“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Saturday, March 1, 2014

What would Robinson Crusoe take from the wreck?

I have been doing some traveling around, going to different hardware stores, sporting good stores,  and places like Lowes.  All of this involves long drives and long days, but it's been on my to do list during this long, cold winter.

Rather than looking for things like ammunition, or food,  I 've been picking up the smaller items that tend to be overlooked until you need them.  This time around, I bought the following:

  • nails of different sizes and types, by the box.
  • screws, nuts, and bolts , by the box, different sizes and types.
  • Bore cleaner
  • cleaning patches
  • a large supply of gun rod wire brushes
  • garbage bags, different sizes
  • light bulbs and flood lights
  • laundry detergent by the tub.
  • dish detergent, several cases
  • lumber, mostly 2X4, plywood, and some 4X4
  • screws for my hand drills, different sizes and lengths
  • pvc pipe, different sizes that I have at my house
  • hack saw blades
  • gun oil, several large cans
  • more batteries. AAA, AA, D and a few more uncommon types
  • tire sealant
  • filters and oil for the Jeep and truck.
  • spare filter wrenches
  • anti freeze
  • transmission fluid
  • tire patching kits
  • roof sealant
  • caulk, several types
  • duct tape
  • thread
  • needles
  • buttons
  • jeans patches
  • more blankets
There were other things I wanted that I did not find at good prices.  Once a year, I try to restock the small things that get used up, or overlooked. In 2013 I didn't do a very good job because I was buying other things that seemed more urgent.  This year I intend to pay more attention to the things that get overlooked.


  1. It's the little things that bite you in the rear when you need them most. Good thinking!

    1. I was reading Robinson Cruso again, and his description of what all he took off the wreck reminded me I hadn't done any replenishment of consumables like nails, etc . I wanted to get out and do a little traveling so I did both.

  2. I would like to find a caulk / sealant type that actually keeps a good long while. Seems any I buy rarely stays pliable in the tube more than a year or so.

    1. Do you keep it in a climate controlled space? That helps with maintaining the caulk for longer periods.

  3. Harry, just a couple of additions for going the frugal method.
    Construction grade garbage bags 4-6 mil thick. Great for clean up and large enough to use as a tarp/shelter in a BOB or BOB

    Tire sealent: Look for Stan's Notubes Tire sealent Probably the best on the market! Better than Slime, check bike shop if you can't find it at the local mega-mart.

    1. I haven't heard of that sealant but I will ask around and see if I can get some. Cody lundin is a great proponent of the trash sacks you mentioned. They are in his books. I have a couple of boxes of the contractor bags. I have never used them but who knows when they may come in handy.

    2. 2 streets away they have been given those bags for when the flooding recedes. I would say they are for storm damage etc. also if you cant get to your bug out bag, you can throw pantry things in it and leave.

  4. Replies
    1. Might be a good idea to get some of those bags and just keep them if they are handing them out for free. Free is good!

  5. Harry,


    I just got a can of slime from walmart. (Amazing what you can find for survival at walmart if you know where to look)
    I will look into that Stan's No Tubes stuff....

    I honestly cant think of anything else you may be missing' Harry.

    I know there are thousands of small items we use every day that we take for granted and to sort it all out would and buy extra's would be a monumental undertaking so I'm trying to focus on the most important of course and a few more critical items.
    There are some things small things I need to buy on the critical list, like a little more medical stuff and a couple of small water filters (I got a big water filter)

    I don't think we will ever be totally prepared. The name of the game is making do with what you have already.

    1. My thought is to make the number of items I might need, and don't have, as small as possible. I go back over my daily journals, to see what kind of jobs I did and what I needed. I also jot down notes in the journal if things occur to me I might need. Since it uses a comprehensive labeling system it's easy to pull up those entries with the click of a button. Then I go to my favorite places in Tennessee, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia and sometimes South Carolina to get what I need at good prices, and see what else is on offer.

  6. You have been busy! Sounds like you made a good dent in your list.

    1. This is an annual chore with me, and usually takes a few days. It was fun and I did get some things I needed, so it was worthwhile in that regards as well.

  7. duct tape and more duct tape.

    zip lock bags also. I have recently bought 2 dry bags. they were on sale. I am preparing more and more for flood evacuation. it is raining as I type. I think the council and the government should publish a list for people, about drainage, sump pits, and about bug out bags. people do crazy things, they know the flood is coming but they still leave stuff down stairs like family photo albums and stuff.

    I am looking for a fire and water proof safe. that is our next bug purchase. will have to save for that.

    1. Gun safes are fire and water proof, and generally run under $600 here if you can find a bargain, like one with a scratch on it .

      I saw something on tv about the "council" and some guy was hiding, following this dog around and taking pictures of it because it pooped on the sidewalk. I hope that was a lampoon!

    2. nope that was probably real.

  8. I completely forgot to leave you these links



    faraday bags a go go

    1. I'll look those links up. Thanks for sending them to me.

  9. I went on a hardware store run myself. They had a coupon for a free flashlight. I'm all about free, so I got that. Then I bought some sound muffs. Sometimes I just need the quiet when uses a leaf blower, and stuff like that.

    1. I always wear "ears" when I'm operating a chain saw, leaf blower, etc. My range ears work pretty well for that.

      Free is certainly good, and you can never have too many flashlights. Some years back, Sportsmans Guide had NATO flashlights on sale and I bought a bunch of them for the storeroom.

  10. G'day Harry, been having terrible trouble with my yahoo e-mail account. Please let me know if you have finally received anything from me.

    1. Sgt. I've got one email I need to respond to. Sorry it has taken me so long , I have been out of the area lately and haven't been on the computer.

    2. G'day Harry,

      No problem, just trying to sort out a reliable e-mail account I can access on all of my mobile devices when travelling, not just the laptop. Should be easy you would think!!??

  11. Am wondering what is going to happen if Russia stops our gas lines....

  12. Europe is in a bad spot in that regards. At least this didn't happen at the onset of winter. Spring can't be far away, but since natural gas runs so many things like power plants, it would still be bad. I doubt European governments will mess with Putin for fear of the tap being shut off. There isn't much we can do from here. We are broke, we don't sell much to Russia or buy much from Russia. They have a strong, decisive leader and we have a wimp machine politician from Chicago.