also 'third world' meets 'first world'. Turkey is truly an anomaly onto itself.
    In many ways, Turkey reminds me of Mexico. Many similarities, people with cellphones who 'text each other" and live in shacks.

    1. I liked Turkey but I sure wouldn't want to live in a normal Turkish rural town of that era. I was in one where cholera broke out and the only thing you could drink was bottled orange soda or beer.

      So, you celebrating Christmas like I am? Trying to decide whether to stay up another hour or just go on to bed?

      If you buy some of that ammo and fire it off let me know what you think. The brass is supposed to be reloadable but I'd like to confirm that too. Most brass out of that part of the world is berdan primed.

    2. Hey Harry,


      I will try and find a single box of that ammo and see what happens. I made the mistake of eating goat cheese pizza in Turkey once (I will never do that again)

    3. If you find some and try it out I would be glad to hear what you thought. So far, I can't find any reference to anyone actually shooting the ammunition.