Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Land Line and Internet.

In order to have internet service, I have to have a land line.  There is only one provider of internet services here, so I have to get my land line through them. They can charge what they want as a result, and the service can be as terrible and unreliable as they feel like letting it be.  It's below marginal but it's all I can get.







 911 SERVICE 1.50











Approximately 20% of my total bill each month is federal, state  or county tax. They can call it surcharges or fees all they want. It's taxes.


  1. Can you get cell phone service where you live? Or are you in a 'dead' zone? If you can get cell, you can get internet.

    1. Cell phones don't work at my house. Terrain masking in the mountains makes any line of sight signal problematic.

  2. All utilities are a ripe off. We have so many add on fees it doubles the price. Then they turn around and ask for rate increase.

    1. I agree Rob. Our Electric Membership Cooperative is in the middle of a big scandle. They turn off people's electricity if they are one day late on their bill. But it just came out that the EMC board members, all rich people, have not been paying their bills at all and one of them had a $49,000 debt at the EMC on his home bill, another owed $147, 000 on their company bill. Nobody turned their power off though.

  3. If you are just looking for Internet, we went with excede satellite Internet. We are paying around $65 a month for it, and it is freaking fast. We thought about a land line, but the cost would have been a lot more. They are very anal about the quality of their installs. Check them out.

    1. Senior, I had Wild Blue for two years, and when it worked, it was ok. The problem here is that getting a line of sight shot to the satellite is very hard because I am on the side of a mountain, and the wrong side at that. So my internet didn't work in spring and summer when the leaves came on the trees. It didn't work if there was snow, or rain, or a temperature inversion. I had to go the land line route. But I know satellite works great for people who are located where it will work and I wish I could use it. I do use the land line, too, as cells don't work here. I'm basically trapped by the location I live in.

  4. I have never had a landline. We had a VOIP in Germany because it came with the net and let us call home for about nothing. The first couple places we lived I was interested in getting a land line (really just for emergencies) but they always wanted $40-50 just to have one. At this point I am looking into ham to fill the needs left by solely having cell phones.

    1. The trouble with ham radio is that unless the people you want to talk to are hams, and have the gear, it's not very useful. I need to keep in touch with my kids up North. There have been times, when the land line was down (a very frequent occurrence here) that I have walked up and down the meadow and found a little spot where I could get enough of a signal to call on the cell, but it always "winks out" pretty quickly.

    2. I would mark that spot so I did not have to walk around looking for it!

      I got rid of my land line and use MagicJack because of the added taxes on the land line. It works off the internet, so maybe you could use that for phone calls if you can get the internet thing worked out so you don't need the landline.

      If you get the landline just for internet, it is supposed to be cheaper than getting a landline for talking. THEN, you could use MagicJack instead of having a landline for talking. MJ is $2.30/months and works great.

      Look up Mohu Leaf on the internet. I am going to get one of those soon for the television reception. Oh, forgot--just for tv. But, maybe it has something about internet that goes with it.

      Isn't there something that goes on a high pole that transmits to a person's house for internet? Of course, it might need to be in a high pine tree.

      Use net is satellite service. Have you tried that?

    3. Reception changes on the ground here, depending on weather, especially the humidity and the temperature of the air. So you can't just go to the same spot, although you can go to that general part of the meadow and wander about watching the bars. Darned inconvenient in a snow storm or thunderstorm, though.

      My internet is very slow here, and it works about 90 percent of the time at best. The quality of the connection is not good enough to support streaming video or anything like that. There are no over the air signal here at all, so that's out.

      I haven't tried Use net. The problem with "trying it out" is that you have to sign a contract, then they come out and install their equipment, and if it doesn't work, you are out a lot of money. As far as I know, none of the satellite internet outfits guarantee you will get a reliable signal. Because I live on the side of a mountain, surrounded by higher mountains, it is very hard to get a straight line shot at the Southern Sky. I had to cut down big poplar trees to get television through Direct TV, and even that is actually pretty spotty if there is any kind of weather.

  5. I'm with Senior, look into dish internet.

    1. K, I had it, but it didn't work up here very well. I wish it would. Living on a mountain, below the topographic crest, has disadvantages in the communications field.

  6. Hey Harry,


    Yeah' all the fee's and taxes are just part of the scam to siphon money off of people.
    As the old saying goes, if our forefathers got charged taxes like this, all hell would have broken loose.
    It also goes back to what I always say. Most people don't care as long as they get their football, beer, facebook, and all the other garbage. No one really cares. I'm sure someone at somepoint will be texting on their way to take a Zykron B shower and there will be a huge pile of smart phones from all the victims that got murdered at that camp. Alas, no one gives a shit.


    back to the previous post. I really like living in the coast, however its ironic that I envy you for where you live.
    The hurricane that you mentioned that destroyed some beach communities on the Texas coast was 'Hurricane Ike' in 2008.
    'Ike wiped out Surfside Beach, Texas and some other stuff. No damage in South Texas.
    You also gotta know that "I don't live on the beach" Any houses on the beach are history in a big storm.
    Houses further inland stand more of a chance. In Texas, go to far inland and Tornadoes that are spun off the hurricane become a threat on the coastal plains of Texas.
    Texas is not Emerald Isle, North Carolina. We are not direct targets. The worst places for hurricanes in Texas are Galveston Isle, Houston (that would be a nightmare) and extreme South Texas on the Texas, Mexico border. The extreme South Texas area lightly populated and still mostly semi-rural and can take a direct hit without the mass destruction of a built up urban are getting hit like Houston.

    1. I think the place that the show I watched was about, was Crystal Beach or something like that. I don't know where in Texas it was. I was watching a new show on Weather channel called 360. Didn't have anything else to do at the moment. I knew Galveston got wiped out and thousands got killed a long time ago, before weather reporting and early warning.

  7. Hey Harry,


    almost forgot.

    That bench vice I got for $35.00 is a pre-1905 Athol model 624 vice, made in Athol, mass.
    I did some research on the vice and it may be worth at least $120. The swivel works perfectly and from what I can tell its all original. My plan now is to clean the old grease, light surface rust and crud off. Re-grease it and set it up inside the house with the air conditioning.
    This thing is a real heirloom from the industrial revolution and worth using for some of the light gunsmithing work I do.
    The cool part is that the vice is huge and it gotta weigh in at 70 lbs. at least.

    Nothing like Pennslyania steel fired by American coal.

    Reminds me of that song by George Therogood, called "American Made"

    1. It's good to know that something of value came out of Massachusetts at least once.

      If you move , how are you going to tote all your tools and gear? Sounds like you have a lot of both.

  8. I use "Wildblue" for my internet (10 GB/month plan). The satellite disc points more West than South. In addition I use "Vonage" for my phone service. Their site says it won't work with satellite but it does. My Vonage plan is US & Canada $12.99 which gives me 400 minutes/month.