Saturday, June 27, 2015

Rolling Thunder.

The storms rolled in yesterday evening.  Very heavy thunder and lightning. I had to go into my full shutdown mode here. That means powering down the satellite receivers and disconnecting them from the dishes. Shutting down the pump, unplugging all the telephones from the telephone lines. Disconnecting the satellite radio from the antenna and powering it down.  Taking all the television receivers off the house power. Popping the breakers on the pantry to protect the freezers and refrigerators. I had plenty of warning, you could hear it coming a long way off.

That rain, thunder and lightning went on most of the night.  Today it has just been intermittent rain, and much cooler. From near 100 degrees to 71 degrees outside temperature overnight. The rain has been heavy enough that I think it will alleviate the fears of drought people were beginning to express over the CB radio. It's also gone on now for 24 hours, which is what people call "a soaking rain."

I went to town today, so I picked up the mail at the foot of the mountain. The mail carrier didn't shut the lid to my mailbox so all my mail got soaking wet. I haven't picked it up in four days, bad timing on my part.  Didn't do much but get a few groceries and a magazine while I was in there but it was good to get out.

I actually got two new magazines today.  Survivors Edge came in the mail. It was torn up, creased, ripped, and wet. They don't ship their magazines in plastic sleeves like everyone else publishing quality magazines does. This has been a frequent enough occurrence that I'd tell people if they want the magazine, wait til it shows up on the news stand.

I got Off Grid as well.  I am getting it digitally on my Kindle, but I like it so much I'n continuing to buy hard copy for my reference library up here on the mountain.

  True, a lot of the articles in here are not particularly germane to my needs.  I don't fly anymore. My depth perception is so bad I stepped off a ladder not long ago when I was two rungs higher than I thought I was. That did not end well.

I have a hard time pulling my vehicles up to the little concrete blocks they put at the end of parking spaces. I have a tendency to come too far and thump into them. So my aviation experiences are probably done and I won't be landing in fields or on roads. Still, the article on crash landing was not bad.

There's always something worthwhile in these magazines, even if they do cost so much more than they used to.

I certainly have enough free time for reading.


  1. My Backwoodsman magazine used to come folded and worn. Someone was obviously putting in their hip pocket until they got it read and put back in the mail. The sleeves seems to have stopped that.

    1. I don't know why anybody would charge ten bucks for a magazine and then ship it through the U.S. Post Office with no protection. The publisher is going to have to replace this last magazine, it's ruined.

  2. Hey Harry,


    Its real hot and humid here in South Texas. I'm glad you guys got some rain.

    I have not been listening to the CB that much. There has been a lot of interference from bad atmospherics and no one to talk too.

    I have a neighbor that drives and has real vision problems. The worst part is that this lady does not care or refuses to realize she has a vision problem and drives anyway.
    On my street everyone gets out of her way when she's driving (I will be glad when she loses her license) hopefully she wont hurt anyone until then.

    A person that has vision problems and realize's it, can compensate accordingly and be a fairly safe driver.
    The drivers that refuse to admit problems are a true hazards.

    I worked on a few bug out bags today. Hurricane season is in full swing and If I gotta bail out of here, I want it to be a smooth exit.

    1. CC, I don't drive much over 45, but fortunately I never go anywhere that it matters. If I go to Chattanooga my wife drives.

      Hurricane season is supposed to be pretty calm this year, if you believe the Weather Channel. I don't know that I would if I lived near the beach like you do.

  3. Be careful with the ladder rungs. My husband had blood clots in his leg and did not know it. When he missed the last rung of his ladder he came down hard and the hospital believes that is what caused the clot to break off and travel. I didn't realize this but they said everyone has clots but it depends how big they are and if they break loose. Hope your weather is better now.

    1. Kathy, I think the worst it did to me was to tear something in my knee. I've been hobbling around since then, waiting for it to get better.

      I was just out on the porch ,a little after nine a.m. on sunday. The temperture is 68 and the humidity is 62. A vast improvement over the earlier part of the week.

      I take all kinds of medicine for high blood pressure, maybe that will keep me from having blood clots. I hope so....

  4. I have had that happen with my mail before. Not fun.

    The storms have been really intense lately. It's been kind of weird.

  5. As I sit here writing this it is booming and flashing outside. Getting to be like a science fiction movie around here.