“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It has finally cooled off some.

 Among other things, I went to Walmart in town today.  While I was there, I found the newest edition of Off Grid.  I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but I'm always glad to find something to read.

When I picked it up, some fellow came up and said "magazines sure is high these days."  He was right. I think Off Grid costs me $9.00 and you can't subscribe yet.  When I read a book, I always have a yellow legal pad so I can make notes. I'm going to start doing that with magazines. Recently I tried to find an add I saw in a new magazine, and I haven't been able to do so yet. Very annoying. Shotgun News gives you an advertisers index in every magazine. That's a big help in going back and finding something you were interested in.

This issue looks like it has a lot on using a boat as a bug out vehicle. I'll have to send a copy to my brother on the Oregon coast.

I watched a segment of the news tonight on the border crisis. The ACLU has filed a suit to require the U.S. government to provide every illegal alien under 18 with a lawyer. The ACLU guy said that if they can get that done, no one will have to be sent back to their country because the U.S. won't be able to fund the process. He said that so far, of the 60,000 illegals who got into the country since Barack Hussein gave them the ok sign, 90 have been sent back .I don't see what he's worried about. The host of the show asked him why these people should get lawyers gratis, and he said "because they are children."

It's like throwing a penny in a pond, and watching the ripples flow outwards. This feel good idiot has no idea of the consequences of his intended actions. He should get with the churches in Minnesota that brought in Somalis and see how that good deed ended up.


Either we have laws, or we don't.  It's not OK for Barack Hussein to decide to enforce the ones that support his agenda, and ignore the ones that don't.  Yet that's exactly what he's doing.

He won't be President after his second term ends, but the damage the man is doing is going to be with us for a long time. Bill Clinton started the real rot, and nothing has been done to arrest it.

My guess is we'll have Hillary after Barack, and then we may as well all change our names to something Hispanic and jump on the band wagon. There won't be any place for old white guys in that world.

It will be like the gloating representative of NOW said in a news interview. The day of the old white guys is over.

In the Middle East the Israelis are fighting it out with Hamas.  I hope they don't get drawn into Gaza, because even for a really good army, urban fighting is a great way to bleed to death.  Better to just stand off and pummel them.  Anybody who lets Hamas set up rockets in their front yard hasn't got any right to whine and cry about casualties  that result.

I'm so glad that we are contributing funds to support the good people of Gaza. Of course, these are the same people who danced in the streets, and gave out sweeties and little cakes on 9-11, but hey, we can surely buy their friendship. I'm sure none of the money went to support their terrorist activities.

Hope nobody missed Longmire last night.  The evil villain was a "Survivalist."  He lived on his own land, in a log house way up in the mountains.  Of course, he was reviled because he "doesn't trust the government."  Among other good bits Longmire finds a census agent who went missing two years ago in the guys deep freezer. I swear, I felt like it was the good old days of the 1980's and 1990's again, where anybody who didn't live in an apartment and vote Democrat was liable to be dubbed "A Survivalist."

 Oh, well. The world is full of things that aren't right. But at night, I can go out on the porch and none of that can reach me.

It's quiet and it's peaceful up here. Maybe some day things will get so bad that I'll get swept up in the turmoil. Maybe swept away. But for now, despite the way things are going overall, it's good here on the mountain top.


  1. I believe I called the PC-Crappiness of Longmire over a year ago. I told ya so that show was nothing more than a MUlti-Cult propaganda piece from the get go.

    The end of old White Guys huh. Well when that happens it will herald the end of population growth all across the world. The Femocrat Multi-Cult loons may have replaced the White Man's burden with White guilt but they sure won't feed, police or pay for the third world without the burden part. Not to mention I am sure what we are seeing are these "fellow travelers" not being able to control their patience. They will move too fast soon and White Men will finally band together once more. When that does happen the rules will change rapidly.

    Us White Men have been outnumbered since time began. We may not be the best basketball players, rap stars or breed like lap mice but there are two things White Men do better than all others. Teamwork and warfare. When White Boys unite continents tremble under marching feet and cities evaporate in the blink of an eye.

    If they keep pushing they will leave us with no choice.

    1. Longmire has been a pretty good show up to now. I don't know why they got a wild hair like they did. I admit the last episode pretty well killed my interest in the program, though.

      Pure demographics will move the power center to the Hispanics at the expense of everybody else. They are the fastest growing portion of the population based on the birth rate alone. With the massive influx of illegals and the apparent inability of the government to stop it, I think we are going to pass from the stage just like the American Indians did. I'm already hearing that the only person in the Republican Party who has a chance against Hillary is Bobby Jindal. When you ask people why they say that, it's because he's (1) intelligent, (2) well spoken, (3) he has conservative vaues, and (4) he isn't white. There's a strong consensus out there that a white candidate is going to lose. The Democrats have the left wing vote, the black vote, the Hispanic vote, the Gay vote, the youth vote, and on and on. Who have the Republicans got, a few old men and women who aren't being replaced by new voters as the old one's die off. I think the hand writing is on the wall.

      It's possible that we'll be balkanized to the extent that it comes to what you are suggesting. The Turner Diaries, which you can't get a copy of any more as far as I know, projected that very turn of events.

    2. tsk tsk tsk. Harry. Calling the show already over. Sigh. It's just getting interesting. It's also pretty obvious. The Hispanics are no more as capable of maintaining a modern day civilization than the Africans or the Amazons. It's right there plainly evident the parasites are killing the host but in this case once the host gets weak enough economically they will still retain their military might.

      The races of the world have one choice either they let White Men continue to produce and manage or they suffer right along with us, or more to the point suffer more eventually.

    3. The FBI is going to get you, PP. Your thoughts are clear sighted and true, but they are also proscribed. One day, you'll just vanish off the air and that will be it. Good thing you don't live in England, honest to God, they'd have arrested you a long time ago. If you need to flee someday, you can come here. I'm sure no one would think of the old guy living on the mountain as being right wing or anything. :-)

    4. You had me curious so I checked. The Turner Diaries is available on Amazon and Ebay. The ones I see are a reprint with a decidedly left-wing introduction by someone who at least respects the First Amendment, if nothing else.

    5. The Turner Diaries is very extreme. When it came out, there was such an uproar among the PC crowd that most sellers discontinued offering the book. Only Paladin Press persisted, and they wound up being sued and just about put out of business. Although the book was not pc, it did accurately predict the culmination of some trends associated with race in this country. I'm amazed Amazon is letting it be listed, they clearly don't know about it's history.

  2. G'day Harry,

    Sorry to see all the trouble you are having with illegal immigrants, believe me we were in the same boat (literally) until last year. Who the hell is this ACLU, are they some sort of lefty group like Greenpeace etc.?

    1. Hey, Sgt.

      The American Civil Liberties Union is an organization dedicated to reshaping the United States into a socialist paradise through the use of litigation. They are the ones who sue little towns for putting up a Christmas Display because it infringes on the sensibilities of atheists, whether there are any around or not. They are the people who force colleges all across the country to install expensive handicapped lifts and ramps, even if there are no handicapped people at the school. They have been very successful at getting the courts to intrude into every aspect of American life, always with a view to forcing their version of the new world order on the entire population. They're like a mirror image of the Southern Poverty Law Center, they use the courts for political purposes.

    2. Thanks for that, I always wonder where organisations like this get their funding from although I suppose any country wishing to destroy the US would not mind paying such as the ACLU to do it for them. Much cheaper in the long run.

  3. Off topic, I know, but...I'm sitting here watching the local PBS channel (www.optv.org) at just after ten-thirty PM Central Daylight time, and lo', they have a show on ferrets. It's kinda interesting for me, and I know nothing about the critters-I thought you might like it. All the best, KB

    1. KB, I would surely love to see it. Can you tell me the name of the program? I can run a search for it on our local PBS station, or perhaps I can buy the program on DVD. I buy a lot of PBS stuff. It's almost midnight here Eastern time so I have missed it. I appreciate your thinking of me, as I would really enjoy seeing the show.

  4. Ferrets: The Pursuit of Excellence , I do believe... KB

  5. Hey Harry,


    Longmire sucks!

    There I said it. The writers of that show suck too. By the way, I have a large walk in freezer full of dead liberal Hollywood writers and TV dinners. Both of which will be eaten at some point or another (a joke okay:)

    I really do have lots of tv dinners. Its a bachelor thing.....

    Do illegal aliens from other planets need lawyers???

    Can I get the ACLU (American Communist Losers Union) involved somehow???

    At some point the economy will "pop' like a large green zit" and things will be real messy and that's when the real depression will kick in and all kinds of nasty things will threaten to sweep us into the turmoil.

    I am reading a book I got for one cent off of amazon (and four dollars shipping) its called 'Supervolcano Eruption" by Harry Turtledove. So far its pretty good. Yellowstone just started a small eruption in the book. The big one is brewing.

    That's where I got the "Pop like a big green zit" line from. My mind was on the subject of Supervolcano's.
    Hell of a comparison....

    By the way, you dig ferrets. I dig small terriers (small terrible terriers) like Yorkie Mixes, long haired Terrier mixes and other terrier based mutts.
    There's nothing like having a pile of small dogs (dog pack) running around the house like a pack of small wolves.

    I have learned to respect ferrets more since I have been reading your blog' Harry.

    1. I'll have to get that book. I have a couple of good documentaries on the super volcano phenomenon but I don't think I have read any fictional stories about it.

      Most people have some kind of animal they enjoy having for company. They can be very good companions.

      Yeah, I was disappointed with Longmire, and probably won't watch it again.

  6. I have a limit on magazines after they got to high. I would really like to read some of these new ones but won't pay $9. Some of the quilting magazines are even up to $9-$11. I pretty much stop at $6-7 tops. I have noticed that my library carries some of the ones I want to read so I go there the following month when they let you check them out. Not sure if the ones you read are available there yet.

    1. Kathy, I keep all my magazines as a resource. So, it's made good sense for me to switch to a digital format. The magazines are much cheaper, and I can find them with ease. I did have to buy a two hundred and twenty nine dollar Kindle HDX in order to keep unlimited magazines, but it was a good investment I think. Our library is a pathetic joke. It's run by some toady of the county commissioner, whom I am fairly sure from some of the things she says never finished high school and has no idea about running a library. She primarily buys romance novels, and keeps the books on history mixed in with the fantasy books. My personal library is a lot better than the county library unless you are into yellow press bodice rippers, which I am not.

  7. It is much cooler here too.

    Magazines cost what books used to cost. Before books cost $30. Sigh.

    1. I just have to pay. I can live without a lot of things. But I need pipe tobacco, books and my magazines.

      It's nice here today too. I mowed early, then cleaned up and sat under the trees for a long while, just watching the breeze ruffling the branches. Very tranquil.

  8. I'll grab Off Grid, they are slow to produce and as you said, no sub options.

    "But at night, I can go out on the porch and none of that can reach me"

    This is one of the reasons we got our cabin. There are all kinds of crazy things going on in the world, and around us. Tonight I'll sit on the deck of the cabin watching the night sky, eating some rehydrated something-or-other and forgetting the rest of the world. Just for a little bit.

    1. Your place is just right. Way out there, and with beautiful views. I have my meadow, but the trees hem me in so tightly that I have to walk up slope a bit to see the sun come up. Everybody needs some small amount of time where they don't have to worry about what's going on in the world, and how it will effect their families. It will help you stay sane.

  9. $9 is a lot for a magazine. I know print in general is hurting. They probably have to raise prices because of it.

    It's much cooler in Nebraska as well.

    1. I saw your governor on the news, saying that the people in Nebraska don't want illegal aliens dumped off there without his even being told, as the Feds are doing. Good for him. You have a good Governor, too. Ours is being very stalwart, but we are already overrun. We have the fourth highest Hispanic birth rate in the nation.

      It's a lot of money but almost all the magazines I read are in the seven to ten dollar range. They help me stay on top of things, and improve my planning and preparation though.