Sunday, April 20, 2014

All you PTR fans might want to pick up a copy of Issue 2.

The magazine is supposed to be out in April but I haven't seen it offered on their web page yet. The first edition was pretty good.


  1. Harry,


    Its starting to warm up here in South Texas and I will be out shooting again real soon.
    The range I shoot at is about an eighth of a mile away from a salt water lagoon and about six miles from the Gulf of Mexico and the wind blows off the cool or cold water and it becomes downright chilly.
    If the water temp goes up, then the air temp goes up too.

    It was an interesting few days at my job on the beach. I had to deal with a bunch of people that were (legal) or (illegal) immigrants from Mexico and they did not speak English of course. Most were easy to deal with except for the sixty five year old man who gave me and eat shit look for not being able to speak Spanish.

    I really had to restrain myself (because I was at work) from telling him to (phuck off) and go back to Mexico.
    I said it before and I will say it again, If I was in a Spanish speaking country I would speak Spanish (or at least try) out of respect for that country and its citizens. Don't come to America and expect me to speak Spanish.

    What they (immigrants) are not calculating is that when out economy implodes, hordes of them will be heading back home when the federal dollars (EBT cards) run out and are worthless.

  2. I speak Spanish but I can't say it ever did me much good. It got me the collateral duty of interpreting for "desnail" in Rota, Spain for awhile but I don't count that as one of my more enriching experiences in life.

    I don't know if they will go back or not. Not much for them there either.