Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hurricane Danny. The sun was out when I started writing this. Pouring now.

Hurricane Danny is the first of the season.  The weather channel says it will cause some issues in the Caribbean but will weaken and be a non event by the time it reaches the continental U.S.

If it does at all.   You can track it through this link:  National Hurricane Center

When I sat down to write this, I had just come in off the porch and the sun was out.  Before I even finished the title, I heard rain on the roof and it's flooding now.  Twenty years ago, this was normal for summer. There would be a thunderstorm every afternoon, then the sun would come out. I'm not used to it anymore though.

At least I got into town and back before the rain.  Living Ready had a new magazine out.

I've never seen anything from Living Ready in a grocery store before. I have always purchased their infrequent magazines by going on line.  Actually, it's been so long since they published a magazine I thought they'd decided to get out of the business. They seem to be primarily oriented towards on line sales of equipment and supplies. I keep up with them because they strike me as being more as a group of like minded people than they do as a "business."

While I was in town, I bought $100 worth of groceries.  It amounted to four plastic bags, and that's it.

When a pack of beef hot dogs is $6.00,  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  I did pick up some ferret food and dog food and that's expensive too.  Diesel is down, going for $2.43 and gasoline is just above the $2.20 mark.  When I was in Tennessee last week they had regular for $1.99.

Last night I did something I almost never do.  I cooked a meal.  Made myself chili and rice, and a big pan of cornbread. It's really too much trouble , especially cleaning up, but every once in awhile I take the time. I've got all this cast iron cookware, I feel like I should use it sometime.

Not much else to report from the top of the mountain. For all those who watch "Alone" (even my mom and my brothers little boy get together at Grandma's to watch it), the show has been renewed and they will soon be looking for the cast.  Anybody want to give it try. No whiners, wimps, guys in touch with their female side, or plain old Chicken S--ts will get in this time, I hope.


  1. Now that's a well named hurricane :)

    "Alone" episodes here are down to 2 men left. I reckon your guy will win - the 22 year old is too volatile. I was hoping that Lucas would win - he made the most of his time there builing the boat / yurt and musical instrument. All the others just "platzed"...

    1. Dani, I just hope the namesake doesn't reach North Georgia. The "remnants" of one of those things flattened this area about 15 years ago. I don't want to go through that again!

      I don't know. The young guy may be one of those people who complains a lot but doesn't give up. I am rooting for the North Georgian, of course.

      Lucas was too teary eyed for me. Sometimes when these guys were being all introspective and maudlin I turned off the sound. I figure, as the saying here goes , "you knew the job was dangerous when you took it."

  2. Hey Harry,


    Not much going on here....

    I had the tree's trimmed and getting stuff done I normally do during peak hurricane season.
    I think this storm hook a hard right and go north, doubt it will make it into the Gulf.

    prices are going up all over on stuff (thanks Janet Yellin, you can go back to Stanford Now)
    I don't see how a person can call themselves an economist when they are into 'Tax and Spend' Keynsian economic theory and knowing it does not work in the long term, but I guess its all part of the Agenda.

    Oh' yeah....

    This is interesting 'Harry.

    'Globin Lives Matter"

    Hillary had a meeting with the 'Globin Lives Matter' crowd. There's a video of it on youtube and I am trying to build up the courage to view it (I don't want to wretch all over the floor so I will view it on an empty stomach)

    On a sidenote; George Zimmerman painted an interesting 'Confederate Flag" with a story on it. Prints are up for sale for $50.00 each.

    1. I saw Hillary and the Goblin Lives Matter crowd. She got pissed off and told them "ok, if you feel that way, I'll only talk to white people." They were a bunch of sanctimonious A** H****s.

      I saw that about Zimmerman. That guy needs to change his name, grow his hair long, move to another country, and shut the *^%$ up. Maybe he should go back to Mexico.

  3. I don't know if you have a Dollar General but they have Armour beef hotdogs for a couple of bucks. They aren't Nathans but they are as good as most other hot dogs.

    1. We do have a Dollar General. I don't know what "Nathans" are, we must not have them here. But Oscar Meyer is about the best you can get here. I don't eat chicken or pork hot dogs, only beef. I know what goes in the chicken and pork ones!

    2. i buy them as an occasional treat for dog, but i buy a better brand.
      they are not really food for humans .if i eat one it is hebrew national.

    3. I give my dogs chicken hot dogs too. I used to get them at Walmart for 99 cents a pack. I wouldn't eat one on a bet.

    4. Hebrew National is great. Nathan's is another good brand, expensive too. They have a place on Coney Island, since 1916. I have a friend that used to work for Oscar Meyer and he said the beef hot dogs didn't use any unusual parts although I can say my husband likes sausages that use all sorts of parts. He used to get German sausages from his grandfather. Blood sausage, pigs cheeks, and that head cheese which completely grosses me out! Our local diner serves fried brain sandwiches, another thing I don't order.

    5. I don't know what head cheese is but I lack the courage to ask! Sounds horrific.

      Otto von Bismark said "those who like sausage and the law should never watch either being made."

      Your local diner sounds like something out of The Walking Dead! You folks eat some strange things out there, Kathy. (Said the guy who lived where chittlin's and jowls are popular)

  4. Everything's expensive these days sigh. Do you have an Aldis anywhere near you? I really seem to get the most for my money there when it comes to groceries.

    1. Leigh, we only have a Buy Low, a Save A Lot, and an Ingles. I never heard of Aldis, but it must be a good place. Ingles is really expensive, all the Floridians go there. Buy Low is sort of "fair to middling" and Save A Lot is a hole in the wall place where they just have cases of stuff out, and not much of a selection, but it's cheap. The meat is good there though.

    2. We have had good luck with SaveALot meat. They are owned by SuperValu which may be spinning them off to a stand alone company. Here they vary by franchise owner, some are cleaner that others. The one by us is super. Small but nice.

    3. That's about all we ordinarily get at Save A Lot, they have those deals where you can get five packs of whatever you want for $20.00. I like the ribs they have there. Ours is really small but you can usually find one or two things you want that are cheaper than anywhere else.