“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Military Surplus 2015 Annual is out.

Just got mine at the grocery store yesterday. This is a very good edition, with lots of interesting stories on old military rifles and pistols. They have thrown in a few articles on military equipment as well.


  1. I'll be going to the store that sells such magazines tomorrow on my way home from th airport. Thanks for the heads up. I love that mag, even if they do recycle a lot of their articles.

    1. This one is the second to come out since the old Military Surplus went out of business. I think the new guys actually do a better job, but there' only one magazine a year. That's a far cry from 10 years ago, when there were a lot more on the topic.

    2. I can understand their major problem: All of the surplus guns have either been bought up and imported already or else they're barred from import. Either way, we can't count on ever seeing much of anything new again.

      I'm glad I was here for the flood of imports in the 1990s but I sure wish that I'd bought/kept more. $219 Graands. $125 M1 Carbines, $59 SKS, $29 Mosins and $49 Enfields...And then there were all of those Lugers and 1911s that I didn't buy. Sigh.

    3. I bought a good many rifles in the 1980's and 1990's. I did buy some pistols but they were primarily curiosities. Things like Argentinian Browning HP's, Colts, and Ballester Molinas. The days of a big choice and low prices are over, as you say. Southern Ohio Guns used to put out a big newspaper type catalog, all filled with new offerings, once a month. Now they put one out about every 4 months or so as far as I can tell.

  2. Hey Harry,


    Its ironic that I did some basic cleaning to the Mosin Nagant today in anticipation of taking it out to the range tomorrow.

    I'm looking forward to more bruises to my shoulder and I think that' that's why the Russkie's drank all that vodka. They had to have some kind of way of dealing with the pain of using their own weapons.
    On side note' I heard stories of what the tankers that drove the T-55's had to go trough during WW2. It was pretty brutal.

    1. You mean T-34, the T-55 came out ten years after the war. Russian tanks were like just about everything Russian, not sophisticated but damned tough. One of the things I thought was pretty strange was that T-34 drivers carried a big hammer to bash on the gear box, because sometimes when they tried to shift it jammed, and bashing on it freed it up. Wonder if I should carry a hammer in my F250?

      Those old full powered rifles are brutal. I have an old USMC shooting jacket I wear when I am shooting the old guns and I get bruised right through the pad.

      Hey, I see the sharks have been gobbling up people in Hawaii and Australia, better be careful down there.