Thursday, March 6, 2014

An interesting interview with Les Stroud.

Les Stroud interview.


  1. Consider this:

    If "Les" is more, just think about how much more that more would be.

    1. Yeah, I've always admired the guy. As the only one in the genre who goes out without a support crew, he has more credibility with me than most. I like Cody Lundin, and I think he would have done his show without an entourage. The Hawkes are a pretty stout couple. The only one I've really had a dislike for was "Bear" and that was because he lied early on in his show, saying he was staying out in the bush but going to hotels at night in reality. He apologized but I never watched any of his shows again.

    2. I like Stroud then Lundin the best as well

    3. Lundin did time for drug smuggling when he was a kid, but he got his act together and now he lives the life he wants to live. I watched a video on his home and it's like a hobbit house, built underground, uses very little energy. The man was born in the wrong time but he's making the best of it.