“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Monday, June 30, 2014


It started raining last night. Raining hard.  We get some torrential downpours but they are almost always associated with thunderstorms. This time, it's just a front or something settled down over us. I have been looking out the big windows upstairs and watching the rain come down without let up.

Most of the morning, I spent paying bills. So I have a headache.  I pay all our bills at the end of the month, and may of them are medical bills.  You have to watch those guys like a hawk, because hospitals and doctors offices appear to make a practice of hiring incompetents to do their book keeping. I frequently have my payments posted to other accounts, or other peoples payments posted to mine.  Between my wife and her constant accidents, and my own medical foibles, a lot of our disposable income goes to medical blood suckers.  It's the only business I know where you have to go in and they can charge you absolutely anything they want to.  Our insurance, which used to be marginal at best, is now worthless thanks to Barack Hussein.  If only I were Hispanic, so I could just go in and not pay at all.

Two months ago I upgraded my kids cell phones to "smart phones."  It has proven to be a good call, because living in the city, they can use the internet to check their schedules, etc. on the go. However, my daughter does not have wifi at her house, so she has to use the AT&T network, and that means she is using up the 2 GB of data we pay for all on her lonesome. It doesn't help that she and her mother like to conduct marathon phone conversations that last for more than an hour just about every day. So, tonight my son is going to my daughters house to install a router and get her phone set up to work with wifi when it is available. Maybe that will help keep me out of the poor house.  Remember the old song that says "Saint Peter, don't you call me cause I can't go, I owe my soul to the company store."? Well, substitute AT&T for the company store and that would be me.

I am reading Deep Winter again.  It's a good book, and so is the sequel, Shatter.  There are actually three books in the series, but the third deals with restoring a political system after a collapse and it gets a little "science fiction" , so though it was not a bad book I don't think I will read it again.

Sherry is a good author, who did his research.  Before he wrote the book he communicated with a lot of the survivalists who had blogs, and as a result he hits a lot of things that other authors pass over or give no thought to.  It rings true with people who know something about the subject themselves. It's also a darn good book just for entertainment.

I think Commander Zero was right when he said the unusual ferret activity a few nights ago was due to the snake already being in the house.  They weren't exhibiting storm behavior, which invariably involves going downstairs and getting under the cedar chest.  They were more in hunting mode but I didn't make the connection.  When ferrets are alarmed, or angry, or hunting their tails fluff up like a cat. They get low to the ground and they stand still ever so often to smell. Their sense of smell is so far superior to their eyesight that a ferret can be blind and the owner won't know because they navigate so well on smell.

Next time they start patrolling around a part of the house, and making their "Dook, Dook" noise to each other, I'll get a flashlight and start looking for scaly reptilian home invaders under the furniture.


  1. Hey Harry,


    its hot and dry down here. Lots of humidity, but dry as in no rain.

    I still got a landline and no cell phone. I can get away with having no cell. The phones are reasonable, its just the monthly fees are a ripoff.

    The medical bills and medical stuff in general will only get worse thanks to socialism. This will not end well.
    For myself I think at a certain point I will just forgo doctors and just get old one day and get sick and die quickly. That's how things happened in the past. People usually just dropped over dead before they really got altzhiemers or something. I don't have any family to take care of me and wasting away in a rest home is not an option.
    To borrow a line from 'Second Hand Lions "I'm going out with boots on" (or in my case, I will paddle into a 60 foot wave at Cortez Bank off the coast of California)

    I still got a long away to go and I plan to upset more apple carts and make a few (or more than a few) stupid people unhappy before I "Kick the Bucket"

    1. You need to get you a wife. Remember the joke about the add in the paper?

      "Wanted. Woman interested in matrimony. Must have good disposition, and own boat. Send picture of boat."

      My wife has wrecked more cars than Steve McQueen's stunt double, and she manages to hurt herself in very creative ways. Once she ate two bags of fresh vegetables because a teacher at school told her that would help her lose weight quickly. Instead, she spent four days in the hospital. Another time, she stepped on a nail barefooted and got it stuck in her foot, not the pointy end, mind you, but the head of the nail. The doctor had a hell of a time getting it out. I have been tempted to take her into the forest and abandon her sometimes.

      As for me, I have to go every three months and sometimes in between. They won't give me my medicine otherwise, and I don't feel so hot without it. I guess if there's a crunch I'll last 90 days and then die horribly.

  2. I got HouseHold6 a smart phone for the sole reason that when she is lost she can send me a GPS satellite shot of her location and I can either get to her or talk her out.

    I have an unlimited data plan for mine and I had that extended to her phone and my mothers. It's not cheap but it's not outrageous and it can be super handy. HH6, for example, will watch comedy shows on her phone while she waits to pick me up at work. If we didn't have unlimited data it would be outrageous.

    One thing that I have found with cellular telephone companies is that a lot of times they have unadvertised discounts. I get a %25 discount as a firefighter. If you work for certain companies you can also get a discount (like working for the local hospital here).

    I can also get a discount for being a student but its less than the FF discount. I got banged up in Boot and have a VA rating but it's below the threshold, otherwise there'd be a nice discount.

    Usually various public sector types (and retired therefrom) are eligible. Ask!

    1. I'll ask them. "You got any discounts for mean, hateful old guys who hate paying phone bills?"

    2. Indeed. Wife gets a discount on the phone for being a jack-booted thug.

  3. I have a Boost Mobile phone with unlimited data. My oldest daughter uses it more then I do, but then she doesn't ask to use my laptop either. I pay $55 a month and when you pay on time for like 6 mos Boost cuts your bill by $5. Not much but I'll take it. We have 4 cell phones in the family and they are all Boost. Our cats so far have been calm, which means no mice.

    1. AT&T has the only service that even part way works up here in the mountains. The only other provider here is Verizon and they reek.

  4. No rain here to speak of. Got a little bit yesterday but just enough to make things wet other than the actual ground anyway. Got a hot wind coming out of the South and temps into the 90's that I hope goes away soon. In fact I hope we get another good rain soon.

    I wonder what our inside cats would do if they saw a snake in here. I know the outside ones would kill it if it wasn't too big.

    1. I lost a couple of beautiful cats to snakes. I could tell because the cats both had two little puncture wounds in the neck, with a trickle of blood and they were stone dead. I shotgun poisonous snakes although I have been known to bludgeon them to death with a yard rake if nobody heeds my shouts to bring me my shotgun. Once I beat a huge copperhead to death with the rake, went to get my wife to show it to her, and when I got back it was gone. I didn't beat it enough.

  5. I have gotten to the point where I go to a Dr. only when I have no other choice. I got fed up with my family Dr. a few years ago when I first went on Medicare, which is worthless. I was on two medications, neither of which were necessary. Instead of offering advice on the best way to wean from them, the Dr. wrote me a referral to a specialist, which involved not only expensive office visits but a battery of tests, all of which I would have had to pay for out of pocket. The referral went in the trash. In his office. In front of him. I researched and weaned myself off of both medications, with no problems.

    Sounds like you have a pretty good early warning system in your ferrets for scaly slithery things. House animals are pretty good at letting us know when there are problems, if we pay attention. One of my dogs was fussing about one day and I didn't know why, until I watched where she went and discovered what she obviously already knew - there was a broken wire in a lamp cord that was sparking and smoking. Since then I pay attention.

    1. I need a dog like that. My smoke detectors are not all that reliable.

      I've been taking the same medicines for about 15 years, so I don't understand why I have to go in every three months, get stuck full of holes, pay all the fees, copayments, deductibles, and then do it again three months later.

  6. Get a housesitter and come up to Montana for a week. Hit Glacier and Yellowstone. I'm right between the two so we could have lunch and some range time.