Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Outdoor Channel: Best Defense and Best Defense: Survival

The Outdoor Channel has some good programs. I watched  The Shooting Show for years, and they have other shooting oriented programs that aren't bad. I like the advertisements, too. For the most part, they advertise new shooting products and new weapons.

The series Best Defense is not bad at all.   There is also a 20 episode series called Best Defense Survival which was truly excellent, particularly for the beginner. It's not airing right now but is available on two DVD's.

The Outdoor Channel is primarily about hunting and I don't watch those programs as a rule, but it has plenty of information on hiking, RV off road, and other things I do find interesting.  There are two other channels on Direct TV that are outdoor sport oriented, but they are largely fishing and hunting shows.  Outdoor Channel carries a one hour NRA news show twice a week. It is horribly boring, and  I have to force myself to sit there and watch and stay awake. But you do learn something from time to time.

I had a good clip on here from this weeks The Best Defense, but it automatically started playing as soon as the page loaded, and I know how irritating that is for people so I deleted it.

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