Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The New American Frontiersman (issue 3) is out. But I didn't buy it.

I saw this on the newsstand today.   I didn't buy it, because I hope I never have to revert back to that primitive a lifestyle.  I just thought I would mention it in case there were some more die hard types out there that enjoyed the magazine.

There have been two preceding issues, so it wouldn't be hard to get all of them if you wanted to start collecting.

They do have a few articles in each magazine that are oriented towards modern day preppers, but the magazine is expensive and primarily oriented towards the pre - Civil War frontier lifestyle.  That's a little harsh for me.


  1. I suppose you could read a few articles at the store, but not buy the whole magazine. It looks interesting enough.

    Sorry I haven't commented back in awhile. We went on a vacation to UT, NM and CO. I just got back.

    1. I saw that. You went to the places I want to go most of all. I envied you when I read about your trip. Reading about your son's lost plush pal reminded me of my boy 20 years ago and his beat up old plush shark named "Blue Jaws." I knew exactly what you went through when it was suddenly realized his night time buddy wasn't in the vehicle. Glad the hotel people didn't toss the toy.

  2. Hey Harry,


    I want a magazine on 1880 wild west survival.

    I kinda partial to the Sharps .45-70 rifle with the 28 inch barrel, Henry Repeating .45-70 and the Colt Peacemaker.

    I guess I would need a horse with a pack mule to carry some of my gear, rifles and ammo.
    I would go to Texas and buy some land and start a cattle ranching empire (Like the King Ranch)

    1. Remember in "No Man's Land" the old guy who helped the indian looking fellow build his little mud shack? He was living that life style. Even though he had a Civil War era percussion pistol. I never figured out why he would want a weapon like that.

  3. Thank you sir - I own the previous two issues and am surprised a 3rd issues is out -
    I thought they were an annual issue. In any case, I'll keep my eyes peeled - appreciate the heads up!

    1. I usually put something on the blog when I see an interesting magazine. That particular one has had a lot of favorable comment. I would buy it, but it costs a lot for a magazine, it isn't available digitally, and it's really focused on a more primitive life style than I would want to live in a collapse. However, I guess that might be short sighted of me, because a particularly long disruption could return everybody to that level.

    2. Well, I lucked out - Wal-Mart still had them on the rack, I picked up a copy. Yeah - $10 for a magazine really frosts me too, but sometimes, I grit my teeth and buy it. I hope its worth it - they described the magazine now as a bi-annual issue.

      About that person in desert living his percussion pistol, maybe he makes his own black powder. There are formulas for making it - a bit dangerous - but maybe easier than walking out and buying it.

      I too am mystified about the charm of black powder, one shot and waiting to see if your hit took effect after smoke clears. I'm too impatient for that :^)

      Thanks again.

    3. I'm glad you found a copy. It looks interesting but I'm already paying for a lot of survival oriented magazines and I have to pick and choose. The American Frontiersman looks pretty interesting though.

      I'm not sure why the fellow in that program used an Army Colt percussion revolver, but he seemed to know how to handle it. It may well be that he can acquire lead and powder, and caps, for less than it would cost him to buy loaded ammo. He didn't seem like having a lot of coin was one of his attributes.

      I've got an Army Colt (replica) and a Hawkins plains rifle (again, a replica) but I don't know how to load or shoot them well enough to try it. I've got an Australian friend who is big into that and I am going to pick his brain about it.