“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Holiday Weekend.

Supposed to be hot and humid down here, with thunderstorms every evening, starting tonight. I just looked outside and it seems to be clouding up, and getting warmer. I'm not going to see the fireworks in town, so it won't impact on me.

The Department of Homeland Security is warning of ISIL attacks, as occurred in France and at a tourist beach in Tunisia earlier in the week.  They say they have no actionable intelligence but the threat is there. We all already knew that. But this way, if nothing happens they can say they told us so, and if something does happen they can say they warned us.

I have no plans to do anything in particular for the next few days.  Probably read some, and listen to the shortwave.  Here are some DX frequencies you might pick something up on at night.

7.159 khz   LSB,  2225 Eastern.  A ham operator running a net from Barcelona, Spain. People from Yokahama, Arizona, Norway checked in while I listened. Good reception and good English.

4840 khz 2200 Eastern.  Conservative Talk Radio. 3X.  I didn't listen long enough to get a station identifier.

6.604 khz, USB, NY flight weather radio.  4X

9261 khz. AM. 5X. Some kind of financial advisory program. Didn't get a station identifier.

Religious broadcasts on 3215 khz, 5053 khz, 5830 khz, 5888 khz, 5937 khz.  5924 khz, 6090 khz, 7318 khz, 7390 khz, 7460 khz.  All hours of the night.

11800 khz Radio Romania English broadcast. 2300 eastern. 3X

9790 khz, 2305 eastern, Radio Beijing. English, 2X


  1. Harry, on the religious broadcasts, has the fire and brimestone, end times "teachings" still about the same or has it ramped up to an even higher degree than usual?

    1. About the same except for one elderly fellow who was really going to town. He really needed a tent rather than a radio. I expect he could really put on a show. They'd be speaking in tongues and writhing on the ground everywhere.

  2. Hey Harry.



    I was almost done with a good comment and I was trying to check the spelling of the word 'misanthrope' and I lost the comment I was going to make. Next time if I have multiple misspellings, its because I will be spell checking less. I am not concerned about misspellings as I am concerned about content and the structure of the message that I am trying to get across.

    this is the gist if what I wrote.

    I am staying off the beaches and off the roads. Everythings going to be clogged up like a public toilet in Northern Mexico.

    The idiots keep letting radicals in the country and some 'psycho for sharia' will be going 'Coo Coo for Cocoa Puff's'

    Allah' forbid, there be women in Bikini's eating bacon, drinking beer and driving cars.

    I may hang a Pirate flag on my house on Fourth of July instead of the American flag (I will explain why another time)

    I gotta get something to eat and get some crap done. I hate holidays. I also don't like being around a lot of people. Not that I hate people. I just don't want to smell them on the beach. Suntan lotion, beer and marijuana smoke. I also really dislike seeing really, big fat people that are all tattooed up. I mean they look like walking billboards (sarcasm) Hell' I even think the Sharks wont even take a bite.

    I may go to the range on the fourth of july. That would be a good place to go.

    1. Well if you go to the beach maybe you will see some Mexicans get eaten by sharks. But then again maybe sharks don't like greasy food.......

    2. Hey Harry,


      That was so bad it was good. I busted up laughing.

      'Just to be fair. We got lots of 'White Trailer Trash People" that live off of Meth down here. I can only imagine what a would happen to a Shark if it ate white trash, meth addict.

      I'm an equal opportunity misanthrope.

    3. I think sharks must think white people taste like chicken, because they have sure been gobbling the white folks up this week.

  3. Hey Harry,


    Seems you ain't the only displeased with Walmart.

    A mess of teenagers mobbed a Walmart in Macon, Georgia I hear on drudgereport.

    I guess they are upset about somethin'?? All I wanted when I was a teenager was beer and women.

    1. God knows with teenagers. I think we can safely say that whatever they were mad about it wasn't political.

  4. Home is the best place to be over a holiday weekend. It's not that I dislike people so much, but crowds of them give me the heebee jeebees. Besides, I just read an article (can't remember by whom) that said fireworks displays are now hazardous to our health. Has nothing to do with the pyrotechnics. It seems there is a chance we could breathe in particles of ash from the explosions. Looks to me like there are people with way too much time on their hands. They need a hobby. Something to occupy their time and leave me alone to enjoy a 4th of July tradition going back further than I can remember.

    1. Vicki, we always took our children to see the fourth of July fireworks although the whole county crammed into the little town and traffic was terrible. I prefer to avoid fireworks myself and so these days I just stay home. As soon as it gets dark though, I can hear celebratory gun fire echoing through the mountains.