Thursday, May 14, 2015

Heavily overcast, windy, humidity at 56 percent.

  Nice day for a hike here.  Not too humid. Later, the humidity under the tree canopy will hover in the 90 percent range, and walking under there when it's 100 degrees F or better will become a chore.

I meandered down the mountain to the mailbox, and got a few catalogs, some bills, and a new issue of American Survival Guide.  It took me awhile to get down there, and even longer to get back. I guess I'll start packing a lunch when I go to the mailbox, and make a day trip out of it. Just a "bon mot" but it sometimes feels that way.

I accomplished nothing today.  Nothing yet, anyway.  I do have a bank statement to ponder and reconcile, and once I've done that, I'm through for today. Nothing on television so I will probably read tonight.

My daughter sent me some pictures of the apartment where she and my son live, up North. They have a nice apartment right on a lake, and can feed the ducks and geese from the porch.

Like Kamyria , my daughter is raising a foundling squirrel.  I wanted to have him named "Squirrel Nutkin"  but  my daughter is not a Beatrix Potter fan.  It's a shame, because my wife bought her the entire Beatrix Potter collection when we were in Paris, long before she was even born.  Oh, well. Different generations.

This squirrel was found by somebody or other, who initially took it to a state animal rescue facility. But they wouldn't accept it, saying that returning a human raised squirrel to the wild is virtually impossible, so it would be "better' to "let nature take it's course" which I imagine means dumping the foundling off to die.

So the person who found it, brought it to Elizabeth. She has raised exotic lizards, toads, cats, dogs, and cared for many other animals who were in need. I got my first ferret that way, and I now have Silky Chickens acquired in the same manner.

My daughter is successfully raising this guy, with some rather reluctant help from my son, who has less interest in animals but is good natured enough to be dragooned into my daughter's adventures.

I know squirrels can be raised as pets, because when I was a very little boy, my dad was a high school football  coach in South Georgia.  One of his players brought him a baby squirrel he found, and my mom raised it .That squirrel lived with us for years and was a great little guy. That was probably more than fifty years ago but I remember him well.

This is an addendum to today's post.  I got an email from Google, part of which I am putting below:

Don't recognize this activity?
Review your recently used devices now.

Why are we sending this? We take security very seriously and we want to keep you in the loop on important actions in your account.
We were unable to determine whether you have used this browser or device with your account before. This can happen when you sign in for the first time on a new computer, phone or browser, when you use your browser's incognito or private browsing mode or clear your cookies, or when somebody else is accessing your account.
Sincerely yours,
The Google Accounts team
I checked, and it said somebody was logging on to my email account using an I Pad.  I don't have one, and wasn't on line at the time they specified.  I have no idea if this is some tech glitch, or much ado about nothing. I went through all the hoops and wickets that Google specified (assuming, of course, that this actually was Google) and changed my password. Even so, if anyone gets any bizarre email allegedly from me, I'd appreciate knowing about it.


  1. I got a similar notice on my Gmail account but it was actually me as my laptop video card went TU and it is off being repaired, so I am using and older slower desk top that Mr Google did not recognize. I'd be careful with an email like that if you know it was not you accessing your account. Do not click on any links the email provides. Its PITA but a change of your passwords on your accounts is usually a safe bet. Unless you have a virus or you followed a link provided by the email and someone is monitoring your keys strokes or fishing.

  2. I don't have an Ipad, and wasn't on line at the time the alleged incursion into my account occurred. If this was a phishing scam, somebody went to an awful lot of trouble to get access to the Harry Flashman account. I went through the cell phone verification code routine, and changed the password once using the screen that came with the email, and a second time using the google web page. If I screwed up, I should know it soon. The latter suggestion in your comment is the issue that has me concerned. I just ran a security scan on my lap top and came up with no issues. I'm just going to hope it's some technical glitch at google, but as I say, if someone actually got my account they'll probaby send ugly emails to my address book (as happened to my brother once) or they'll delete the blog, some such thing.

    1. Yes you would think it is a lot of effort for nothing. And if they put as much effort in to an honest living they might actually be successful at an honest living. But most of the ones doing this originate in third world crap holes, typically Balkan or Eastern European/ ex Soviet that have a long tradition of ripping others off and see no problem in doing so. They send out millions of emails and if only 1 or 2% of their target audience falls for it they can make big money by reselling the account info they gather for others to actually do the pilfering of your Paypal and CC accounts. What they do is set up a spoof site that looks just like the real thing. They provide links to it that look nearly identical to the real thing varying only by a space or a period somewhere. Then via a worrisome email they get you to click on the link and re-key your pass word and other pertinent account info and they have you. NEVER FOLLOW LINKS PROVIDED BY AN EMAIL. If you suspect something close the email and go to the site via your own bookmarks and sort things out from there.

    2. I installed a commercial anti-virus program this morning and am running the first scan now. I do use Windows Defender but I don't put a lot of faith in it.

      Phishing on credit cards, etc I can detect. I get a Phishing email on USAA ever so often and dutifully send it to their fraud detection department.

      But I've never had anything come up before from Google telling me someone had accessed my account, so that was a little disconcerting.

  3. Hey Harry,


    'For that long walk to the mailbox Harry, I would just fire up that wonderful old diesel and make it a happy drive to the mailbox and back again. I would just let the diesel warm up quite a bit before I would drive such a short distance.

    The power went out for the greater part of the day down here in my area 'Harry.

    I ran many items in the house off of the generator yesterday. Got some practice time in case of a hurricane.
    Lots and lots of rain yesterday and lots of wind blew down power lines.

    No damage to the house. House rated for hurricanes at 120 MPH wind or more.

    One of my neighbors had to refuel his diesel truck yesterday and water seeped into the tanks at the store he refueled at and he unknowingly pumped in 30 gallons of water into the tank of his Dodge Diesel. That cost him six injectors, fuel lines, lift pump, etc, etc.
    He went back to the store where he got the gas and a 'man of muslim decent' owned the gas station and of course denied liability.
    My neighbor got a police report and was able to get a receipt off his credit card company and summited a claim to his insurance company so things should work out for him.

    1. Well, that's not a way to have a good day. Didn't the guy have a water warning light in his truck, or did it just come on too late?

      I need the exercise, so I am walking down there partially to get the mail, and partially for the walk.

      I need to fire up my generator and run it. I haven't done that in awhile.

    2. Hey Harry,


      'Water warning light on his truck'

      I gotta look into that one. Not sure if his truck has one???

      If don't mind me throwing my two cents in worth, but I would run that genny maybe once a month of so. Keep the fluids moving.

      I would love to own a generator that could power the entire house (AC, heat, hot water heater, washing machine and a few lights) mind you not all at the same time. I would be happy with one major system running at a time.
      A generator like that would be an expensive proposition.

  4. That is one cute cheeky squirrel! Your kids are like you and take good care of animals.

    I am not getting much time to blog at the moment, but I keep trying to catch up with my favourites. Hubby is away for a couple of days working so I get to do a blog post and catch up on what has been happening with some of my friends.

    Hubby is doing up a 1914 303 rifle( Please forgive me if I don't say that right as I know nothing about guns and rifles). He joined a group on facebook and has made friends with a few people from different parts of the world. He is after bits and pieces for his rifle as it has special meaning to him because it belonged to his grandfather. So far someone from Canada has parts he can buy. A good thing is this internet.

    Hope you are keeping well and enjoying warmer weather. The days here are drawing in and the nights are getting colder.

    Take care,

    1. Tania, it's so nice to hear from you. I know you stay really busy and don't have a lot of time for blogging. When I am talking to people about gardening (of which I know little) I always use you, Kymber and Kev as examples of what people can do in that regard.

      I know the Enfield MK 111 well and own several examples including some made in Lithgow there in Australia. If your husband needs help locating parts let me know and I will help find them. I do some restoration work on old bolt guns and know a lot of people in that hobby.

    2. I wish I wasn't so busy sometimes as I enjoy blogging, and I am gradually losing touch with friends on here...

      Thank you so much for your offer Harry, I thought you would know the rifle by my description. Hubby is home now and said that Lee Enfield MK 111 is the one he has. We will keep you in mind should he want any help.

      Have a lovely weekend,

    3. No problem, Tania. I can get most parts for that rifle, just let me know if he needs any help.

  5. I loved the Beatrix Potter books growing up. Whenever my Mom would take us kids to the library, all I wanted to get were some Beatrix books. I loved how small they were. Now when I see one at a thrift store I can't help but buy it. I plan to eventually have the whole set, but right now only have about 6.

    We raised a baby blue jay one time that had fallen out of its nest. My mom named him BJ. Really creative right? He LOVED to pound plastic beads into the carpet. We put him outside everyday, letting him out loose for a while everyday. One day he came back with a broken leg. My mom mended it with a piece of Popsicle stick, and after he healed up we let him be a free bird.


    1. I like the stories and the illustrations. We searched all over Paris to find the complete set in French. My wife speaks fluent French, went to college at the University of Tours before going to Southern Miss, and she was determined our child would learn French as well.

      My daughter has rescued everything from bearded lizards to a horse. I never know what she will call and say she needs a home for next.

  6. Ahh Beatrix Potter....we had a gopher [Richardson's Ground Squirrel] we called Squirrel Nutkin when we were children. No squirrels where we lived. Wonderful books!

    1. Gopher Nutkin! It has charm. Where did you grow up Fiona? I thought squirrels were ubiquitous on the continent. ;-)

  7. My FB friend, Linda, and her husband are currently raising a baby squirrel that latched onto them- literally. It ran up the outside of his pant legs. The husband took it off and set it down but it ran up him again. It ran after them as they walked into their house so it must have lost its mom and imprinted on them. They have now built a huge play cage for it so it can jump and climb. It rides around on their shoulders and sleeps in their pockets. I just love getting the posts about little Spunky! It chatters in such a cute way. My friend called me and let me listen to Spunky for awhile. I hope your daughter has as much fun as they are.

    1. Squirrels are a lot of fun, and make good pets. I' m sure my daughter's will work out well, since she has raised babies from species a lot more difficult to care for than squirrels. Some of them wind up her with us if they require a lot of room or are too big for an apartment.