Friday, April 25, 2014

General Information.

Sunday night at midnight, this program will air on the H2 Channel. This is the secondary History Channel.

I don't know if it will be showing if you have Dish or cable, but I would imagine it will if you get H2.

I saw it on my Direct TV guide.

Although it's an older program, it's very good. It was made back when the History Channel produced serious documentaries that had real value. If you have never seen it, I hope you have the capability to tape it. I realize not many people can stay up from midnight Sunday til 2 in the morning on Monday and still make it to work.

The third issue of Off Grid is available now. I bought a copy at Walmart today.  As is usually the case with new magazines, it continues to improve and this is the best of the three.  This particular issue has several good articles about EMP, and three fictional scenarios written by people of different competence levels in the art of survival.  Off Grid has been very successful and is going to begin appearing quarterly.  Unlike it's sister publication Recoil, it's not available digitally.

Off Grid is primarily designed to meet the needs of people located in urban settings.  Even so, the articles are well written and interesting.  The equipment reviews are good though in many cases the equipment being evaluated is out of the reach of all except the most well heeled.  That doesn't make it any less fun to read, though.  It costs a little more than the average magazine, but these are printed to last a long time, on the highest quality paper. They're meant to be kept on your shelf that holds your other survivalist literature, not read and then used to line the bird cage.


  1. I think I've seen it, but not sure. I set the DVR anyway.

    I'm gonna have to get that magazine. I just finished "One Second After" again.

  2. I like "One Second After." Lots of people don't. I reviewed it once and it got more negative than positive comments. I'm not really sure why.

    The show on H2 is the one about an EMT and his family after a pandemic breaks out. I liked it because it was well conceived, well written, and I liked the breaks where people discussed different aspects of it.

    Off Grid is a good magazine. Most of us are just surplus store survivalists, which is what was common until the great "Prepper wave". But more affluent survivalists today, mostly younger individuals, think nothing of spending hundreds of dollars on gear. I've seen people argue back and forth over which kind of knife they should carry, and I think it's just a different world now than it was in the 80's and 90's. I guess it's good though, that people are more sophisticated and more affluent.

  3. It sounds interesting. It's shocking how expensive some magazines have become. I will look for it though.

    1. It's a good magazine but with two little kids you probably could put your money to better use. ;-)