Saturday, February 15, 2014

No chance of getting a vehicle out today.

 I'm not going anywhere today unless I do it on foot.  The rain did come last night, but the temperature here never got above 27.  Just after noon now, and it's still below freezing.

The wind has been blowing hard since yesterday.  I listened to the weather transmission from NOAA radio for our area, and wind chills are about 10 degrees above. I had considered walking down the mountain to see if they finally got the mail delivered, but I think I'll wait. Just too cold out there.

The same radio transmission is warning of black ice and recommending that people not drive here unless they have to.  All in all, I guess I'll just keep doing what I've done for the last week and stay home.  Years ago an ice storm followed by a long cold period kept me up here for almost a full two weeks. so this doesn't seem so bad.


  1. You need a tractor. Maybe a small Bobcat. Standby and I'll see if I can find one on Craigslist. We'll install one of those donate buttons on your blog and raise the funds. We tag it, 'for the children.' That should get the job done. Seriously, throw another log on the fire and grab a book. High winds and chilly here too. Bright sunshine too.

  2. I need an M113. I could have a donate button that says "help a right wing 2nd amendment fanatic recluse obtain an armored vehicle."

  3. LOL You guys. Harry do what Stephen says stay indoors.

  4. OMG Stephen I worry about you sometimes... Seriously :)

    Harry - Stay HOME. Enjoy that place. What I wouldn't give to have a set up like yours.

    Also my friend you are by far the nicest guy I believe I have ever read, met and/or heard about. I wanted to tell you over here in case you don't go back and look at my reply from your earlier comment.

    You are right about the pet thing. Please don' t think I do not see or understand your point of view. Yet I must say I believe it is necessary right now to make oneself harden their hearts toward emotional responses like that. Pets are a luxury I doubt 99% of us are going to be able to afford soon and I like to prepare myself for hard and distasteful decisions before they are thrust on me.

    How we treat our pets is a reflection on the person and you certainly show nothing but a top notch reflection to say the least.