Monday, June 23, 2014

The ferrets are restless.

 The ferrets are scurrying around tonight. They are worked up about something. It's a hot, muggy night but inside the house it's very comfortable, so it can't be that.

I checked the radar, and there's no bad weather lurking out there.

The last time they acted this way, this late, we had an earthquake.

I don't know what has them stirred up, but something is amiss.  If the dogs start howling and the chickens start clucking in unison, I'll know to stand by for heavy rolls.

Nurse Daddy sent this list of military equipment we left behind in Vietnam, which fell into the hands of the North Vietnamese. Fighting a war costs a lot of money. So does losing one.  The new Vietnamese government pimped this gear all over the planet, almost exclusively to people who hated us.

DOD states the following hardware was left behind in '75:
(Viet Nam and Cambodia)
114,000 M1911A1's
946,000 M16A1's (!!!!!)
15,320 M60's
65,500 M79's
63,000 M72 LAW's
550 tanks (M48A3 and M41A3)

This list doesn't include the thousands of vehicles we left there, or the vast numbers of helicopters, light aircraft , Spads, F5 fighters, transport aircraft and other aviation assets that the North Vietnamese captured intact on the abandoned air bases when the South Vietnamese folded.  Nor does it include the truly monumental amounts of ammo and supplies.

Yet just tonight, some snooty woman from Obama's staff was on Fox News, telling the viewers that the administration is going to send more weapons and equipment to the Iraqi army to help them "stand up" to ISIL.  Yes, we need to replace all the gear they ran off and left to the terrorists, who will be months inventorying all the booty. Politicians have no idea why men fight, or how they are led. So you get this grocery list mentality. Idiots.   This woman, incidentally, was the same one who held a news conference and said that the squad mates of the deserter we recently recovered were all liars, and that the deserter was not a deserter.  I have no idea how even the current administration could let somebody like that out on the loose.

Oh, well.  It's almost midnight.  I think I'll go sit on the porch awhile and watch the lightning bugs. There's a bit of a breeze blowing so it should be a little cooler out there now.


  1. I wonder what they did with all that equipment and vehicles? Ya know the more I see and read this whole thing reminds me more and more of that old "Camp of Saints" novel especially the children coming up from the South. Scary

    1. I never read that, but it sounds like I should. They let a lot of the equipment, particularly vehicles, just rot. The weapons they sold on the open market. Some got as far as Palestinian terrorists in the middle east via Libya.

      I've been watching all this about the hordes coming up from the South. I wonder if this is a new phenomenon with the kids, a made up thing to distract people, or if it has really been happening for a long time and the regime is just now starting to use it as a distraction.

      Some of the Australians who vacation in Vietnam have seen some of our old weapons in museums there.

  2. Hey Harry,


    maybe your ferrets felt a slight tremor somehow from that big quake in Alaska.
    1:00 Pm Alaska time would probably make it sometime in your evening, maybe about the time the ferrets started to act strange.

    Its a real shame our government keeps making the same mistakes. I heard there are "patrol boats" that were ordered for Afghanistan and they have been stored in a warehouse in North Carolina for years now because no one knows what to do with the boats that were headed for the Afghan Navy for coastal patrol.
    (yeah' you read that right) Coastal Patrol in Afghanistan???

    Some boat manufactueur made some money and someone from the DOD got one hell of a kickback from the boat manufactuer.

    I want to sell "snipes, unicorns and prop wash" to the feds and make some money.

    Speaking of prop wash. I know a kid who's gonna graduate from Navy pilot school and he wants to fly helo's. (That graphic of that T-28 made me think of that) That kid wants to fly the Navy's version of the Blackhawk (cant remember the nomenclature)
    I told that kid to get ready to be 'haze grey and away' on a Arliegh Burke class destroyer.
    If I could do it all over again in the same time period way back when. I would have choose a battleship and been a battleship sailor.
    I do remember the crew of the "Missouri" being banned from a bar on base way back when. That bar was called "Tradewinds" we called it "Trade Punches" (I blame the name change on the Missouri's crew)

    In the Navy, we had nicknames for everything. Most of which can not be repeated on this blog due to there vulgar nature.

    1. Battleships were impressive beasts. I went on the North Carolina, tied up in Wilmington as a museum, when I was young. Then I spent some time on the New Jersey as a staff wallah while she was in the Med 1983. It's a source of pride to me, however incidental my presence was, that I am among that dwindling handful who have actually seen a battleship firing in anger.

      That story about the patrol boats for a landlocked country is typical of the kick back gig. Until I went to work for the oil and gas company, and met the owner, I could never understand how people would be willing to shaft our military people , in exchange for cash. After I met that guy, I understood perfectly.

      The old Trojan is gone. I have a bundle of hours in that type, both the B and C. The major difference was just a tail hook for carrier landings. It was a sweet airplane, you could fly that and feel close to the old Wildcats and Hellcats. I was in VT-6 then. Now they have burned them all in fire and crash training. There's a T-28 hanging from the roof of the Pensacola Aviation Museum and I flew that aircraft many a time, she's in my log book over and over.

      Good luck to your friend. I really wanted to fly fighters, wasn't good enough, and wound up in the helicopter pipeline with the Huey. I didn't regret it though, once I got used to the idea.

  3. I wish I knew what goes on in the brains of my animals. The dogs are quiet, so I know there is no bad weather coming. But this afternoon and evening the cat, who usually ignores everything and everyone, has been my constant companion. While I washed my supper dishes, she sat on top of the freezer which is by the sink. I spent most of the evening reading, sometimes in my rocking chair, sometimes at my kitchen table. Wherever I was, she was within touching distance. It is beginning to creep me out, like waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    1. CC said there was an earthquake in Alaska last night.

      Who knows what the animals key into. I still don't know why my dogs will start howling at random, and the chicken join in with their group alarm clucking.

  4. Maybe they did feel the tremors! I left you a comment after your post on my blog. Did you know there is an American Ferret Association and they have shows and photo contests? You might see if there is something in your area or state. I had no idea this existed. There is also an on line magazine

    1. Kathy, I get the small animal channel ezine on ferrets, it's good. I had heard of the American Ferret Association but haven't really interacted with them. I should though. I followed them through the terrible outbreak of canine distemper that broke out in the largest ferret rescue in the U.S., up in Chicago, It was terrible and although they did all they could, many ferrets died. Scientists are working on a ferret vaccine for that disease, but it is not ready yet. I appreciate the info, ferrets are a great passion with me. We have just finished our morning combing session. I comb them in the morning and the evening in summer because they shed.

  5. If only your ferrets could speak! Imagine the things they could alert you to.

    1. They are pretty good little communicators. If they could speak I'd set them each up with a blog.

  6. I haven't seen a lightning bug in thirty years....mosquitoes, yes.

    1. They don't have lightning bugs down there? I remember them swirling through the moss in the trees of South Georgia when I was a kid. But maybe all the pesticides and mosquito spraying have killed them off.