Monday, August 17, 2015

Patrice Lewis on Zombies.

"But there were some who dared to resist." Lord of the Rings

This was forwarded to me by a friend, and I believe the original article appeared on World Net Daily.

World Net Daily Home Page

Exclusive: Patrice Lewis predicts how 'takers' will react when catastrophe strikes

Since we haven’t had television in over 20 years, I’ve never seen any of the “zombie apocalypse”-type shows that have recently gained in popularity. These programs have been the butt of many jokes, mostly directed at the absurd ways people handle zombies or the comical way folks try to survive under whatever conditions brought about the apocalypse to begin with.
But it’s no joke to consider what a real-life “zombie” apocalypse would be like.
Here’s an old but relevant saying: We are nine meals from anarchy. What this means is when folks haven’t eaten for three days, all hell breaks loose. The veneer of civilization breaks down, and people will do anything to secure food or other vital resources.
In the essay “The Anatomy of a Breakdown” it states, “For whatever reason, three to five days following a disaster is the bewitching hour. During this short amount of time, the population slowly becomes a powder keg full of angry, desperate citizens.”
Fictional zombies share many similar characteristics. They have no brain. They are incapable of rational thought. They march in groups through the streets, terrorizing everyone. They create nothing but fear, produce nothing but dread and take whatever they want through brute force or intimidation.
My biggest concern is America is cultivating real-life zombies like never before.
How do you make a real-life zombie? You start by forcing them to attend schools where they are inculcated with unprovable theories presented as hard facts, where individuality and free thought are stifled, respect for authority in general (and parents in particular) is trashed, history is revised to suit political correctness, and “micro-aggression” is blamed for everything from global warming to dust bunnies under the bed.
Next, remove anything resembling a work ethic by providing all the bare necessities of life that are normally obtained by the sweat of one’s brow. It’s even better if government policies can destroy families by removing fathers from the home and paying women to have babies out of wedlock.
Next, mock, belittle and vilify anything resembling a Higher Authority (which might put a damper on hedonism and “self-expression”).
Next, cultivate a victim mentality by assuming everything and everyone is “out to get you” because they don’t like your (pick one) age / gender / orientation / weight / skin tone / religion / nation of origin / employment / income / opinions / handedness. Personal responsibility is out the window. It’s never your fault that you’re unemployed or unemployable.
Congratulations! You’re created a zombie, someone with no brain who is incapable of rational thought, whoterrorizes other people, creates fear, produces dread and takes whatever they want because they feel “entitled” to what you possess.
What happens to zombies once they’re created? Not much … as long as they get what they want. But what happens when the zombies can’t get what they want? Or worse, can’t get what they genuinely need? Then we can expect a zombie apocalypse.
An apocalypse could happen in several different ways. It could be a genuine apocalypse (our national power grid suddenly goes down); it could be a financial apocalypse (we experience an economic crash); or it could be when the balance between the producers and the takers is finally tipped beyond the point of no return (in other words, not enough producers to support the zombie population).
It’s at this point, when the zombies are deprived of all the subsidized or free comforts they are used to getting, that they’ll start marching.
Let’s face it, who is most likely to march after an apocalypse? Is it the hard-working people who have made God and family their priority? Is it those who have educated themselves in useful, productive, needed trades? Is it those who have cultivated a strong work ethic and personal responsibility? Is it those who prudently kept out of debt, stocked their pantries and made sure they had a shotgun behind the door?
Or is it the people who have spent their whole lives having things handed to them? Is it those who believe the “rich” owe them something because the rich have something they don’t? Is it those who call the Almighty the “flying spaghetti monster” with a condescending sneer? Is it those who poked fun at the tinfoil hat preppers because, after all, nothing could ever disrupt those regular supermarket deliveries?
Pardon my cynicism, but I’m inclined to think it’s the latter, not the former, who will be marching in the streets and creating havoc. When the free resources dry up, the “kept class” will metamorphose into zombies who will roam the streets, taking what they want. Or as Creek Stewart put it, “They will skip the government middleman and charge directly to the source of where the free stuff originates – your front door.”
In the acerbic words of Ted Nugent, “Burn this into your cerebral cortex: The two greatest sins a government can impose on its citizens are to 1) provide for them, because it destroys their souls by creating dependency instead of self-reliance, and 2) take the sweat, hard work and equity of one man and give it to another (e.g., spread the wealth around).”
If we ever do have an apocalypse here in America, the zombies may wreak havoc and destruction in their quest for “brains” – but they’ll die out in the end. There will be a period of intense chaos as the zombies attempt to liberate the producers of their goods or even their lives. But that will come to an end when resources become scarce and the zombies are not equipped – mentally or emotionally – to survive through hard times.
Meanwhile those who have been quietly living strong productive lives, keeping their faith and their families intact, will make it through.
We need builders, not destroyers. We need producers, not takers. If you find yourself with a history of no productivity – if you find yourself slipping into zombie mode – it’s time to look in the mirror and make some changes. You’re the only one who can make a difference. Take your brains back so you can grow up and become an adult.
Quit being zombies, folks. It’s a rotten survival strategy and has no long-term sustainability.


  1. As usual, Patrice Lewis is spot on. I had read this article when it appeared in WND, but it is one of those worth a second look. Her descriptions of zombies sort of remind me of those I know who fully expect the government to take care of them no matter what happens. Katrina and Sandy come to mind. Didn't work out too well for those waiting for help to arrive, did it. I wonder why folks can't seem to figure out that the best way to get through a crisis is to be able and willing to prepare ahead of time.

    1. I agree Vicki. I am also noticing that more and more people are passing articles like this around, or relating personal experiences that pertain to the escalation in violence at the hands of a certain class of Zombies being experienced all over the country. After I wrote about my unpleasant experience in Chattanooga, I got a great many emails from people with similar or much worse experiences, all of whom were angry but didn't know what they could do about this particular issue. It's like so many other things, you know it's going wrong but you don't know how to fix it.

  2. With your recent "zombie" issues I've shuffled my defense situation around. Let's just say that fewer items are locked away in a safe.

    I've actually had some issues with "god fearing folk." Since baby Jesus loved them best they could do no wrong, especially if you weren't in their particular sect. Seems it's Okay to put the screws to us heathens. Give me an ethical atheist any day -one who doesn't believe in an afterlife so this life is precious.

    I feel better that so many of my neighbors have at least some basic preps. Also helps being far away from the big cities. However, I've seen things go to hell in towns of 10,000 lately, so I'm not letting my guard down. Places where no one used to lock their doors now have anything not nailed down grow feet and walk away. No telling what will happen when things really turn south.

    1. In general, I get along with the religious folks here. They're a lot like me , other than the issue of religion. However, the only survivalists I ever met that I was really nervous about was a Christian Identity settlement up in North Carolina. That was in the late 80's, when there was a lot of apocalyptic fervor in some of the fundamentalist churches. Christian Identity was a group founded by an aged "prophet" and the members were true believers. They were well organized, disciplined, and the wrong people to get on the bad side of. I am not sure if they still exist, but since the head wallah died some years back, maybe not.

      I'm making efforts to address the issue of non-lethal confrontation before it escalates to guns and I wind up in jail. I'm under no illusions about "justice" if something happens in a city now, Events in Baltimore taught me that lesson, among many. Not that building monuments to "the Gentle Giant" who was a thug, in Ferguson has enhanced my belief in "the system."

  3. I just pray that my wife and I will be out of Southern California WHEN it happens.

    Not "if", but WHEN.....

  4. I remember the Rodney King riots in L.A. I hope you are out of there, too.

    1. The King riots were pretty localized. There was a curfew almost county-wide, but where I was living (Redondo Beach) at the time had no violence, protests, or any trouble at all.

    2. I wonder if the next series of riots will conform to that model. I watched a video (it never made the MSM news shows) of the Morlocks in a trendy part of Baltimore dragging people away from sidewalk cafes and beating them. There's a youtube video a black guy made about it, asking why black people thought beating up white women would help the situation. It's on the blog somewhere.

      I know if I was going to riot and loot, I sure wouldn't do it in my own neighborhood. For one thing, the pickings would be so much more lucrative out where the well heeled live.

      I guess it won't be all that long before we find out.

  5. Yeah, I meant to add that when TSHTF I didn't think the rioters would be so "well behaved" as to stay in their own communities.

    We're in an almost borderline area here. Go North a few dozen blocks and it gets pretty "rough". If trouble comes, I'd expect it to start there.

    1. I'm surprised at how so many black "leaders" exhort the hoi polloi to go out looting and to go get "whitey." By leaders I don't mean the church people with bullhorns. I mean people that young blacks respect, like "rap" musicians, though I use the term musician loosely. I was reading some of their popular song lyrics, and I was amazed. Anyone else saying those things of another race would have the FBI and the Justice Department all over them. But if you are "Ice Cube" it's ok to say kill white people. That's "art."

      I guess you must have a bug out plan set up. I'd want to be able to get out of there ASAP at the slightest hint of any excuse for the 13% to show themselves out in their usual manner.

    2. Yep, we have a BOP, and even if we have to fight our way there, it's better than staying here.

    3. I'm planning to stay up here in the event of some big Black Swan event. I've been working on this place for more than 30 years, and it was originally chosen as a safe retreat back in 86 when I bought it. Now, in 2015, I'm not sure I could bug out if I wanted to. I'd have to abandon all the accumulated supplies and equipment, and leave the security of a fixed base for an uncertain (and probably short) future on the road. I think, in all probability, I'll be ok up here unless we have a big forest fire. That could smoke me out.

  6. We live in the middle of ranching country where hard work ( the dawn to night kind) is normal. Kids here learn early what work is and learn to ride and mow and bale hay. These are the people we relate to. Our town (pop. 1500) is 20 miles away. Sure, there are some zombies here, too. It will take awhile for the city zombies to get here, and when they do they will be met with an armed population that don't put up with that kind of crap. We are ready for them.

    1. You may be so far out they don't reach you. I once talked with a survivalist who was certain that people living in rural areas, like the Amish, would have no problem because the golden horde and the zombies would never get that far out of the cities.

      I don't know, he might be right. I'm not counting on it though. If nothing else, I think the gangs are organized enough and vicious enough to take what they need in the way of resources for a "road trip." I do believe they'll find the country dwellers to be a much tougher nut to crack than the inner city or suburbia though, if they get there.

    2. Yeah, probably run into a solid wall of hot lead!

    3. I think so. People out in the countryside tend to be less idealistic and more realistic than some of their urban or suburban counterparts. I've had some interesting talks with people over the years who believe in good faith that whatever happens, the government will take care of them and supply their needs. Even after Katrina. It's hard to believe. On the other hand, rural people have long been on the short end of the stick when ti comes to the government doing anything for anybody. They don't expect assistance in difficult times when they can't get any help from the feds in placid times.

  7. Hey Harry,


    Its already too late for most people.

    if they have not figured it out now, they never will.

    On some points I do have to disagree with what Patrice Lewis states. One thing that comes to mind. Retiree's and Social Security. Most have paid all the way into it and have no other retirement income. If we got rid of all benefits what then???

    Physician assisted suicide for retiree's with nothing to fall back on when Congress decides to cut all programs.
    What about Veterans. Some program as Social Security. Tell our military that no more retirement and no more benefits. No more career professional service personel needed.
    In months we would be attacked and taken over by Mexico, China or Russia.

    Yeah' I get the point. LBJ's New Society destroyed black America and started a new slave class. Multi-generational welfare is carried over creating Goblins that prey on the producers.
    When the system falls apart, zombie cannibals everywhere expecting handouts from the ones that prepared for the collapse.

    This is a mess that will get much, much worse.

  8. I think she's talking about life styles and philosophical outlook, not necessarily that bare fact that a person might be included in some government program. You can, for instance, take the social security that you have been paying into since you were fourteen, and use that money without becoming a government drone. But if you are born into a system that places no value on work, no value on personal responsibility, and which supplies your basic needs with no effort on your part, you are likely to grow up a government drone and raise more government drones. If social security stopped, it's unlikely I'd go out and loot, burn and murder. But what would the reaction be on the part of the 13 percent if that happened. If the checks stopped, the EBP cards didn't work anymore, and nobody fixed their government housing, the electricity went off in the projects, etc?

    I don't think she's advocating providing what a person has earned in good faith through service or years of hard labor. Veterans and most seniors don't fit into the category she's worried about.

    Your last paragraph is a pretty concise synopsis of what she's talking about. I think it's a reasonable prognosis of where all this is heading. Recent events on the national level in places like Ferguson and Baltimore sure point that way.

    1. The major (and some smaller) cities will be war zones in flames a week or so after the "free sh1t" stops.

      It'll be everything you've read about in the "survivalist" type books; blood in the streets, everyone for themselves, and NO police in sight.

      MAYBE the National Guard or other military will be called out, but they'll be spread so thin I don't think it will help.

      A few hundred Guardsmen against several THOUSAND well armed gang members will be a disaster if the Guard tries to hold their ground.

      In L.A. alone there are over 450 well-defined, organized street gangs, many of them with hundreds of active members.

      Last I read, there were something like 150,000 active gang members in L.A.

      And about 30,000 LAPD and LA Sheriff's Deputies.

      Yeah, it's gonna work out real well.....

    2. I keep an eye on issues involving gangs, because we have The Latin Kings who virtually govern a large section of Gainesville, Ga about an hour from here. We also have MS13 radiating out of Atlanta. Gang members use our national forest for their drug "doings."

      Most of J.W. Rawles books postulate gangs of different stripes as the primary threat to ordinary citizens after a Black Swan event inspired collapse. These guys are already used to violence, to illegal activity, they're well organized and equipped, and the absence of law enforcement would be like Disneyland for Adults to them.

      I agree with your assessment. That's why I chose an extremely isolated location for my home, and why I keep a good security system around the property, and am well armed. I don't think that my group could hold off the Golden Horde or an attack by a gang, but you do what you can. I rely mainly on the isolation of this location and the difficulty in reaching it.

    3. Probably your best defense. If nobody knows you're there, they won't bother you.

      If I were to try and "fortify" this place to hold off a direct attack, I'd need 2"~3" thick armor plate behind all the walls!

    4. The mountain top is pretty hard to reach, really only one way in, that's my vehicle trail. It's in a thinly settled, obscure part of the county. I'm hoping to avoid most trouble just by being so far off the beaten path.

  9. Replies
    1. It is frightening, Gail. That's an appropriate adjective. And as things continue to unwind, and get more out of hand day by day here, it gets more worrisome.