Monday, October 13, 2014

Rain and wind in Mid October.

 It did not thunderstorm before dawn today. Cloudy outside, but the sun should be coming up very soon.  Yesterday, it started pouring rain at 2 a.m. and lasted well past dawn.  The leaf season is being negatively impacted by the winds. That's bad for the people who run tourist oriented businesses, which is to say everybody in the town. It doesn't effect me overly much.

You can't work outside in this weather. I've been sitting on the porch a lot, drinking coffee and letting my two remaining ferrets plunder around in the hay house.  The ferrets can go through all the nooks and crannies between the bales, and enjoy it a lot.  While the cats pay them no mind, I have to keep a weather eye out on the dogs.  They have seen enough of the ferrets that you'd think they wouldn't snap, but I don't trust them in that respect. The dogs are creatures of impulse.

By this time next week, the tourists will be gone.  The hordes of bicyclists that virtually shutdown the paved roads will be gone .  I can understand their wanting to ride on our country roads through the woods at this time of year, but I don't appreciate their arrogance in riding 4 abreast and blocking the roads. However, they bring money into the county, so the county government orders that they be treated with kid gloves, no matter how obnoxious they may be to the peasantry that lives here.

Went to the Farmers Depot and the Home Depot today and laid in the standard winter repair supplies. You can't wait to buy things til you need them, because if you are snowed and iced in on the mountain, you aren't going anywhere for awhile.  If you need it, you better have it on hand.

I got cedar shakes, roof sealant, some boxes of  deck screws , different sizes, for my Ryobi.  Bought 1 by 4's, 2 X  4's, some sheets of plywood, and and few other nice to have items.

( When I started this a few minutes ago, I said it wasn't raining.  Just started raining.)

I bought $100 worth of dog food, cat food, chicken feed and ferret food to store in the barn. Nothing is as outrageous as running out of animal feed and being snowed in.  I can improvise for almost everybody, the cats, dogs and chickens will all eat rice, but the ferrets are harder. They'll eat cheese and bread, but it's bad for them. They need their high protein paste and their regular ferret food. I feel uneasy unless I have vast quantities in the barn.

I discovered that a mouse got into the apartment and chewed up the book cover on Kunstlers "World Made by Hand."  I fixed it with duct tape, captured the offending individual in a "catch 'em alive" trap and let him go in the woods.  He's got good taste in books. ( I know that was an awful joke, but be honest, who could have resisted saying that under the circumstances.)

Venturino's book Shooting World War II Small Arms is out.   It cost almost $50.00, but it's a "had to have" item for me.  Not only does it feature detailed information on the weapons , but it has load data for the ammo tailored to each type.  I ordered it from Amazon, and they faithfully promised to deliver it before the end of the month. I saw with great chagrin that Georgia is now collecting sales tax of 7% on Amazon orders. I wonder what Georgia will do when there are no more people working to pay the taxes?  Jobs are scarce here, and when people do find a job, it's part time and low paying.  At least that is behind me now.


  1. Hey Harry,


    Yeah' it started to rain a lot here yesterday also. We got that cold front coming in today also that will hit you guys in a day or so I think.

    On the mouse eating books. I got good taste books, but I don't eat books. Now I may have ate some paste in school a thousand years ago, but I won't eat a good book.
    I have been busy working on projects getting stuff ready for the cold., wet winter that is predicted for us. I got quite a bit accomplished in the past weeks. I don't have too worry about 'shakes' coming off the roof, however I have too clean the 'salt' (from the Gulf of Mexico) off of my house.

    I would love too see what the "Shooting WW2, Small Arms would say about 'Mosin's.

    I got a big Mosin story for you.

    A friend of mine who owns a gun store got in a crate of mosin's the other day and the oldest mosin was a 1920, Hex receiver 'Dragoon' Tula manufacture with the 'Czarist' Double headed Eagle cartouche on the receiver. The "Eagle" was 'overstamped' by the Soviets.
    I think my friend will take the rifle apart and see when the barrel was originally made as a 'Dragon" by checking the date on the tang of the receiver. In 1920 the rifle was 'rebuilt' into the 9130. The stock is post WW2.

    the rifle was rebuilt during the Russian civil war (1920) that add's to the value. Also the 'Czarist's Double Headed Eagle" is visible, but 'stamped out" and of course the rifle is a "Dragoon"
    I plan to get another good look at the receiver on Tuesday and check for other cartouche's to see what else I can find as well as the original manufacture date. If the price is right, I may purchase the rifle. However, I already own two other Mosin's and the way things are falling apart and with Ebola, and everything else. Redirecting the money towards more useful pursuits like, more food, gear, etc. may be the better bet.

    1. Hey Harry,


      I almost forgot. I saw a picture online of a Mosin receiver that had a SA stamped into the right side of the receiver. That SA as I understand it was a 'Finnish capture" when the Russians had that small war with Finland. The rifle was 'recaptured' by the Russians and taken back into the inventory.
      I read that another 'recapture' Mosin Nagant went for $900 on Gunbroker a few years back. That's how valuable the 'recapture models' are to collectors.
      The Mosin Nagants are like artifacts. Its amazing to think about the people that have held those rifles through the years of war, famine, and through the era of aristrocrozy, and radical communist revolution.

  2. CC: The SA is a Finnish Army Property Mark. The Russians just put a small X on foreign firearms they captured, which is where the expression "capture mark" came from. There wouldn't have been any reason to do that on a Mosin Nagant because it would not have been a foreign weapon to them. However, guns are like coins and just about anything can turn up now and then.

  3. It has been pouring here too. I ran 10 miles in the rain yesterday and my shoes were still soaking wet when I got up this morning.
    I am also beginning winter preparations. I ordered some supplies on Amazon to prep some long term food storage. And I think this is the year we are going to bite the bullet and finally buy that generator I've been dreaming of getting for the past 16 years.

    1. Lisa, don't get sick out running in bad weather. A generator is nice to have. It gives you a lot of peace of mind, even if you don't actually wind up needing it.

  4. Harry,
    Can't you get the ferrets to eat things like raw chicken? Isn't that sort of there diet. I could imagine ferret kibble is full of soy for protein that causes tumors. I remember seeing them on T.V. on some pet guys show that said be careful with exposing your pet bird to your pet ferret, since they are part of their diet. I just looked up ferrets natural diet for the heck of it. It looks like they could have taken care of that mouse for you. hahaha.
    Your saving that mouse reminds me of when I was a teenager and a mouse was in our house. I found a coffee can and something for a lid. I thought I was being so nice. I was going to turn the cute little thing loose outside in the pasture. So I tried to shoo the little mouse into the can and it went running for my pant leg. I screamed, and my legs started stomping up and down all on there own. When they stopped, I was like "oh no!" as I stepped to the side and saw the little mouse was stomped into the carpet. I just use a regular mouse trap now.

    1. Kim,

      Ferrets used to eat meat, and I guess in Europe, where they are used to hunt rabbits, they still may.

      Domesticated ferrets in the U.S. almost all come from Marshall Ferrets. The kits imprint on whatever food you are feeding them once they are weaned and starting to eat hard food. Once they get on something, it's very difficult to get them off of it. The two I have now are used to eating "Kitten Chow" because the guy who had them fed them that. That's about all they will eat. When I had all seven of my ferrets, I had to feed three different kinds of food, depending on what each individual was used to.

      Although I will and I have, I don't like killing things and if I can get them off out of my area without harming them I will. I can understand how the incident with the mouse happened to you, that's a self defense mechanism.

      You can get a little plastic trap at Walmart that costs about three dollars. It has an entry way with a trap door. The mouse goes in, he gets trapped but not hurt. That's what I use.

      Good to hear from you again. I hope everything is going well for you there on the farm.

  5. Harry,

    Down here everything is the other way around from you, we get most of our big storms in spring and summer, in fact had a pretty good thunderstorm last night. It was pretty windy but thankfully no lightening strikes near the house this time, although I had to make a bolt for the car and I always feel a bit nervous out in the open with lightening around. Weather is a bit up and down this spring, it was 94 deg F on Sunday but after the storm it is only 65 deg F.

    I see there is a second case of Ebola in the US, I do hope you get this under control quickly.

    1. CDC is lying. I don't think they know how to control it. I don't think they know how many people are running around infected with it. Maybe it will be like "On the Beach" where the Australians are the last people left alive on earth, but the wind is slowly carrying it closer and closer! :-O

      Serve them right for not letting me immigrate to Australia when I applied in the early 1990's! ;-)

      Right now, the wind is howling outside. The atmospherics are terrible and even my satellite radio won't work. I like to watch lightening from way off, but when it gets so close you can smell that funky lightning smell after a blast, I'm headed for shelter!

  6. Been a rainy October in North Carolina.

    Let us know how you like Mr. Venturino's book.

  7. Russell, it's fixing to be a lot rainier. I am getting the first of a front coming through, and the radar shows it's a big one. It will pass over us here and head right for you folks.

    I've been waiting for that book for a long time. They kept delaying publication, but now it is finally out, unless of course Amazon is "having me on" to get me to order now.

  8. It's good you loaded up on animal feed. I couldn't imagine being snowed in when you live on a mountain. I know it happens, but it's got to suck.

    1. Well, I don't have to get out to go to work, so really, unless something health wise happens, it isn't too bad. It does play on you psychologically though, because you know you can't get out even if you want to. As long as I have everything I need for myself, my wife, and the animals we are ok. I just build a fire in the fireplace and she watches television or reads. I listen to the radio or fool around on the internet.

  9. Harry,

    It rained here for two days straight, I won't complain because we really need the rain.
    I hear you on being prepared, no one wants to have to fight getting through snow to go into town for food or hardware type stuff. I would rather be hunkering down and warm back at the house :-)

    We always make sure to have a good stash of food for the critters. To do this though we have to place the extra food in containers to prevent critters from getting at it.