Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ammo is plentiful at Walmart. At least today.

100 round bulk packed boxes of Federal 9mm, 115 grain fmj were $24.67 per box. There was plenty of this ammo on the shelves.

This is the first 9mm I have seen in Walmart in several months.  The clerk at the counter told me that Walmart has gotten a large supply into their main distribution center, but they have not yet put out the price increase which is anticipated at any moment.  Of course, they have already had several price increases that did take effect over the last few months.

50 round boxes of the same ammunition were $14.75 apiece. This is the lowest price on good quality 9mm I have seen in some time.  There were probably 40 boxes or so on the shelves.  It seems, in our area at least, that people are about topped off and ammo is not being sold the instant it hits the shelves.

Federal 45 ACP was $25.77 a box.  This is not a particularly good price, but I bought some anyway.  There was also a great deal of Winchester ammunition on the shelves. They had plenty of .40 S&W,  lots of .223 by different manufacturers.  There was  .38 Special, .357 Magnum, and  .44 Magnum.  About the only thing I didn't see was .22 Long Rifle.  

  I noticed that the 100 round packs of Federal and Winchester #7 and #8 shotgun shells, in both 12 and 20 gauge, were now selling for just under $30.00.  I bought several hundred rounds of that ammo a couple of years ago and it was $14.00 for the 100 round packs.

Sportsmans Guide and AIM seem to have plenty of ammunition on hand at reasonable prices. This is all good news as far as I can see.  I plan to lay in some more of just about everything, in case the stories of big price raises in the offing turn out to be true.


  1. That is kind of where I am at with the whole thing. Missed a chance to go to a cool training course last month but the up side is there's another case of 9mm in the stash. It's waiting for the end of the world or a good class.

    Need to run some math but want to pick up a case of 62 grain M855 5.56 ball ASAP. Also looking at getting a .308 bolt gun pretty quick here. Got to make hay while the sun shines. In not too long there will be another election and talk of banning this or that and the cycle will start again. Maybe if we are lucky some .22lr ammo will appear before then but I am not betting on it.

    My lessons learned from the last go around are to top off on some extra ammo that is mentally allocated for training, keep a few more low density type mags around and that you'll always want more of everything. Trying to fill those out before the next go around.

  2. It does tend to be cyclic. I can remember this kind of thing all the way back to L.B.J.
    s presidency.

  3. Our WMT store said that somehow people are finding out the delivery schedule for the ammo and will wait in line all night to buy it. It doesnt last 2 hours.

    1. They are finding out from their cronies who work there I'll bet. That was going on at our Walmart and the employees were holding back ammo for their buddies instead of putting it out on the shelves. At least for the moment we seem to have enough of some of the more common chamberings.