Monday, August 25, 2014

Strange times indeed.

"Quite frankly, I think political correctness is the worst form of censorship. You're not allowed to speak your mind unless you're black, or unless you're a terrorist, or unless you're an Arab or a minority people. Then you can say what you like. But if you are like a lot of us you are not supposed to say certain things."

Wilbur Smith

I know there are a lot of people who pay no attention whatsoever to events outside their own backyard. I feel like doing that myself, sometimes.  It can be dangerous ,though, because things happening in the world can effect you, personally, in time.

Years ago I worked at a gun store.  Bill Clinton, or "King William the Bastard", was President. It was the time of The Evil Witches, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein and Janet Reno.  Younger people may not remember them but anyone who was a States Rights person, or a Second Amendment Supporter, will still shudder at those names.

There was then, as there is now, a big ongoing effort in Washington to deprive people of the right to own firearms in any way possible. The government drones knew they couldn't pull off a U.K. style "turn em all in" gig because Americans, unlike their British cousins, would not have trundled down to the Police Station in lock step to comply.  The cabal in D.C. decided to do it in this country through "the death of a thousand cuts."

One of the things they passed into law was a statute that said if you had been involved in a domestic dispute, of any kind, at any time in your life, you could not own a gun.

On a nice Sunday afternoon, I had one of the local characters come wheeling in to buy a pistol. This fellow was a real, dyed in the wool hillbilly and his claim to fame was that he never watched tv, nor read a paper, because "nobody can make me do a damn thing I don't want to, so what does it matter what happens "down there."   I think "down there" referred to Atlanta, which was as high up the political totem pole as he ever thought about.

When I ran his NICS check, he had been accused of "pushing" his wife 25 years before, had pleaded guilty and paid a $24.00 fine.  No gun for him.  When I told him, you never heard such yelling and cursing, most of it directed at me.  I told him maybe he ought to reconsider his position that nothing happening "down there" could have any effect on him. My sympathy meter was pegged at zero, because low information voters like him are the bane of our existence. He was definitely "part of the problem."

What brought this to mind was some of the exceedingly strange things on the news today.

The sainted Michael Brown had his funeral today. I watched ten minutes of it. During that time, one speaker said that on the day of his death, Michael was on his way to a religious gathering at which he was going to spread the word of God.  Well, ok, maybe so. He just stopped off at the convenience store to liberate some cigars for the faithful, and took a little break in order to get high as a kite before delivering the word of God. I guess it could happen.

The next speaker said that "Mike Mike" had foreseen his own death, even as our dear Lord Jesus foresaw his, and that he had revealed unto her a vision of himself laying on the ground, dead, under bloody sheets.  I decided at this point that the B.S. meter was getting pegged at "max" and switched the channel.  Interestingly, although the real story of what happened is pretty well known now, and is not very flattering to Saint Michael, the fantasy of his being gunned down while fleeing with his hands up is still being promulgated by all the major news networks.  

Then I saw a news segment on the beheading of the U.S. Journalist by ISIS.  The commentator said that the murderer has been tentatively identified as a British citizen, a "rapper" by trade. The British government has indicated that if it is proven this individual did murder an American citizen, then they, the British Government, will deal severely with him, and might perhaps even go so far as to revoke his British citizenship. By God, that will teach those Moslems a lesson.

What, they revoked my British citizenship! Those racist bastards!

We do live in interesting times, just like the old Chinese curse .
"May you live in interesting times, and may you come to the attention of powerful persons."


  1. Harry, tell me true. Is there even the remotest possibility of any sanity at all left in our world? Because more and more, I'm just not seeing it.

    1. Vicki, I really think not. We've reached such a low point that "Great Lies" like the events in Ferguson are accepted at face value by most of the population. Most of the people I talk to, including my own kids, feel that the average person can have no influence at all on events, so there's no point in even knowing what's going on. Some people that read the blog here get angry when I write on "sensitive" subjects and I know some of them removed me from their blog rolls. In the case of people who live overseas in places where even talking about some issues can land you in trouble, I don't blame them. In the case of Americans, it's a free country and I don't twist anyone's arm to come here. There are plenty of blogs that just talk about nice, fun things for those folks. Far be it from me to upset their day.

      Common sense, and a notion of what is practical, and what is necessary, is less and less evident in the United States so far as I can tell. I sat in a doctors office not long ago with a lady who was a life long Democrat. She had no more idea than the man in the moon what life is really like. Some of her thoughts were so appalling I believed she was playing mind games with me until I had talked to her enough to know that she knew nothing of the world outside her gated community at the lake. The Sheeple are out there, honest to God.

  2. I guess he's the patron saint of thugs now. What a load of manure that funeral was. I try to maintain a small amount of patience for the parents having lost their son, but the rest of it blows.

    1. Great photo op for Al Sharpton (Whitey raped Twana!) and it was nice that the White House was able to send so many potentates to honor the fallen martyr.

      The Ferguson debacle couldn't have been handled worse if they had been trying. That pandering wimp the Governor of Missouri is a judgment on everyone who voted for him. They sure got a leader there.

  3. Like the Flautist of Hamelin, the press will lead them all over the precipice. I wonder if they will ever have the spine to show the cop's busted up face.

  4. The major news outlets all picked up the "story on the street" and hyped it because it got viewers. Now that this "Gentle Giant" nonsense has been debunked, they can't tell the truth even if they wanted to. I doubt any of them want to. So there won't be any coverage of anything that would tend to show they allowed themselves to be suckered and manipulated.

    As for the professional rabble rousers like Sharpton, they don't care anything at all about the truth. It's about face time on tv and pimping themselves as "black leaders" for them, and they make up the narrative as they go along.

    There are some poorly informed individuals who are not much on critical thinking who will go along with what the tv spews out, but I have to believe there are many more people with the common sense to know they are being jerked around on this.

    1. That's why more money was raised for Officer Wilson than for the Brown family as of this weekend.

    2. The Brown donations would have been more, but the collection boxes dont take EBTs.

    3. Matt, if I was Wilson I'd get out of this country. The government is already getting ready to throw him to the mob as the politically expedient thing to do. I watched a Fox News report a little while ago where they were interviewing protesters. The news reporter was asking if the police officer should be found guilty without a trial and the respondents were all saying yes. Either they were too stupid to understand the question or they were fine with lynching as long as the victim was white.

    4. Zero, I'm sure the Browns are making enough off their new line of " Mike Mike" T shirts.