Friday, September 5, 2014

Resistance is not futile! Help fight Bloomborg.


Most people remember Michael Bloomberg as the multi-millionaire Mayor of New York who tried to ban large sized sodas.  He's the epitome of the elitist, and has made no secret of his belief that "common people" have to be guided and overseen by the higher orders for their own good.

Lately he put 50 million dollars into anti second amendment activities. One of his most successful ventures has been the creation of a front organization called "Mom's demand action for gun sense in America."

This bunch has intimidated Target Stores and Starbucks into posting placards requesting patrons not to bring their concealed carry guns  (or any other) onto the premises. Now they are trying to do the same to Krogers.  Personally, as long as Krogers resists them I will drive down there to the nearest one ever so often ( it's two hours, one way) to make symbolic purchases. But I hope that a lot of people who use the store will pass the word to them that there are a lot more adherents to the Second Amendment than there are paid political agitators on Bloomberg's payroll.

Here are links to the corporations in question if you want to send them an email on the subject.

Kroger Customer Service


Target Corporate Email Form ( the only way to contact Corporate I could find.)


  1. Target pretty well made it well understood that they weren't interested in listening. Same goes for Starbuck's.

    Kroger on the other hand told Bloomberg's group they weren't going to change their current pro-gun policies just to please him, at least that was my understanding.

    All that being said it never hurts to contact all three and at least make an attempt at being heard.

  2. The news story I watched this morning said that Target and Starbucks had both agreed to comply with his demands. They said Kroger was taking the matter under consideration and was being targeted by a million dollar add campaign to force them into compliance.

    1. Perhaps Kroger has started to cave.....pity.

    2. Or maybe not. I haven't heard anything on the other MSN outlets. Only on Ali Vashlyi's "money" segment on Al Jazerra. They lie like hell on that network, but they have real correspondents on the scene of events I'm interested in, while American networks pretty much stick to an anchor with some withered up old prune who is an "expert" on the subject saying what he thinks. I may have a heart attack watching Al Jazerra one day but it's all grist to the mill.

  3. Matt, a news story on Al Jazerra this morning specifically said that Target and Starbucks had agreed to Bloomberg's demands, and that Kroger was being subjected to a million dollar television add campaign to force them to do so. Huffington Post has been running long letters written by the ostensible head of the "Moms" attacking Kroger.

    However, checking the internet after reading your comment, it appears that Al Jazerra is twisting the truth, nothing new for them. In fact, Starbucks and Target have both publically promulgated policies "requesting" that customers not bring firearms into the stores. The CEO of Starbucks says, in effect, that they are taking this tack to "give customers a chance" to defuse the situation by voluntarily giving up their right to concealed carry.

    Target just says please don't carry in our store.

    I think letting them know there are a lot more gun owners than Bloomberg paid shills out there would be helpful, even so.

    1. Well I hope that Kroger stands up to them. Starbuck's kinda got forced into this awhile back by the open carry crowd. They had actually tried to remain neutral, deferring to local gun laws for each store, they responded to my email saying pretty much what you said.

      Target never responded to my email to them, and there were reports from other bloggers that they were hung up on as soon ad they mentioned "guns".

      But you are correct in that everyone needs to try if they haven't already.

    2. I'm not an advocate of hauling rifles into stores. I think that just alienates middle of the roaders with no opinions of their own. It probably creates more negative images than positive. But then, I'm not young and a fire eater anymore.

      I use email instead of calling because I find that employees at stores, faced with any controversial question, are instantly consumed by fear that they'll get fired if they say the wrong thing. Email tends to be more anonymous, and usually the company has some kind of prepared statement.

      I hope people will take a minute and communicate their feelings to the companies concerned. It's too late to get mad once the corporate people cave to Bloomberg, but the same corporate types are driven by profits, only profits. Business has no social conscience. So, if they think it will cost them money to comply with the Little Dictator's demands, they will just ignore the megalomaniac pimp.

  4. We have the right to carry, we have the necessary permits to do so. The stores ask you not to bring into their stores. Kind of a catch 22. If I have a weapon on me and you can't tell who cares. While I don't have any weapons that is my choice. Mark my words one day some nut case will open fire in Target or Starbucks and then lets see what they have to say when someone who does carry takes out the nut case after he has killed several folks.

    I live in MN but very rarely shop at Target a MN Corp. Why?? Price..bottom line. I don't shop at Starbucks either bottom line price.

    I get tired of those who think that they are better then me, telling me what to eat, what to wear, and what my kids can eat in school. Just because they have money they thing they are GOD.

    1. I sat in a doctor's office waiting room recently with an old woman who espoused this view. She meant kindly, but she had a very low opinion of people who were on the lower end of the socio economic scale. As far as she was concerned, they were ungrateful for the good care that Obama provided them, and all he had done for "them." There wasn't any reasoning with her, she was a true believer. She was also apparently quite well off. It seems to make a difference in how a person views the world.

  5. We don't have the right to carry here in Nebraska. You can have a gun legally in your own home. The odd thing is that a major furniture store called Nebraska Furniture Mart made it legal to carry a weapon in the store. I thought that was odd when you can't carry a gun anywhere else. I think they want their security guards armed. I don't get how all that works. It's not legal in the city, but it's ok in 1 store? It confuses me. I don't carry one anyhow, so it's doesn't matter. I do like the idea of responsible people being able to carry and protect themselves, along with protecting others.

  6. Alissa, I'm not sure how that works either, because the store can't trump state law. Do you folks not have a concealed carry permit process?

    I carry religiously. It has saved my bacon twice in 30 plus years, so that's a lot of carrying the extra weight without result, but as someone said to me on the net years ago "concealed carry weapons are like automatic weapons fire. You don't need it often, but when you do you really need it!"

    To get a concealed carry permit, you have to go through an extensive vetting process. It gives responsible citizens the opportunity and ability to protect themselves and others. Particularly in state like mine, which have laws protecting citizens from being prosecuted for self defense or the defense of property, or other people.