Friday, March 14, 2014

This is why you don't want to walk up on wild hogs in the woods.

Link to story on CBS

Seems a shame to me that this guy killed the animal just for the hell of it.   If he'd done it with a knife, I could see it. But sitting on his rear end in the woods and sniping it doesn't impress me. I doubt he ate it.

I know wild hogs eat gardens, and there are a lot of them, and that's why we should hunt them from helicopters, or drop atomic bombs on them, or whatever.  


  1. He shot one almost as big a few years back and that one was mounted. THIS one, he says, IS going to feed his family. Jan in NWGA

  2. Well, if he eats it I feel a whole lot better. Personally, if I caught a giant trout, or saw a huge hog, I'd let them go as something special. But I can't criticize a man for hunting for food. I wouldn't eat hog unless I was hard up, because you can get worms if you don't cook them just right.

    There are people who hunt hogs in Texas with knives. That's something that calls for courage and skill, and I can understand that and even applaud it. The animal has a chance to win the fight too, which is what makes it real sport.

  3. Enjoying your blog very much since I began reading a few months back. Just wanted to mention a quote in the article you link to here: "We're not going to waste anything," Webb said. "So that pig will provide food for me and my family for a good year." -Unbreakable AZ

    1. As long as it's being eaten, I can see it although that was clearly a unique animal and killing it seems a shame. But it is what it is, and not everybody feels that way. The last time somebody killed a big hog , it was down in South Georgia and they buried it with a back hoe.

  4. Harry,


    don't even get me started on the hogs in Texas.

    Harry, we got some serious helicopter hog hunting down here and we can use a few experienced Marine Corp pilots and a few Huey's and Cobra's down here. Just think, if you moved to Texas Harry, the name of your business could be
    "Helicopter Harry's Hog Hunting Heaven"

  5. Nope, I wouldn't help out with running down the hogs from the air, but if I was down there on the border I might be persuaded to help with running down another kind of pest! ;-) They're a lot more dangerous and hurtful than hogs.