Friday, May 23, 2014

Far be it from me to imply any criticism of Islam, but.......

Why would you go back to some Third World hell hole if you once got out?  I've been following this story and I confess I am bewildered.

This Sudanese woman married an American christian.  One of her family members ratted her out to the the religious authorities in Sudan as an apostate.  The Sharia Law sentence for apostasy is, ahem, death.

She is eight months pregnant, which has thrown the mullahs a curve ball. So now some say she has to be hanged right after giving birth, while others say she can take care of the baby for two years and then be hanged.  Islam is, after all, a compassionate religion.

Right now she is being kept in one of their prisons, in chains.  The Sudanese are quite into the medieval thing, I guess.

Some Senators from the U.S., after expressing their respect for Islam and their acknowledgement of it as a religion of peace, have suggested to the Sudanese government that maybe this is not quite the way to handle the problem.

But the Sudanese said "hey, we gave her a chance to blow off Christianity and return to the one true faith, and she declined our benevolent offer, so she has to swing for it."

I hope she and her husband are doing a lot of praying because they better not put much faith in the U.S. Senate. There are a lot of Moslem voters in this country, and more every day, don't you know?

Anyway, from all the news reports this seems to be the story but if anyone has heard of any more bizarre angles and twists, pray let me hear of them.

I guess, in some ways, the Sudanese are progressives. In Pakistan they stone women to death for such heinous sins as being sassy to their husbands.  The Saudis have a little more class, they lash women with a cane, say 500 lashes, then chop their heads off in public. Some years back they gave one of their 21 year old Princesses this treatment, so they are really pretty democratic.  From what I've read it's quite a spectator sport and there is never a lack of gawkers. Standing room only, actually.


  1. I wondered, too, if the husband is American, why on earth were they in Sudan. I would think that they might have exited an area of the world where they kill Christians just for being Christians. I agree that this couple shouldn't count on any help from our government, and for the reasons you stated. I did read somewhere that this couple's toddler-age son is imprisoned with her. Nasty business, all around.

    1. I don't think the politicians will help her. But if her husband is American, and it looks like the Mullahs are really going to kill her, then I say send in the Marines and let them kick a## take names. If Hillary and Harry and the rest of the Dicks Hatband brigade are afraid, then call for volunteers from the Marines. They wouldn't get more than three Divisions and three Air Wings.

      Where is Teddy Roosevelt when we need him?

  2. The Religion of Pea.... errrr Piece. That is a piece of the Femocrat action allied against the White Man. Or in their case just Christians.

    1. Hey, Kaffir. I think that the Sudanese are very enclusive, they'll whack anybody they can. Now that I posted this I better go hide out way off in the woods. Or maybe Salomon Rushdie needs a roommate.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I heard this joke once....

    A cowboy, an indian and a muslim were flying on a plane.

    The indian looks out the window and says, once we were many. Now we are few.

    The muslim looks out the window and says, once we were few and now we are many.

    The Cowboy was sleeping and he lifts up the brim of his cowboy hat and says "We ain't started playin' cowboys and muslims yet"

    Enough said......

    1. I heard a joke like that.

      There were a bunch of people on a plane, and they lost an engine. They threw out all the luggage but they were still going down. The pilot says "folks, we have to lose more weight."

      A German stands up, walks to the door, shouts "for the fatherland!" and courageously leaps to his death. But it's not enough.

      Next an Englishman rises , quietly says "God save the Queen!" and boldly jumps to his doom.

      But still the plane is sinking. A Texan walks to the door. He grabs two Mexicans sitting there, throws them out the door, and yells "Remember the Alamo!"

  4. oh Harry - i really almost do not want to share this story with you for fear of of you fainting, or worse, coming up to Canada to kick some *ss!!! at my last government job, we had a muslim from mauretania working with us. he married a white christian canadian woman and was living the high life on his government job. anytime any of us joked about anything, he would smile smugly and say" it doesn't matter. you are all infidels and you will all die". everyone would laugh and think he was joking. i got tremors up my spine the first time he said it. then he would walk around the office and just call people infidels for fun. everyone laughed and thought that "Abu" was funny and a great guy to work with. ya, for me...not so much.

    i have only casually glanced at the news story that you refer to in this post. i try to stay away from stuff that doesn't make any sense at all. and i will state here and now that although the Koran holds many beautiful ideas, and some really ugly ones...the politico-religion it is represented by - i can't stand. take your sharia and shove it....well....i will leave it at that.

    your friend,

    1. Kymber, I don't think I would have gotten along with Abu very well. He might not have appreciated my sense of humor either.

  5. I don't want to seem cold, but if you choose to live there, and they say you die for not being a Muslim . You made the choice not me. Also folks are upset about these 300 school girls, I'm sorry it should not be our problem Let the Russians or Chinese fight that fight. They have a pop. of 168 million let them worry about it themselves.

    1. Rob, my thought is that you can't let savages prey on U.S. citizens. If he is a citizen he's entitled to the protection of the state. These particular people understand and respect force. Nothing else. Let them get away with something like this and they will be right back at you.

      As for the Nigerian thing, what excellent training and the chance to whack a few rabid miscreants while making a few friends in a important African country. I understand your point of view, and you may well be right. It is not an easy situation to work through.

  6. Where is the pathetic hashtag campaign to "save this girl"? if they are Christian we won't help rescue them, but if they have been forcibly converted to Islam we send 80 military advisors to Nigeria to find them.

    And we still have a marine with PTSD locked up in a Tijuana prison, and our government won't do a damn thing to help him. Makes me wanna puke. --Troy

  7. The regime is long on talk and short on thought. We don't have any civilian leaders worth a tinker's damn in either party. Maybe we need our own version of Julius Caesar.

  8. I rather support the notion of executions being public. (Ignoring, for the moment, the context in which youre discussing the, here.) I believe that no part of the justice system should be hidden from public view. I wouldn't want to see it exploited like a circus event, but I think if you want to see a murderer get his drug cocktail you should be able to have access to that video.

    1. I don't see how you could do public executions without creating a rather tasteless festive atmosphere, where it becomes not an object lesson but a recreational event for the puerile. I go along with letting the family of a victim attend executions if they so desire. I also support the concept of capital punishment as it is the only cure for recidivism I am aware of.

    2. Youre a well-read man, remember this?

      "Well, we shoot mad dogs, don’t we?

      Yes, but being crazy that way is a sickness—

      I couldn’t see but two possibilities. Either he couldn’t be made well in which case he was better dead for his own sake and for the safety of others—or he could be treated and made sane. In which case (it seemed to me) if he ever became sane enough for civilized society. .. and thought over what he had done while he was “sick”—what could be left for him but suicide? How could he live with himself?

      And suppose he escaped before he was cured and did the same thing again? And maybe again? How do you explain that to bereaved parents? In view of his record?

      I couldn’t see but one answer.


      I wondered how Colonel Dubois would have classed Dillinger. Was he a juvenile criminal who merited pity even though you had to get rid of him? Or was he an adult delinquent who deserved nothing but contempt?

      I didn’t know, I would never know. The one thing I was sure of was that he would never again kill any little girls.

      That suited me. I went to sleep."

    3. Robert Heinlein. Star Ship Troopers.

      I can't remember a political or societal viewpoint of his that I didn't agree with.

  9. G'day Harry,

    I believe from an article I came across that the poor bloke has been waiting 2 1/2 years for the US Immigration department to process his wife's paperwork so she can join her husband in the US. They had managed to stay under the radar until someone informed on them to the Sudanese authorities. I still cannot believe that our previous socialist government bought in a very large number of "refugees" from the Sudan & Somalia to our country, already we are having serious gang problems with them!!!

    1. Sgt, we imported a big batch of Somali "refugees" to Minnesota, thanks to the churches up there. All I can say is "ask, and ye shall receive." They asked for it and they are damned sure getting it now. Somali gangs are the terror of the state.

      I don't think we should take any guff from the Sudanese, who are one cut above the stone age and that's being generous. If they mess with a U.S. citizen, or his wife, we need to clean their clocks. But with Barack the Meek at the helm, I would guess they will make some mealy mouthed whiny statements in D.C. and that will be it. And the Sudanese will laugh, just as the Iranians have been doing while they build their bomb. I wonder if Russia would loan us Vladimir Putin. Just long enough to take care of business. He seems to know how to handle this kind of thing.