“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Three in the afternoon.

The storm is still going.  Primarily snow here  in the mountains, freezing rain down in the center of the state. Fortunately, Fox 5 is running continuous coverage of the storm.  Power outages are increasing, with about 200,000 homes and businesses off the grid now.  I got a comment from a person in Maryland who told me that Pennsylvania is having problems of their own with power outages and couldn't send help, so that's a mitigating circumstance. We still have help from the Southern states.

Interestingly, the Fox 5 crew out on the road has mentioned several times that the ATM machines in many places are not working, and you can only buy gas and food if you have cash.  It appears very few people do.

Throngs of people are trying to get to the government warming stations.  The armories, fire stations, and some schools are open so people can go there and get warm, sleep, and have access to food and water. From what I've seen it's mostly the elderly and immigrants who are showing up. You wonder how they are making it, the sidewalks are covered with ice down there.

The Governor of Georgia, Nathan Deal, is asking people to please stay off the road. Even so, there are the normal intellectually challenged individuals who go out, make it about a block, and crash into a lake or telephone pole. Then the EMS people have to go out in this stuff and try to rescue them. Personally, I'd say if people choose to put themselves at risk when they've had all this warning and time to get ready, I'd just let them take care of themselves.

As for me  here, the snow is really deep and it's still snowing. In a bit, I am going to bundle up and try to get some pictures. This may not be smart, and I may be one of the people I just criticized for poor judgement. Still, this is a very unusual event and I want some pictures of it.  If  I plummet down the cliff or a tree falls on me, my noble dogs will have to rescue me.

The scanners here are going full blast.  The Sheriff's Department and the Fire Department are doing their best to deal with the issues that are cropping up.  Primarily elderly people who got in their cars and tried to drive to town, only to wind up down the bank in the snow. It's funny because when there's an emergency like this, the wrecker drivers are allowed to use the police frequencies and you never heard such hideous radio procedure. They use the frequency as if it were citizens band radio.  They also forget that everybody and their dog listens to the county frequencies, and they talk as if they were on a telephone. That leads to some interesting disclosures from time to time.

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  1. The snow just began here about an hour ago and the roads are going down hill fast. Luckily the wife got a hotel room next to where she works, so at least I am off the hook for having to drive her to work.

    I'll be glad when this mess is done.

  2. The general consensus of the weather people here seems to be that we will still be getting frozen precipitation of one kind or another through tonight, with some significant accumulations, through tonight. Then tomorrow it won't get warm enough to melt any of it. So it looks like Georgia's roads and the power grid here will be in sorry shape through at least Saturday. I'm glad your wife found a hotel near work. When Cincinnati had a big storm last month, my son had to do that but not before he spent six hours waiting by the road for a wrecker.

  3. It just started here an hour ago, but we already have almost 3 inches. I'm a little nervous about the power. We are fine as far as heat (wood stove, plenty of wood) and water (underground stream) goes, but one of my twins is having really bad asthma and is having to use his nebulizer every few hours. I suppose if we do lose power, and his asthma doesn't let up, we may have to hike to a neighbor's who has a generator, if they will be kind enough to help. Hopefully it won't come to that.

    1. I'm sure someone nearby has a generator, and no one could possibly object to helping in such a situation. It might be as well to find somebody now, and touch base with them, in case you do need to go. I hope everything works out ok there and your power stays on. Mine has had some fluctuations, but it hasn't failed completely.

  4. Have you checked in with your better half Harry? How's she doing and her mom?

    Have the Ferrets ever seen snow or played in it?

    For me there is nothing I like more than a huge snow storm when I know I do not have to go out in it. Just watching it fall especially if it is a wet one when the temps are reasonable. Hell I even like plowing the stuff on my tractor to be honest.

    Winter is what separates us snow apes from the other primates of the world. We are it's master :)

    Take some pics!!! And good luck it sounds like a fun interesting time to be ont he mountain looking down on the chaos.

    1. Miriam and her mom are fine. Her mom lives in town. The area they are in has been hard hit, but so far they are ok. I talked to her during one of those periods when the phones were working this afternoon.

      Ferrets like snow but I don't let mine out in it. For one thing, if they got off the leash I'd never catch them. For another, the dogs are too hyped up by the snow and when they get excited they are dangerous to the ferrets.

      I don't mind snow, as long as I can get off the mountain. Right now though, that's impossible and it looks like I won't be going anywhere soon.

      I just went out and got some pictures, am about to post them.

  5. This same storm is about to hit us...within minutes as a matter of fact. Of course here it will only be a hard cold rain, and a lot of it. Wish I could use a scanner. They scramble the signals here.

    1. I saw your area was going to get some cold rain. Some years back our Sheriff's Department tried to scramble the radio transmissions. It was very unpopular with the people here, and they never could get it to work. Everything has to go through a repeater on top of a mountain to defeat terrain masking, and the repeater screwed up the encryption system they bought. I expect down there, the police frequencies are not only encrypted but trunked, which means you have to buy very expensive scanning radios to listen to them. I just have plain old VHF/UHF scanners, which work fine in this environment.

  6. You can find some on the internet...http://www.broadcastify.com/

    Harry stay safe

  7. Yes, and there are some Kindle Apps that let you listen as well. I just go with the radios because none of the local counties are on the internet, and because my internet starts going out when we have bad weather. There have been periods today when it was not working. It's a good thought though, because I would wager if you live in a city you could use one of those links to monitor the frequencies.