Saturday, March 29, 2014

The ATI German MP40 in .22 LR

I have always wanted an MP40 .  The problem, of course, is that they cost a King's Ransom.  You have to go through the ATF to buy a tax stamp, then you have to find a class III dealer who has one, then you have to pay for it.

I've made a couple of bids , but never even came close to being the successful purchaser. There are too many people out there with deeper pockets.

Now ATI is importing a German reproduction model, a beautiful piece of engineering as all German weapons seem to be.  It's semi-auto and chambered for .22 LR. The one you can buy in Germany is pictured above.

But ATF said to bring it into the US they had to lengthen the barrel. So the Germans had to put this bogus, ridiculous fake suppressor on it.  That ruined the gun for me.  I'd love to have one, but  I want the correct version that you can buy in Germany but not here in Obamaland.

Maybe I'll buy the German replica STG44, semi auto in .22 LR, which escaped the obnoxious parasites of the ATF and can be imported in true replica form.


  1. ATF wanted a longer barrel ?? To me that is a red flag. Wouldn't that change the classification of the weapon?? (If there is such a thing??)

  2. That's the problem. As is, the MP40 is considered a "short barrelled rifle" and needs a tax stamp and ATF registration. With the ridiculous fake suppressor, it's long enough to come into the country as a semi auto rifle. But I want the real thing, and if I can't have that for financial reasons, I want my replica to look like the real thing. Tacking that stupid suppressor on it makes it look like something out of a bad Star Wars rip off.

  3. My buddy, the Metals Pimp, has the .22 StG44. Its a very solid little gun. He's holding out for a real one, or an MP40.

  4. I think that the real guns are probably not in my price range anymore. I would really like to own a real MP 40 but the price is just too high now. The replicas would be fun but I want a real representation of the gun so the SGT 44 looks like my best bet.