“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Always pay your debts, with interest, in the same coin.


  1. 911 now that was a day!

    We just moved that week from Atlanta to Omaha. It was hard for me to get a job.

    My husband started his job on that same day that the 9/11 attack happened. It was so surreal. His work was all silent. He was sad, and didn't know what to do. He wanted to be a good worker, but didn't want to act like nothing had happened.

    A friend of mine was getting married that weekend. A bunch of her relatives didn't go to her wedding because their flights were canceled, or they didn't want to fly because of the high alert.

    1. I was teaching then. My kids were out on the playground. A teacher came out and said we were supposed to go inside. She said there was a story that rockets had hit a building in New York.

      When I got inside I turned on the television. The kids (mine were fifth grade) and I watched the news for about five minutes, then the intercom came on and the Principal said to turn off all the sets and not discuss what was happening. Within about twenty minutes mom's started coming to the school and getting their kids. I only had about half the class left after lunch, so we just did "fun things" like drawing.

      I already knew what Islam meant from being in Lebanon. I think a lot of other people began to pick up the threads after 9-11.

  2. Harry - this is a tribute post that i wrote about for the people of Gander, Newfoundland. i am not sure if you have read it before, but i would like you to:


    you may remember that after the attacks on the two towers, the US closed it's airspace. Canada was at the ready and landed many hundreds of planes. with very little notice. Gander, Newfoundland, a very small community, landed 39 jets of 6,600 hundred passengers and housed them and fed them for 10 days.

    your friend,

    1. Kymber, I will certainly take a look at that. Canada has been a good friend throughout all these troubles.

    2. thanks Harry - i am really glad that you checked out the link. a lot of people have no idea what canada did on 9/11 and several days afterwards. i am not trying to brag...just trying to point out that we were there...we really were there for our US friends. love you Harrry.

  3. Hey Harry'


    I was living in a city in anther part of Texas when 9/11 occurred.

    I just got my first cup of coffee and I turned on Fox news and they were talking about the first plane hitting the first building. They talked, they said it was reports of a two engine private plane that just hit the first tower and they talked about B-25 that hit the Empire State building during WW2 in the fog etc.

    Then the camera's caught the second plane coming in and I watched it live on Fox news as the second plane struck the tower. There was at least a 30 second silence from the Fox news crew as they sat stunned. That's what I remember the most of all things is silence from the Fox news talking heads. For me, it was surreal as if I was watching some kind of action movie. It really did not register at first.
    I went to work that day and everyone was in 'zombie mode' just kinda stunned. I don't know how else to explain it.
    I really did not get angry or anything. There was really nothing I could do so there was no point in being outraged.
    I was surprised though that George Bush did not order 'release of nuclear weapons' on Taliaban and Al Queda targets in Afghanistan. I got the impression from other countries that they would have 'not protested a nuclear strike' over the mayhem and mass destruction on 9/11.
    I think we probably should have pulled out a few low yield battlefield nukes and used them. That would have sent one hell of a strong "very long term message' that we will not tolerate 'any type of attack on American soil' My idea may sound a little extreme, but that's the only thing the muslim mind understands.

    1. There are some problems with nuclear weapons. First, they wipe out everybody, not just the guilty.

      Second, there are a lot of people out there who have nukes. If we start tossing them around in Afghanistan, for instance, why wouldn't Russia in Chechnya, or Israel in Iran, etc, etc. It's very risky to set a precedent for using those things .

      Then too, we have done ok with daisy cutters, block busters, and hell fires. No need to set the whole world against us by using tactical nukes.

      That may change if one of the Islamist groups gets hold of a Pakistani bomb, or a Korean bomb, or even an old Russian bomb (there are a lot of them missing from the old Soviet Union.) Then, things may get out of hand if one of those is used on us.

    2. Hey Harry,


      You do have some very valid points and I have thought about those too. Maybe those points were also discussed right after 9/11 by George Jr. and his people and that's why nukes were never used to begin with.

    3. Could be. I'm not sure how that went.