Friday, June 13, 2014

Long Term Storage 5.56 at AIM This is Swedish, "the good stuff." If you don't have a Model 1896, it's going to be hard to get one now.

I got six Swedish Model 1896 Mausers in 1992 when a shipment came into the United States. I got to hand pick mine from a huge number in the back of the store.  One, I gave to a British friend after he gave me a very nice firearm as a gift.  Custom demands that if someone gives you a gift, you have to give one of equal, or preferably higher, value in return.  I still have the other 5, as well as two of the Model 1938 short barreled versions.

The Swedes make primo weapons and ammo.   There are plenty of knowledgeable individuals who say the Swedish Model 1896 is the most beautiful Mauser rifle ever made for general issue to troops.  AIM has gotten in some thousand round cans of Swedish 5.56, on strippers, sealed in plastic packs. Just the thing for stashing away against the day BATF decides 5.56 is also armor piercing pistol ammo, and bans it as they just did Russian 5.45.

AIM Surplus


  1. That seems like good ammo at a solidly fair price. I'll have to look at my inventories and budget to see if I can swing a can. Would like to put another away before the probable election hysteria but resources are limited so I'll have to do some prioritization.

    1. I'm buying one can. It's a lot of green, but on the other hand Barak Hussein has been doing a lot of ruling by Diktat lately, and BATF is trying to choke off the ammo supply. I figure one more 1000 round can for long term storage is not amiss.

      I also watched "Sole Survivor" and that reminded me of something I had forgotten. Bolt action rifles are great, they have a powerful round and they have a good range. But they suck at suppressive fire unless there are a whole lot of shooters on your side. Ammo in a semi-auto goes fast. It's as you say, there are always more needs than there is disposable income.

      By the way, sending you a book that might be useful to you. Will try to get it out tomorrow.

    2. Harry, Good call. It is a concern of mine though right now the other option is a spare parts kit for an import weapon so it has some ban risk also. I'll try to do some variant of both in the next several months.

      Bolt Action rifles for fighting purposes are at a severe disadvantage to semi/ burst/ full auto detachable magazine firearms.

      Folks who really know WWI/II era bolt guns could put out a pretty decent volume of fire. The standards to which the Brits trained prior to WWI were quite impressive IIRC 60 aimed rounds per minute. They had a senior Sergeant in the training cadre whose performance I would have a hard time doing with my scoped AR! That being said the average Enfield/ Springfield/ Mosin owner would likely be challenged to shoot 15-20 rounds a minute.

      Suppressive fire burns up ammo for sure. There is sort of a dichotomy when it comes to ammo. If you run out you are hosed but at the same time dying with a bunch of loaded mags and or cases of ammo at home because you were "saving your rounds for precision fire" (the foolish talk of amateurs) doesn't work either. It is a tough balancing act to gain supression then maintain it without running dry.

      As a general rule I think you need to deal with one tactical problem at a time. If I have to shoot 2 full mags of ammo to ultimately kill one Goblin in a fight I'll do it. There is no point in worrying about 5 or 10 years down the road when I am out of ammo wishing I had the fifty some odd rounds that didn't kill said Goblin if he kills me today.

      Many thanks, I will eagerly await it.

    3. I agree. There's a facet to my planning that complicates things. I'm also looking to the time past my own expiration. The plan was always to have a fully stocked, fully operational retreat for the kids and their families. When they moved away, that made it more difficult to plan. Then my wife wanted to sell out. She says now if the kids agree to maintain the buildings and property we can keep it as a family retreat even if no one lives here. I don't know how practical that would be, but I have noticed that things change as the years pass so who knows?

      I don't like the semi-autos of today, but I don't like chain saws all that much and I use them. Certainly I'm going to use what resources I have to in a pinch, and worry about replacing the expended assets if I can later.

      One on one, I wouldn't feel outclassed with a Mauser or Enfield. Most people just hose off a stream of fire but I'm pretty good at the aimed fire routine. What got me thinking was that movie, where there were enough bad guys to just hose down an area so that the good guy couldn't stick his head up to get off a shot. In that case, the bolt guns are at a severe disadvantage.

      It's always been my rule, as long as I've lived up here, to take advantage of good deals when they show up as long as I had the money, to the maximum extent I could afford. With guns and ammo, you make your purchase ASAP or wind up cursing because you missed the boat. This time, with the Swedish ammo, I got a can on order right the second I got their email.

      I think you'll enjoy the books. I hope so.