Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rain, the Woods close in, and a new "prepper" movie.

Raining here for the third day.  The forest has turned green in a very short time, from barren to verdant. On the one hand, it's less sinister when it's fleshed out. On the other, the field of vision from the house is reduced from perhaps 30 feet into the tree line, to the tree line itself.

Electronic security devices are far less useful  now, although those on the sole access route to the mountain top aren't really effected. I suppose it's a trade off.  Motion detectors in the woods around the house become largely ineffective, but the density of the undergrowth makes the likelihood of anyone or anything approaching the buildings through the woods undetected virtually nil.

The dogs have not yet adjusted to the reduced sight distances and the increased noises from the woods. They bark and rush down to the tree line several times nightly now. As they adjust to it, that will taper off. It's tempting to go out and tell them to be quiet, but I don't want them to be hesitant about letting me know if something is out there.

"Something" includes mountain lions, bob cats, coyotes, black bear, wild hogs, and the red wolf. None of these animals are dangerous if you can keep them from getting right around the buildings. Woe betide anyone who walks up on them in the woods, or comes around the corner of the building and surprises them. Even the otherwise inoffensive red wolves could be a problem then. Get bitten and it's rabies shots for you, if nothing worse.

And then, there's always the two legged variety of predator. Those were virtually non existent here fifteen years ago.  Not so now.  Psychopaths haunting the Appalachian Trail,  Hispanic gangs plying their drug transactions in the national forest, random acts of extreme violence by mentally ill or drug inflicted individuals. Those are all part of the mix now.  Like trees going over in storm, there really isn't a lot you can do about any of it, other than be aware the potential for trouble exists.

This movie was released on 4 April. It hasn't shown up in local theaters here, which comes as no surprise. I don't know much about it, except it seems to be one of those films you either love or hate, with no in between.  I can say, though, that the reviewers are all calling this a film for "preppers" and "off grid enthusiasts", rather than a survival film.

A typical review of "Goodbye World"


  1. There was a time while I lived in the north woods, I could walk in the surrounding forest with nary a problem except to keep an eye out for the occasional black bear or gray wolf. I spent many hours alone in the pine woods picking blueberries while keeping an eye out for bear. Never did see one then. I'm not so sure that it would be wise to continue that practice these days. The area where I lived was maybe 300 miles from the city. My brother told me several years ago that Minneapolis had moved that far north even then. The same dealers, users and crazies that you deal with more than likely have cousins in my state.

    I have never shushed dogs who let me know if someone was approaching. I'm thinking strongly about getting another one, depending on my health issues. Only this time perhaps something bigger than my little ankle biters. I miss having dogs.

    Sometimes I think that living here in the city I have a better chance of detecting trouble coming my way. Most folks don't even know that people live on the second floor of my building. And I can see and hear them coming fairly easily. The down side is that there are more crazies concentrated in a small area. That is never a good thing.

  2. Vicki,
    Like you, when I was younger I used to trek all over the national forest. There were places so remote that I thought perhaps no one had ever been there before, or at the very least, no one since the Cherokee. I never really worried about the animals though I knew they were there. I always had good dogs, and I always kept in mind that surprising animals, especially wild hogs, was a really bad idea.

    When my son was old enough to go with me, we explored out even further. Those were good times. Now, I don't go out into the deep woods. I'd have to go alone, physically it's very difficult, with my knees and hips, to go up slope and down slope. And there's so much more chance of running into bad actors than there used to be. There have been some hideous incidents up along the trail in my part of the county and I'd no more go out on that trail unarmed these days than I'd fly to the moon.

    The dogs irritate me with all that deep barking, but I have to remind myself that if I shut them up, they won't sound off when it's really important. I have always had a dog pack, only have two now and really I need to go to the animal shelter and get a few more. I usually get my dogs when people dump them off in the woods and they come here to live.

    A little dog is a good town dog, because they will alert you to someone trying to get in but are easier to maintain logistically. You need some form of protection though once the dog has warned you. A gun is best, at least for me, but a baseball bat would work out in a pinch. Better than nothing.

    I'm not sure why, but the incidence of violence perpetrated by mentally ill people or drug addicts has gone up exponentially in North Georgia over the last few years. It isn't people moving here, since they are mostly retired Floridians. I think, if someone pinned me down on it, I would say it's the two four lane roads that were built coming up from Atlanta to North Georgia. Prior to those, it was a difficult and arduous drive up from the city. Now anyone with a vehicle can be here in two hours. As a harbinger of things to come, on the day the four lane was opened for use into this county, some Atlanta inner city gang bangers drove up, based down the door of the town pharmacy with sledge hammers, and looted it.

    The number of home invasions and unsolved murders up here is increasing, where as that kind of thing used to be unheard of. Someone asked my recently, when I was further South in the flatlands, why my county had so much violence. I really didn't have an answer.

    1. I have to walk a fine line between having a dog who will bark to alert or a dog who barks just for the fun of it and annoys the neighbors. The ones who will bark only when they are supposed to are few and far between. But I think it is a good idea for me to have that extra protection, or at the very least, that barking early warning system. I don't own a baseball bat, but do have a shotgun within easy reach.
      Daddy raised no fools, with the possible exception of my sister. :)

      There has always been crime in the inner city here. It has gotten worse in the past few years. Listened to the scanner for Minneapolis last evening. There was a naked guy in a restaurant, high on drugs, who refused to leave. There was a gang of teens, estimated about 60 of them, prowling the streets and harassing folks. There were several reported drug deals going on. There was a guy on a bicycle riding up and down the residential alleys checking for unlocked garage doors. There was a group of maybe a dozen young people fighting. There were several calls for groups who were fighting. And I don't remember how many intoxicated individuals were causing trouble and got hauled away. And that isn't even counting the number of domestic violence calls that came in, which included a possible stabbing and several beatings with various objects. This was all within a couple of hours.

      People here are just crazy. I don't know whether it is the widespread use of drugs or if the cold winters just freeze brain cells. So far it is pretty quiet in my little corner of the world, with an occasional drunk to deal with or a couple fighting with one another or the usual traffic stops. But I think it is just a matter of time before the City reaches us. I wish I could move.

    2. It must be very unnerving to live in that environment. The access of the "teaming underbelly " folks right up to your building would give me hives. I know from your posts in the past you have had a lot of issues with people fighting and such right around your building. I'm glad you have a shotgun, that's way better than a ball bat. The trouble with ball bats, swords, and all the other paraphernalia that people who don't have guns try to get by with, is that the bad guy may have a gun. And even if he doesn't , to use all that stuff you have to be up close and personal. I watched a show on British survivalists and I saw them practicing with tiny little crossbows for self defense. Pathetic, but it's all their nanny government allows them.

      Minneapolis is particularly plagued with Somali street gangs. I know some years back a particularly moronic religious group imported hundreds of Somalis so they could "enjoy a good life" and brother, have they. They've taken over vast swaths of the city, and run the drug, prostitution, protection, home invasion, et al rackets. There's a video on you tube of a group of them walking down a street in broad daylight, beating up anyone that crossed their path. Old people, kids, white, black, men ,women it didn't make a damn. They even chased two little black kids getting off a school bus. They brought along a video camera and filmed the whole episode. Sickening.

      You're a brave soul. I think I'd be so nervous I'd have a heart attack in that environment, but you live there calmly and it doesn't seem to bother you one iota.

    3. Harry:
      We are lucky we have not had any serious threats personally but couple years ago some friends of ours just down the street from us were visited by a drugged out nut job who got the wrong house when seeking to collect on a drug debt. Had the cops not showed up just as he kicked in the front door my friend would have been forced to let rip on him with the 357. The neighbor behind me is a former nurse with a crack habit and an arm long arrest record for OUI and drugs who has caused us all a lot of anguish and discontent with her chaotic behavior. We live in what is a 1930s built blue collar bedroom community to Portland and are one block off the Rt-1 corridor to that city. So we do get a lot of seedy characters making their way in to town and the police is kept quite busy with the scum that makes their way north from Boston and NY driving shipments of drugs for dealers up here.
      A few years back Catholic charities for some reason saw it fit to bring some "diversity" to our little piece of Siberia in the form of desert dwelling Ethiopian and Somali "christian" refugees supposedly fleeing persecution in their native muslim lands. Strangely enough they are all practicing muslims today. Go figure! They would not have lied on their application forms now would they? Many of the youth have adopted the gang banger costumes and behavior, making no other effort to assimilate and are often featured prominently on the police blotter for crimes of all ilk. Another reason to leave here and find a place with a bit more elbow room.

    4. You sure get some lousy neighbors. I have been waiting to hear any time that you had to blow that arschlock across the street from you away. Maybe he died of a heart attack or something, I hope so. This ex-nurse sounds like a waste of air, too.

      I will never, ever understand why the churches feel compelled to spend so much time and treasure over seas. Aren't there enough homeless, needy people in the United States who could use the help. Why import Somali "gangstas" or Ethiopian thugs? But they do it consistently. The same type of towel wringers put up "watering stations" in the desert on the Southern border to assist illegals in getting into this country. They make decisions that all of us have to live with the consequences of, and don't agree with. I know somebody who was down on the border with a citizens patrol and found a huge cache of water and food out in the desert, with instructions on how to sneak into the nearest town and then on North.

      Even if you find a good rural retreat, you'll probably still have to deal with all this crime and illegal immigration. We certainly do here and when I came here in 1986 I would never have dreamed it would come to this. But I didn't reckon with big business needing cheap, malleable labor in the chicken plants or Democrats needing illegal voters.

    5. m silvius,
      those moslems probably murdered the Christians and used their papers and passports.
      it may all be part of the plan. who knows?

  3. I have mixed feelings about these movies. On the one hand, they do bring awareness. On the other, Hollywood's representation of truth is off the wall and everyone knows it. IOW, I wonder if they don't render real issues as hyped for entertainment value. I'm not saying that's the case, but I don't trust much of anything they put out.

    Everything definitely seems less safe these days. It's as though deep in their bones everyone knows something is going to happen.

    1. I look at disaster movies as purely being entertainment. I am trying hard, but I can't think of one I ever really learned anything from. I think they do some good though, in that some people, watching them, might be given the incentive to do a little thinking. Even in California, where you would expect everyone to be well prepared for "The Big One", statistics indicate that most people don't even have three days worth of food and water, nor any medical or survival supplies of any kind. I have a video around my place somewhere, an old VHS tape, of the Director of Emergency Preparedness pleading with people to just be able to take care of themselves for three days. At the end of his segment, he tells an interviewer that he has little hope anyone will listen.

      Things are less safe. There are so many problems that weren't major issues even twenty years ago, and none of them seem to have positive solutions. It's as if we were all in a canoe, being carried by the rapids to the waterfall. Everybody knows it's coming, but nobody knows what to do about it.

  4. I have not heard of that movie. I went to a prepper festival yesterday - it was okay but pretty small (I may blog about it in the future). I did exchange cards with a guy who is releasing a documentary this summer. It sounded really interesting, and I thought perhaps he'd be interested in a blog review once it comes out.
    Pouring rain here today. Reid's lacrosse match got cancelled.

    1. I'd enjoy going to a prepper festival. They have big shows in Raleigh ever so often, perhaps the wife and I will take a little trip to visit one. Chattanooga has them sometimes too. I'd be very interested in seeing his documentary and reading your review , let me know when either come out.

      Shortly after I put this post up earlier today, it rained so hard here that I had to run the sump pump in my pump room. I don't think I have ever seen so much water come down so fast. It overflowed all my water diversion ditches up slope and came right on down to the buildings. No flooding though, it just washed around the foundations.

      Sorry the lacrosse match got rained out. I know he enjoys those. But I am sure they will reschedule it .

  5. You're right about the four-lanes. I was the same here, especially for those living very close to them.

    1. So much changed when those roads were built. Most of the little mountain towns, which had been farming communities, turned into tourist meccas with all the fast food joints, motels, bed and breakfast places, etc. With the influx of people came the druggies, the mentally ill, the Hispanic gangs, and the outright mark one mod five criminals of every stripe. I live way out in the sticks, so it's not as bad for me as those in town, but it's bad enough.

    2. harry,
      what is 'mark one mod five'? thanks

    3. It's a sardonic military term that references an object or situation that is standardized beyond redemption, ossified.

  6. Drugs are on the increase here, too, Home burglaries to feed their habits, too. We don't leave the house unlocked anymore or the keys in the truck, either. Luckily, most everybody here is well armed and the scumbags know it. . We don't hike the trails unarmed anymore. We do not have a dog but have to rely on our electronic devices. (we have watch cats, lol). Violent TV shows and games, poisoned food and water. Food that isn't. No respect for anything. A civilized society that is descending into chaos and everyone too busy texting to care. And a govt that is fanning the flames.

    1. I'd say that was an eloquent synopsis of how things are. I watched a news segment on Al Jazeera that gloatingly reported on the social fragmentation going on in the United States today. Al Jazeera is poisonously critical of the United States, but they have the best news reporting on the air if you can filter through the anti-American propaganda. When they start harping on this issue, you know we are in real trouble.

      I think most people know what's wrong and could fix it if they had the power, but the current federal government takes diametrically opposed positions. That's because the maintenance of our culture isn't what they care about, only the continuance of their grip on power.

    2. personally, i think the misnamed federal department of 'education' is at the root of much of this chaos.
      when you teach 'situational ethics' ,and free sex and illegal and disease causing sexual practices among other filth, you know what the result is going to be.
      a man i know was working in a public school as a janitor. during lunch he went to the library and picked up a magazine. it had shocking content.
      he pointed this out to the librarian.
      she was embarrassed and apologetic but told him the rule was that for every view there must be an opposing view to create 'balance'.
      he said, ' you mean for every bite of wholesome food there must be a bite of poison.'
      this was several decades ago so you can guess how much more filthy it is now.

      the gov't. is fanning the flames because they started the fire.
      this is just one front of assault but probably the most effective one.
      lenin said something about 'give me the children' and in one generation there will be great change.
      also, children are vulnerable due to immaturity and lack of experience.
      we homeschooled in a state with onerous homeschooling laws. to which we paid no attention. stop attending to 'illegal laws', people!
      someone once said 'is there a school holiday?' when my daughter was out with me.
      i answered, 'she's privately educated.'.
      it was immediately assumed that she was in a school which had a day off not available to the public school.
      of course, i let that remain in the interrogator's mind.

      if people sit on their hands while governments claim 'rights' to their children then it should be no surprise--although i am surprised-- when they sit on their hands while the Constitution is violently raped every day, when the rights to the water that falls on their roofs and on their land is claimed by the government , when their God given right to self protection is stripped away, if people do nothing about these egregious intrusions then all is lost.
      get ready to live in the '1984' of george orwell.
      preparing to ride out the coming mess may get you nowhere--ask the ukrainian peasants who died millions at a time when josef stalin took everything away in one fell swoop.
      preparing will only get you so far if the foundation of the entire nation has become the shifting sand that it is today.
      whoever is a believer, pray hard!

      if any of you are so-minded, try to be elected to town council or county commission but be sure to study carefully before you do. know the political climate and know you stuff about zoning, water treatment and other necessities .
      sorry to go on so long, harry.
      if i still had the fire all this would make my blood boil.
      as it is, it just gives me a stomach ache!

    3. No harm in saying what you think. Everyone with their eyes open is frustrated and worried right now. With good reason.

  7. We saw the movie, it was interesting. I can't say it would be accurate, for who knows what accurate will really be, but it shows the mistakes that people will make, even if very prepared. I don't think that was the message but that's what I saw with it. You can stream it on Netflix if you can stream.

    1. Alas, I can't because my internet connection is very slow. I live way out on the end of the line, so to speak, and the connection to my house is over the telephone line. It isn't dial up, but it is not very effective.

      I thought the movie was just released on 4 April but obviously I was wrong since lots of people have seen it and some of them are folks who don't go to theaters. But that's good news, as it means it will be available on DVD before long.

      I know you are right about people making mistakes. Seems like about once a month I think of a way I could have designed this place to be more efficient and more easily maintained, but it's too late now. About all I can do is design work around's to ameliorate my earlier errors.

    2. harry, sorry to be so garrulous today--must be the phase of the moon.
      write about what you would do differently. lots of people are starting out in this venture and might be able to pick up a useful tip or two.

    3. I have touched on that in a peripheral fashion in other posts. Nobody likes to fess up to their mistakes, but I made most of them over thirty years ago.

    4. i agree with deborah about writing what you did and what you would do differently. there are tons of folks out there just starting out and they could really learn some good stuff from you. everything any of us knows comes from the mistakes of others and for jam and me - people like you sharing your knowledge when we were just beginning our journey was like saving a million bucks!

    5. I guess I could do a post on decisions I made setting this place up that I later came to regret. I confess it wouldn't be much fun though.

  8. We saw the movie, and watched, it on Netflix about six months ago. Good premise, good start, but falls apart very quickly the closer it gets to the end.

    1. Is it the movie about people who live off grid in Northern California and there's an EMP event, so their friends show up at their place?

    2. yes but K is right, the ending was not very good.

    3. Well, I guess I will get a copy on DVD but not expect too much. No one so far thought it was very good.

  9. Hey Harry,


    Its a real shame your forest has turned into a ghetto.

    One of the beaches down here it has turned into a "Mexican Beach" complete with gang bangers, drunks, thefts, etc. Another thing that's interesting too is an area I call "Suicide beach"
    There are several suicide successful and unsuccessful attempts a year at this picturesque location.
    I guess those attempting Hari' Kari' figure its nice last image took look at before they 'check out'

    Bad things about the beach never get reported on TV or newspapers because theres a news blackout on bad news as not to scare off the tourist dollars.

    The beach goers like myself take weapons to the beach, usually pistols that are legal and concealed because of the druggies.
    A few years back after surfing, I watched as some non surfing beach goer 'flip out on bath salts'
    Actually all the surfers (about sixty surfers) watched as the "Bath Salts Bandit" as we coined him, flip out and attempt to fight two police officers.

    I ain't big on the legalization of weed and I sure as hell don't smoke it or do drugs myself, but I ain't never seen anyone flip out and become violent on weed. Some poor bastards are better off sticking to pot.

    On that survival movie that takes place California. I really cant it too seriously. "The Road, Rover and a few others are much more realistic and deal with realistic broke down people and not a bunch of pretty, Hollywood, California Yuppie trash.
    After viewing that preview any bad guys worth there salt can take that compound probably without firing a shot.
    Any Mutant, Zombie biker gangs would execute the men and take the pretty women (a common practice throughout history) and make them camp whores.

    On that side note that's something that has to be discussed is protecting the women and children from sexual predators when law and order break down. I hear too many women say "Im afraid of guns. I don't like guns, blah blah blah. I hear mothers say, I don't want my kids shooting guns, etc.

    I guess many women refuse to look at history and learn what could happen to them and their children. I guess if a they think during a break down of law and order, equal rights, equality and chivalry will still exist.

    I would argue that those concepts will be the first to go in a collapse of somesort.

    Lets examine Islam for a moment. In Jihad, its legal under Islamic law to take the women and children as property and a man Jihadist can do as whatever he wants with them. It is also legal under Islamic law to take slaves and make the women and children slaves and sell them to other muslems.

    I had to use that religion (Islam) as an example of what can happen and what has happen and is still is happing to this day.
    I will be fair and say other religeons throughout history have done the same things but currently, the religion of peace and tolerance (Islam) is responsible for a lot of really bad shit.

    I know I digressed from the subject, but after watching the preview for that movie and looking at those women and thinking that if they did not "kit up" and train and adopt a survivors mindset. The women will all will be reduced to a 'miserable existance' that has been repeated countless times throughout human history.

    1. CC, I can't think of any caveats or adjustments I would make to your comment. As far as I believe, you are spot on. I think the higher up the socio-economic scale people are, the further isolated from reality they are. Those are the folks who tend to want to sing Kumbaya and beat the flower drums when they are threatened. They just don't understand what's really out there. That's also true sometimes when people have never been outside the U.S. and seen the Third World for themselves. That's why they think people are alike everywhere, but nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, some folks are perceptive enough to realize that though they have never seen it first hand, but many are not.

      Seems like everyone has seen this movie but me, and I never heard of it until I was just scanning for articles and accidentally found it.

    2. tis I, big chief pain-in-the-bum.
      c.c. there is no real local news here in youngstown, either, not to mention the lack of national and international news.
      we see things in our neighborhood and it will never be mentioned on the 'news'. we have quit watching it. ten minutes of sports, fifteen minutes of commercials and the weather with a few bits of 'news' thrown in.
      i just get the weather off the internet and i am done.
      harry is right. watch al jazeera with filters on and you will get some actual news.

    3. I don't think CC watches television.

  10. Harry,

    As the economy gets worse, we expect more crime. Being prepared with your own security is essential across the board. Having an alert system is just one great way to be prepared. The criminal element may feel it's easier to target people who live further out because law enforcement is not readily available. I believe those who feel this way are in for a rude awakening.

    1. Sandy, one thing that used to be in our favor out here was that there were few strangers, and the ones that did come through rarely if ever ventured off the paved roads. But with the Hispanics taking over the meth trade, and using the four lanes to transport drugs north, that has changed. Now being isolated is no guarantee they won't come up your driveway looking for a place to build a "cook shack" or to establish a place to do business.

      I have an advantage to counter that though, in that no one can get up here without destroying my gate and taking down some other features, which in my mind (and legally, in Georgia) establishes that they were up to no good. That allows me to take whatever preventive measures I deem necessary to defend myself and my property. Rude awakening is a tactful way to describe what intruders could expect up here.

    2. Harry,

      My husband and I watched the movie on NetFlix. After 20 minutes of poor acting we had to fast forward to the action. The last 20 minutes of the movie was okay. I can see why the movie didn't make it to the theaters.

      I'm all for security, and rude awakenings when it comes to trespassers and intruders.

    3. Sandy, I want to see it but I don't expect much. Everyone who has seen it already said pretty much what you did.

  11. I dropped by to say hi. I'm saddened by the presence of those two legged undesirables. Such a shame country living as well as cities are spoilt. It's the same near me in the UK.

    1. Anna, given that 80% of Americans live in cities, you would think that most of the undesirables would be found there. But it seems like we have more than our share, though they are "just passing through" and not usually residents. In my county we still practice banning. If a person causes enough trouble, they can be prohibited from residing, working, or transiting the county. It's rare, because usually that kind of individual does something heinous enough to go to prison. But it's a last resort for the inveterate problem maker.

      I'm always kidding Kev, an English farmer, about how the English laws seem to work in favor of the criminals and prevent good people from defending themselves, but I like the English. I was stationed in Europe for several years in the 1980's and always enjoyed the sojourns there at Christmas time.

  12. Have the other wild animals ever killed any of your pets?

    It's been raining here all weekend. We were so bummed. It was gloomy, pouring and we wanted to get garden work done.

    1. This weekend was pretty dreadful here, but today is beautiful. It's cool, low humidity, and a nice breeze blowing through the trees.

      What generally happens when I lose an animal here is that they just disappear. I never really know what happened to them in most cases. I know a rattlesnake killed one of my cats once, I lose chickens to predators fairly often. I've had bears come right up to the house and come on the porch to eat the dog food, and I've seen red wolves in my meadow. I saw a mountain lion once, back when Georgia told people who saw mountain lions that they were seeing dogs because there were no mountain lions. I get along with the animals here because I give the wild ones a wide berth.

    2. harry,
      there are plenty of eastern mountain lions. i have seen them and their spoor when we lived in pennsylvania.
      the forest service, the damned idiots, say they are extinct and began importing the violent and large and unafraid western cougar into the east.
      at least one person i know of and her dogs were killed by one.
      the ranger told her relatives there were no cougars but that there was a fine if they killed it!!
      they tracked it and they killed it.
      God knows if they can crossbreed with the eastern cougar or if they will kill them all and then they will be extinct.
      then the big ones will take over.
      don't know if the idiots at the forest service are still doing this. i hope not, but watch yourself. any cougar you see might not be our shy, retiring native animal. of course you are always armed, but they are murder machines and huge.

    3. I keep my eyes open. I'd never hurt an animal except under the most dire circumstances. I hope it never comes to that.

  13. Hey Harry,


    This I strongly (and I mean strongly) I recommend you watch Harry.

    Jeff "Skunk" Baxter - The Revolution in Intelligence

    copy and paste that above line on Youtube and watch the hour long lecture.

    I pride myself on thinking outside the box, but this guys friggin brilliant!

    I only watched the first 30 minutes. I will watch the rest later.

    1. An hour long lecture? Ugh. I'll give it a look though.

    2. Hey Harry,


      I finished the other 15 minutes. The rest is question and answers from the audience.
      Its only about 45 minutes in length.

      The interesting part is on 'asymtrmetrical warfare and how this guy was war gaming against American forces (he was on the Iran/Iraq team tasked with removing the U.S. team from the Persian Gulf)

      He did a real cold blooded thing that was a 'brilliant move' to effect the moral of the American forces. It was unethical as hell, but pure psychological warfare genious.

      When fighting a battle as the 'old saying goes' our military fights like they fight the last war and those days are over with.

      If your gonna fight IsIs and other Islamics you have to ruthless, unorthodox and have the entire chain of command "think outside the box' and be willing to totally destroy the enemy. Now rules of engagement, no imaginary lines and no chickenshit rules from upper command levels and no involvement from politicians in D.C.

      Hell' If I was in command I would videotape mass executions of IsIs pow's and stick it on youtube and instill fear in the hearts of those wanting join their cowardly Jihad.

    3. Hum. I'm not sure how that would work out but it worked ok for Genghis Khan so who knows?

  14. Iam glad i dont read this post before bed time:) i thought here is dangarouse and scarry but i see that there are more places that are too.

    1. It's really nice here, Yael. There are lots of wild animals, but I enjoy them being around and I'm careful not to surprise them or aggravate them. Usually they just want to be left alone.

      The human beings really are scary, and I am not so sure that my remote location is all the protection I really need as I was some years ago. But I take precautions and so far I have been alright.