Sunday, August 9, 2015

Non Lethal Goblin deterrents.

“One cannot legislate the maniacs off the street… these maniacs can only be shut down by an armed citizenry. Indeed bad things can happen in nations where the citizenry is armed, but not as bad as those which seem to be threatening our disarmed citizenry in this country at this time.”
Colonel Jeff Cooper

I know some people think I am making a big issue out of a non -event.  But it matters to me. My family goes back in the South to the arrival of my ancestors from Scotland in 1742.  We have strong views on personal integrity and related issues here.

Culture of honor (Southern United States)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The traditional culture of the Southern United States has been called a "culture of honor", that is, a culture where people avoid intentionally offending others, and maintain a reputation for not accepting improper conduct by others. A prevalent theory as to why the American South had or may have this culture is an assumed regional belief in retribution  to enforce one's rights and deter predation against one’s family, home and possessions. The concept was tested by social scientists Richard Nisbett and Dov Cohen in their book Culture of Honor,[1] repopularized by a discussion in Chapter Six of Outliers by Malcomm Gladwell, and touched upon in Stephen Pinker  The Better Angels of our Nature..

I'm giving some thought to equipment I could carry on my person or in my vehicle to address similar situations such as I had to deal with this week in Chattanooga.

Paint ball gun

The paint ball gun fires a globe about the size of a marble, filled with distinctive colors of paint. Muzzle velocity is about 300 feet per second, or less than half the muzzle velocity of a .45 ACP round.  It's still enough of a punch to sting.  The down side is that it looks like a real gun, so if anyone in the other party is armed with the real thing, you might get shot.

  1. 300 fps
  2. Due to air resistance and gravity, a paintball accelerated to the maximum legal muzzle velocity limit of 300 fps (feet per second) has a maximum range of about 120 feet and an effective range (the range in which it has enough kinetic energy to break the paintball on a human body) of around 60 feet.


The Taser has some good points, and some bad points.  I haven't thoroughly researched it yet but here's what jumps out at you.

Tasers are single shot weapons.  At least, the one's I have looked at on line are.  They have a maximum effective range of about 15 feet, for the more expensive ones. Cheaper versions offer less.

The United Nations has declared that "tasers are implements of torture" and some municipalities in the United States have piggy backed on that to make possession of a taser by a civilian illegal. That being so, you'd have to research the laws in the areas you intended to travel in. Or, you'd just have to say "screw the politicians" and carry one anyway.

Bean Bag Gun

Bean Bag guns are specifically designed for non lethal confrontations. They are expensive. The one above , which is a mid range model, costs more than a new revolver.  The ammo is not cheap either.
This is a single shot weapon, with a limited effective range. Another consideration is that it has a minimum range at which it can be used without running an excessive risk of killing the target if you hit him in the head. On the plus size, it's a man stopper.  They are available for civilian purchase in most Southern states and the mid west. Not available for purchase in New England as far as I can tell but I haven't researched it thoroughly yet.

Bear Spray

This is not the little tube of mace women carry on key chains. This is the size of a can of hornet spray, and you carry it in a nylon holster.

 The range is 30 feet plus, and it will clear the house. When I worked at the park I got a whif of it when a college kid picked one up in the camp store and fired it. It will get your attention. If there's any wind blowing though, you can have it blow back on you and that would not be helpful.

Mace is legal in some states, not in others.  What constitutes "mace" varies from state to state. There's a list of basic "yes or no" for states below.


Personal Defense Products

The information below is from Personal Defense Products.  Link above.

( You have to be careful because the terms "bear spray" , "pepper spray" and "mace" are considered synonomous in some instances, and not in others. So this is just a place to get a general idea of what will fly and what won't in your home state or where you are traveling.)

(You also have to watch out for situations where the state says it's legal, but some town or city has outlawed it.)

NOTE:  Pepper Sprays CANNOT be shipped to New York, MA, Internationally, or by Air.

FOR THE MOST CURRENT INFORMATION on pepper spray state laws, please check with your State, County, Province and Federal authorities regarding possession of Defense (pepper) Sprays.


Section 13A-7-27 involves the criminal use of a noxious substance. There does not appear to be any specific statute involving self-defense sprays.

ALASKA: Legal with restrictions.

Section 11.81.900 (a)(18) defines "defensive weapon" as "***a device to dispense Mace or a similar chemical agent, that is not designed to cause death or serious physical injury". Section 11.61.210 (a)(6) prohibits the sale of a defensive weapon to a person under 18 years of age. Such a defensive weapon cannot be possessed in a school without permission of certain school authorities, unless the person is 21 years of age or older.


Section 13-3101.7 excludes from the definition of "prohibited weapon" "**any propellant (or) propellant actuated devices ** which are manufactured, imported or distributed for their intended purposes **". There is nothing that appears to regulate or prohibit the lawful use of self-defense sprays of any kind.

ARKANSAS: Legal with restrictions.

Section 5-73-124 makes the possession of tear gas or pepper spray illegal. However, it is legal to possess "**a small container of tear gas or pepper spray to be used for self-defense purposes only, but the capacity of the cartridge or container shall not exceed one hundred fifty cubic centimeters (150cc)". Although it hardly seems necessary, there is also a specific prohibition against using and spray against the law enforcement officer. There is nothing, therefore, that appears to prohibit the lawful use of self-defense sprays as the size limitation is much larger than Mace or other brands of defense sprays.

CALIFORNIA: Legal with restrictions.

Subject to certain restrictions, Section 12403.7 of the Penal Code provides "**any person may purchase, possess or use tear gas and tear gas weapons for the projection or release of tear gas if the tear gas and tear gas weapons are used solely for self-defense purposes**". The definition of tear gas also includes pepper spray. The restrictions include a prohibition against selling such a unit to a minor, and a provision limiting the size to 2.5 ounces by weight. The misuse of tear gas in California comes with state penalties of up to a $1000 fine and/or up to three years in prison, not to mention a possible felony conviction on record. Some examples of misuse include; using tear gas on people in anger, spraying it as a joke, possession of tear gas by prohibited persons; minors, drug addicts or persons convicted of felonies. To be legally purchased, possessed or used in California, any canister must have a label that says "WARNING: The use of this substance or device for any purpose other than self-defense is a crime under the law. The contents are dangerous--use with care." The maximum legal net weight for a canister is 2.5 ounces, or 70 grams of OC, CS or CN. CR is not legal for civilian use.



DELAWARE: Legal with restrictions.

Title 11, Section 222 (7) defines "disabling chemical spray" as including self-defense sprays. However, the only prohibitions concerning such sprays appear to be restricting their possession by minors, and increasing the penalty for criminal use of the sprays, i.e., use of a spray while committing another criminal offense.

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA: Legal with restrictions.

Self-defense sprays are lawful if used or possessed by a person 18 or over "in the exercise of reasonable force in defense of the person or the person's property only if it is propelled from an aerosol container, labeled with or accompanied by clearly written instructions as to its use, and dated to indicate its anticipated useful life." Section 6-2322 et seq. When purchasing such a spray, the buyer must complete a standard registration form, and the vendor must forward the form to the Metropolitan Police Department. Section 6-2324.


"Self-defense chemical sprays" are legal. They are defined as "a device carried solely for purposes of lawful self-defense that is compact in size, designed to be carried on or about the person, and contains not more than two ounces of chemical". Section 790.001. Although it may seem redundant, there is an express prohibition against using chemical sprays against a law enforcement officer. Section 790.054.


HAWAII: Legal with restrictions.

Only OC products are legal for use by or sale to persons 18 and over. There is a ½ ounce size restriction and there are licensing requirements.

IDAHO: Legal.

ILLINOIS: Legal with restrictions.

The use of a product "**containing a non-lethal noxious liquid gas or substance designed solely for personal defense carried by a person 18 years of age or older" is authorized by Section 720 ILCS 5/24-1.


IOWA: Legal.

KANSAS: Legal.



MAINE: Legal.

The criminal use of chemical mace or a similar substance is a violation of the law. 17 M.R.S. Section 1002. However, the use of such a substance in defending one's person or property is authorized. Id.


Section 36 of the Criminal Code allows any person to carry "pepper mace" as "a reasonable precaution against apprehended danger". There appears to be no provision regarding any other self-defense sprays.

MASSACHUSETTS: Legal with restrictions.

Massachusetts defines ammunition as including "tear gas cartridges, chemical mace, or any other device or instrument which contains or emits a liquid, gas, powder or other substance designed to incapacitate". To sell or possess "ammunition", a license is required. Therefore, the unlicensed sale, or the unlicensed use of self-defense sprays is illegal in Massachusetts. Massachusetts residents may only purchase defense sprays from licensed Firearms Dealers in that state. Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 140, Section 121, et seq. The licensing authority is the local chief of police or other persons authorized by the locality.

MICHIGAN: Legal with restrictions.

Pepper spray must not be more than 10% and can be used for self defense. "The reasonable use of a self-defense spray or foam device containing not more than 10% oleoresin capsicum no more than 35 grams (1 oz=28.35 grams) by a person in the protection of a person or property under circumstances that would justify the person's use of physical force." Michigan Approved Sprays


The use of a self-defense spray is permitted "**in the exercise of reasonable force and defense of the person or the person's property only if it is propelled from an aerosol container, labeled with or accompanied by clearly written instructions as to its use, and dated to indicate its anticipated useful life.

"Section 624.731 also contains other provisions relating to use and possession including giving municipalities the power, if they so elect, to license the retail sellers of self-defense sprays.



It is permissible to use or possess a device that ejects a "temporary incapacitating substance". Section 571.010 (8).



NEVADA: Legal with restrictions.

Nevada law prohibits possession of tear gas weapons, except for CS by adult (no minors or felons) with no more than 2 fluid ounces in the form of an aerosol spray "which is designed and intended for use as an instrument of self-defense".



NEW JERSEY: Legal with restrictions.

Any non-felon 18 or over may possess for the purpose of self-defense "one pocket-sized device which contains and releases not more than three-quarters of an ounce of chemical substance not ordinarily capable of lethal use or of inflicting serious bodily injury, but rather is intended to produce temporary physical discomfort or disability through being vaporized or otherwise dispensed in the air". Section 2C:39-6i.

NEW YORK: Legal with restrictions.

The possession of "self-defense sprays" by persons who are not felons or who have been convicted of an assault, 18 or over for the protection of person or property and its otherwise lawful use is legal. "Self-defense spray" is defined as "a pocket sized spray device which contains and releases a chemical or organic substance which is intended to produce temporary physical discomfort or disability through being vaporized or otherwise dispensed in the air or any like device containing tear gas, pepper spray or similar disabling agent". There are certain labeling requirements. Sales require both a seller's license and the completion by a purchaser of a registration form. New York residents may only purchase defense sprays from licensed Firearms Dealers or licensed Pharmacists in that state. No more than two sprays may be sold at any one time to a single purchaser. Section 265.25 (14) and (15).

NORTH CAROLINA: Legal with restrictions.

Possession and use of self-defense sprays is lawful for non felons so long as the device does not exceed 150 cubic centimeters (150cc). Section 14-401.6.


OHIO: Legal.


OREGON: Legal.


"Chemical mace" is specifically excluded from the definition of weapons. There appears to be no regulation or restriction on the lawful use of self-defense sprays.

RHODE ISLAND: Legal w/restrictions.

"Any person eighteen (18) years of age or over may carry on his or her person and use, unless otherwise prohibited by law, any non-lethal noxious substance or liquid for his protection or the protection of others". Section 11-47-57.

SOUTH CAROLINA: Legal w/restrictions.

It is lawful to possess a container not exceeding fifty cubic centimeters (50cc) containing tear gas "for self-defense purposes only". Section 16-23-470.



TEXAS: Legal.

It is permissible to possess a "small chemical dispenser sold commercially for personal protection". 10 Texas Penal Code Section 46.01 (14).

UTAH: Legal.



WASHINGTON STATE: Legal with restrictions.

Section 9.91.160 explicitly authorizes the sale and use of "personal protection spray devices" such as "mace, pepper mace, or pepper gas". There is an age restriction to persons age 18 and older, or 14 with a parent or guardian's permission.


WISCONSIN: Legal with restrictions.

Tear gas is not permissible. A "device or container that contains a combination of oleoresin of capsicum and inert ingredients" is permissible. By regulation, OC products with a maximum OC concentration of 10% and weight range of oleoresin of capsicum and inert ingredients of 15-60 grams is authorized. This is 1/2 oz. and 2 oz. sprays. Further, the product can not be camouflaged, and must have a safety feature designed to prevent accidental discharge. The units may not have an effective range of over 20 feet and must have an effective range of six feet. In addition there are certain labeling and packaging requirements: must state cannot sell to anyone under 18 and the phone number of the manufacturer has to be on the label. The units must also be sold in sealed tamper-proof packages. Wisconsin Statutes Section 941.26 and Justice Regulations 14.01 et seq.


This is the most current compilation of pepper spray state laws. Please check with your local jurisdiction if unsure.

Time to Gear Up.

A friend reminded me that even Spock had to deal with Goblins .


  1. talked to a vet tech who uses one-- an anaesthetic rifle that carries knockout doses for coons or bears, et cetera that need removal back into the wilds.
    you set the dose by body weight [estimated].
    doesn't kill but has a quick effect.
    you can be gone by the time they pick themselves up.
    keep the barrel inside the cab so no sheeple know where the dose came from.
    if you fire capsules, make sure no fingerprints.

    asked him about them as i want one for myself. we live in a crime infested town.

    1. I hadn't thought of those. I wonder if they make pistol sized versions.

      Where would a non veterinarian get ammo, i.e. the darts and the drug.
      It would have to take effect immediately to be viable.

      That's another avenue to explore.

    2. vet tech told me they are legal [we are in ohio] and you get 'em off the internet--no need or credentials. at the right dosage it causes lack of limb control almost immediately. look at national geographic films on pbs to see the effects. i would set for no less than 180 lbs.

      i've also had another thought.
      CO2 pressure canisters.
      open the valve and it would knock them out for a short time. don't know where you'd get them but that sounds better than mace to me as there would be no traces left. the initial pressure would make it go where you wanted unless you were in a hurricane.

      perfectly natural atmospheric gas. no police calls.

  2. I think you have covered all the bases here. I do like bear spray idea, I carry it on me when I am in the mountains generally. Best thing is you don't have to be too precise on your aim.

    Harry, here's an unconventional remedy, but do you remember "Oddball" from Kelley's Heroes? He had that sweet loudspeaker setup on his tank? You could easily set that up on your truck and blast 'em with that song by the Mike Curb Congregation - "Burning Bridges". Imagine that. And I guarantee you that Jamaal, Laquisha, and Tyrone won't stick around long enough to push your "honor buttons". --Troy

    1. Troy, bear spray seems like the most reasonable deterrent in terms of attainability and functionality.

      I'd need a Sherman to make the loud speaker idea work because it would surely cause the Goblins to come after me . ;-)

    2. Absent a Sherman, maybe just put CC in the back with his Mosin? That would scare the hell outta me! :) --T

    3. Yeah, I wish he lived up around here. I don't think we could ever convince him to move that far inland, though. Surfing is a big part of his lifestyle.

    4. Hey Harry,


      I have to say that sitting in the back seat with a Mosin sounds intriguing, but I think you like your eardrums as they are 'Harry.

      Moving inland?

      I could do that. Im not so sure about Georgia. Im used to brown goblins, not black goblins. I really think brown goblins in my part of the world are less aggressive to white people for the most part.

      The 'black goblins lives matter' crowd is very small in my part of Texas. Almost non-existent. Now go to Houston, Austin or Dallas, that's another story.
      One important thing about goblins. They prefer the city environment. They thrive in urban enviroments and they cluster together and they get power by ego's, reputation and they need clusters of other goblins to help confirm their ego's and social status and that's found more in urban enviroments.

      Now I know theirs goblins in rural area's. I think that by and large they are fewer in number and more easily recognized by local's and law enforcement. The rural goblins also know that intruding onto a persons territory, land and causing mayhem, theft and bodily harm that they can be shot by the land owner and the land owner will not be prosecuted.

      The Second Amendment is a hell of a 'goblin deterrent'

  3. I like the genealogy lesson as gun laws mean nothing to me, all these things are a big no go in the UK. Were your family from the highlands? There were a lot of highlanders who moved to the states after the battle of Culloden in 1745 during the Jacobite rising and a fair few before who wanted to escape English incursion into Scotland. Of course we're all British now and best of friends ;-)

    1. Kirsty, I know the English have a different environment than we do in that respect. I remember when the English government banned personal possession of firearms, as I had many English friends that were shooters at the time.

      I don't know the full particulars of where the family moved from, though my mother does. I'll ask her. I remember that they came to North Carolina in 1742, and I know a good bit about the military history of the family, from before the Revolutionary War, through that war, up through the Civil War and on to my present time.

  4. Hey Harry,


    That's interesting.

    I have two big cans of bear mace. One of which I take to the beach (yeah we have bears on the beach) They can be recognized by being on two feet, holding a beer, cigarettes, drugs, and can be recognized by their tattoo's.
    They come in all colors, but mostly down here in South Texas bears have brown hide.
    The white bears usually are all jittery and don't sleep for days at a time. White bears live in "mobile caves" which are usually clustered together in a group, called a park. I observed one who was up for three days and at a job mowing lawns and this 'white bear' thought his foot was grass and ran his foot over nearly severing his foot with a large, powered, professional riding lawn mower. White bears don't breed as often because being pregnancy and rearing of cubs takes time away from 'getting high' and watching Jerry Springer. White bears are more nocturnal and walk through neighborhoods looking for car doors left unlocked so they can find items to steal and sell to pawn shops for drugs or for ingredients for drugs from walmart.

    Black bears in South Texas are usually clustered together in a 'hood, or project. They have bad tempers, loud stereo's and make a lot of noise, and are known for being proliferic breeders.

    brown bears migrate out of mexico, south America, central America. They like being fed by others and will stay around for long periods in a specific spot if they are fed often enough. Many of them are skilled and self suffiecent. A greater majority have found it easier to get fed by the government via EBT's. They seek out beer, cars with small wheels that ride three inches off the pavement with loud car stereo's. brown bears are also known install two thousand dollars worth of rims and tires on a five hundred dollar car.
    They are easy to spot and found easily living in clusters of at least six brown bears in every two bedroom house.
    Brown bears are prolific breeders. Feed them and they breed that night!
    In nine months they will produce another brown bear. In three months the female brown bear will reproduce again and bear another cub in another nine months and so on.

    Now anything thinks Im am a bigot. I went after 'white bears too' I am an equal opportunity hater. There's more trash to go around in all cultures, races and countries.

    Goblins are everywhere!

    1. I liked your bear analogy and it's pretty much spot on.

      Goblins are everywhere. Maybe I get a little forgetful about that sometimes but it won't happen again.

  5. 1- Keep your darn windows rolled up! It provides a physical barrier which buys time. Also in a legalistic sense maybe forcing someone to break a window would help show their aggression (and justify your defensive reaction). A person would almost always use an object to break a window such as say a tire iron so now they are acting aggressively AND have a weapon. That goes a lot further to justifying giving someone a terminal case of lead poisoning then 'he tried to grab me through the window'.

    2- As much as possible drive with an eye to keeping an exit. Leave space between you and the vehicle in front to be able to jam the gas and go.

    3- On the non lethal side. I am not a big fan of tasers. Too much can go wrong.

    I think you are onto something with the bear spray. A little can of mace in your vest and a big can in the truck would be a good way to go.

    4- Some sort of impact weapon might be a good idea also. I would go for a dual use item like a 3 D cell mag light.

    5- On their ever classy TV show Dwayne the Dog Chatman and his crew have paint ball guns that shoot mace balls. That might be a good option to let you break contact without resorting to lethal force.

    1. I wasn't expecting any trouble. It was daytime, it was a main street, in a good part of town. I forgot that Goblins are to be found everywhere in a city.

      It wasn't very hot, so I had the windows open and was not running the AC. That's a mistake I won't repeat.

      A paint ball gun would work even better if it had mace in it, I'll start researching that. I have one of those "tire checker" baseball bat shaped clubs in the Jeep, but I think letting these guys get close enough for me to use it would have ended badly.

      It was bad luck that this happened at a place where the curb on the right side of the road was too high to get over. I was only six inches or so off the rear bumper of the guy in front of me, and the car behind me was the same distance. No way to move except forward.

      I think I am just not going to go to a city again. Unless I have to go to a medical center, sometimes you can't help that. But as for the book store, as much as I like to plunder around in them, I can get what I need on line.

  6. My son-in-law works in an office that often has to deal with irate people. Of course, they are not allowed to have any sort of personal protection. However, they appear to a terrible wasp problem in their building and everyone has huge cans of wasp spray at their desks.

    1. Those twenty foot range cans of hornet / wasp spray are good things to have around. That's not a bad idea at all.

  7. I've always wanted to play with paint ball guns with my kids. I heard they do hurt if you are really close up. Maybe when they get a little older.

    1. I have never had one. I considered getting one for awhile but just didn't do it.
      However, I am buying one now. At the very least, I can have fun with it. And it may have more practical applications, especially if I can find some of the mace ammo for the gun that I was told of.