Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just past 2 a.m. and it's coming down hard.

It snowed during most of Tuesday, but the serious sleet and ice just got here about twenty minutes ago. There are still big snow flakes coming down, but the sleet is rattling on the ground and the porch roof, and the ice is building up fast on the porch rails along the walkway. I don't expect the power will stay on much longer. The phone line was out most of the afternoon, on and off, but it's working right now. I don't know how long this will continue but the weather folks said it would go through til Thursday. I can hardly believe that, the build up would be huge in that case.

Outside temperature is 31 so it's fallen about four degrees since sunset. Just enough to get down below freezing.

I have not the faintest idea what it will be like in the morning, but as long as it doesn't get much colder than this I don't think it will be too bad even if the power goes out. Atlanta News, Weather, Traffic, and Sports | FOX 5


  1. I sure hope you don't lose power or communications or get trapped and need to get out. Still.... 30 degrees with snow and ice sounds like a tropical vacation to me right now :)

    8 degrees here. I cannot wait for a bit of warming and melting.

  2. Still warmer here. 28 degrees. Snow and sleet are really coming down, it's really amazing how fast this stuff is falling. Almost five in the morning now.

  3. It will be an interesting drive to work tonight. At least I can get home this morning though. I just looked outside and the puddles are still wet and there's no precip YET.
    31 here.

    1. That new weather channel on Direct TV is saying South Carolina, at least parts of it, are going to get hit just as hard as Georgia. When the freezing rain comes on, it comes on fast. I watched some reporter in a parking lot in ATL, and he was saying it was just rain. 30 minutes later the guy was showing a shopping cart completely encased in ice. I wouldn't go to work if you can avoid it. Temps are dropping here, looks like it is going to be just cold enough to keep this from melting but I am hoping the freezing rain doesn't reach up here in any quantity.

  4. Harry,


    Im not sleeping much tonight also. Up and online at the same time as you.

    Its just real cold here. Funny thing is, its going to be sunny and 79 degrees on Monday.

    If I lived out in the middle of nowhere, I would have propane and a wood stove backup, back solar and batteries with generator. I would also have a water well on solar too.
    Its real easy to do all that out west here with the amount of sun we get.

    I can really see the advantages of being a frugal hermit or sorts, or modern version of Henry David Thoreau.

    Hang in there Harry. If anyone can weather that storm you in, you can.

    1. I should be ok. My main concern is that if I get a foot of just plain old snow, on the trail coming up here, where the sun never shines in the winter, I'll be sitting up here for a long time. The other thing, is trees coming down. I don't need a lot of that. Then there's always the possibility that something will happen you just never thought of. This "ain't my first rodeo" but I have a healthy respect for these woods, this mountain, and the weather.

      You don't really need a solar powered pump on your well if you have a generator, not unless you are getting ready for a full on grid down and never coming back thing, at which time it would be nice to have that. You remember I built a system like that in 1999 and the only part of it I still use is the generator.

      Texas sent us a lot of help for this storm, which was pretty decent of you folks. Pennsylvania told us no, after we helped them not long ago. I hope they have a big storm and all their power goes out, so we can pay them out for it.