Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dawn is a long time coming now.

You can tell it's getting to be Fall.  The sun sets earlier and rises later.  I was up and ready to go at four thirty this morning, but it wasn't light enough to work outside until almost seven.  I got the morning chores done, now I'm going to have breakfast.

After that, I am going to Walmart. I heard on the CB last night that a shipment of 9mm came into Walmart last evening.  If I go early enough, I can perhaps get three boxes. I don't need any more ammo, but I've been buying it for so long it's hard to stop and the price is good. According to the fellow on the radio, the Walmart has canned corned beef and canned roast beef as well.  That's a new "Great Value" product, and the two types of canned beef have been selling out as soon as they hit the shelves. You can't find large sacks of rice or beans, and the man who was there recently said none were on the shelves when he was there.

CB is useful for tuning in to the local chatter boxes and keeping abreast of what's going on in the county at the grass roots level.  I don't do a lot of transmitting unless I really need to, because if you do everybody knows you are "out there."

Today I need:

  1. dog biscuits
  2. soap (for the storage supplies)
  3. dish soap (for storage)
  4. hot sauce (for strorage)
  5. dog food
  6. cat food
  7. ferret food
  8. chicken scratch
  9. coffee (for storage)
  10. rice and beans if available in quantity (for storage)
  11. salt (for the store room)
  12. shampoo (for the storeroom)
I have spent very little on supplies in July and August. Instead, I've used up the things in storage as much as I could. Winter is coming, and I always rotate my entire stored water supply and as much of the perishable food and household items as I can before winter comes. That way everything is fresh, as much as possible at any rate.

I have 24 cans of coffee stored, but having just finished another of the A. American books I have decided to increase the amount on hand.  Same with TP, I'm doubling the amount I store.  I already bought more cooking oil , more Crisco, more canned cheese and butter, and replaced a lot of the things like powdered milk and sugar I used up from the long term storage supplies.

I'd like to hand this place over to the kids in good order, with everything they would need in hard times. I think we'll get those events in my life time, but I don't see how they can be staved off much longer than that at best. So, most days I  work on something or other, because there's never a time when one of the buildings, or a drainage ditch, or the Jeep trail, or something, doesn't need repairs.

Even the obscenely dishonest main stream media can't disguise the fact that things are deteriorating fast.  When you hear things like "seasonally adjusted" statistics on unemployment, or " statistically adjusted" economic numbers, you know they are lies.  All you have to do is open your eyes as you travel around to see how things are though.  Bad things are happening now. They're going to get worse and eventually, probably sooner rather than later, they are going to start happening here.  When that day comes, there will be things I didn't get done, and equipment or supplies I needed but didn't buy. At least I'll know I did the best I could.


  1. I have, for a while now, felt a sense of urgency to make sure my supplies are all in order, with increasing a years worth beyond that time. I thought it was just my suspicious nature that doesn't buy into the propaganda, but I find that more and more folks are on the same page. I don't know what will happen, but it ain't gonna be pretty. My kids won't take over my place of residence, but at least they can divide up what I have stored to hopefully make their lives a bit easier.

    1. Animals can sense when some catastrophe is looming. I suppose the more aware human beings can do that, too. The pressure is building on all of us. I told someone the other day that though I am not at all religious, I got out my bible and read Revelations again. There's a real visceral feeling of unease on most of the blogs I read. The race problems , the collapse of the Southern border, Islamic terrorism, blatant lies about the economy and unemployment from the government, Obama and his little pen, ruling by Diktat through Executive Orders, Russia , so much going on and so little being done about any of it.

  2. I was just commenting last night that it is getting dark much earlier now.
    You always stay so well stocked.

    1. Not well enough, Lisa. Although I am meticulous with my record keeping, I sometimes feel I'm not storing enough of particular items. I originally set up my stock levels based on the superb (and free) Mormon computer program written for that purpose. You put in the number of people you are planning for, their gender and age, and it gives you what you need of each item. Pages and pages of items. But, you have to fine tune it for your own personal requirements.

      I dread the long, dark days in winter.

  3. I'm not going to deny that I tuned almost all the news out for the long holiday weekend. It was tough this morning turning the news back on it was almost a shock after being able to relax. The events are coming at us faster and faster and what we are being told has to be taken with grain towards the fact that it's worse than what they are reporting and in some cases just outright false.

    1. Even the government mouth piece drones acknowledge things are getting bad, and that none of the big issues of the day are getting fixed. There's no leadership in the White House, no leadership in the Congress. We are just sailing blindly into the storm with no one at the helm.

  4. I think everyone knows time is running out. I wasn't surprised to learn that Obama has know about ISIS for a year and still did nothing with the information.

    1. I honestly believe he just doesn't have any desire to face issues he doesn't find palatable. Like Hitler, in his bunker. Living in his own dreamworld while the real world crashes in ruins around him.

  5. You are so organized. I just realized the other day that I have no coffee in our emergency supplies. I will take care of that next time I go to the store.

    1. Inger, I try very hard to be organized. Some would say excessively so. For instance, when I read post apocalyptic fiction, (and I read a lot of it) I always have a yellow legal pad. When I get a new idea from a book, I write it down , in detail, with the appropriate references. Then I implement the idea, having adjusted it if necessary to fit in with our own situation here.

      With food storage, you need some kind of record keeping. I use spreadsheets, saved on the computer and on three backup disks. I can charge my computer off the generator, so even if the internet goes the data on the system will be preserved. I keep one backup disk in a Faraday cage, along with an older laptop.

      It's good you are stocking up. You live in a very beautiful place, but some things you can't grow there, like coffee. So what you have on the shelves when something happens is what you will have to make do with.

      Good to talk to you. I am thinking of you folks out there and was glad to see life seems to be steady and peaceful for you.

  6. Harry,

    Being prepared is something we can control, so why not make sure you have what's needed to support yourself and family.

    1. Well, I couldn't agree with you more, but there are those who don't. I think I mentioned the lady who was talking to me in a doctors waiting room here not long ago. She firmly believed that there was no need to do any preparing , because she "paid taxes and that's what the government is for." She was really an unbelievable person. Nice enough, but so out of touch with reality that it was bewildering.

  7. Hey Harry,


    I'm not a big follower or network tv news. I do however watch fox news on occasion and this one time it paid off;

    the writer that wrote "One Second After" wrote a novella about schools being attacked by Isis here in the U.S.
    He did a good interview on tonights episode of 'Greta Van Susteran' on the threat of Isis.
    I have to admit he (the writer, William Forescythe) did get a little 'carried away' and about he personally feels about Isis. I can't blame him, however I would have been a little bit more logical.
    If "Greta Van Susteran was interviewing me. I probably would have said 'the hell with it' I would have popped open a bottle of beer with my Kimber 1911 on my hip and told the world we need to 'kill everyone of them towel headed, goat screwing, stone age, Isis' rat bastards"

    1. Probably would have been a short interview!

      I didn't know about the novella, I'll have to see if I can find it. Probably based on Beslan, and the Chechen Terrorist attack there.