Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Camping and Survival . com Belay my last.

I have, from time to time, recommended to people that certain specialty products useful to survivalists and preppers could be obtained from Camping and Survival . com.   I have never had any trouble with orders to them.

However, there's a wise old saying in the Marine Corps, which pertains to failure.

" Ten Thousand Atta'boys equals one Ah Shit!"

Recently a friend place an order with these guys.  It didn't come.

She emailed them. They didn't respond.

She had to escalate her pay pal dispute.

They emailed her and said part of her order was "back ordered."

This is all shoddy and unprofessional service.  Shipping an order late can be excused, if properly coordinated with the customer.

Not responding to a customer is inexcusable.  Point. Period. Exclamation mark.

I emailed them as soon as I got her letter, and I haven't had a response either.  When someone who is recommending your services on the internet asks a legitimate question and you can't be bothered to take a minute to respond, then to hell with you and your company.

So I am not doing business with them,  I am not recommending them for anything.  I feel like they let her down but they really dumped on me.  I don't do advertising or take any money or anything else from any business I talk about on the net. When I recommend one, I consider my personal credibility to be on the line. If they let me down, I don't forget and I will do everything I know to get the word out to as many people as possible. I hope their poor service and poor customer care puts them out of business.

As I read people's blogs, I see lots of those little "click the add" boxes.  Nothing wrong with that. If a person wants to make a few dollars with their blog, that's the American Way.  But I have seen some Camping and Survival . com adds, so I'm giving you a heads up.  I don't know how many pennies they pay per click, but if someone goes to them from your add, and they hose that person, there will be residual resentment on that persons part against you. I wouldn't host their adds for a few dollars a click, under those circumstances. Just something to think about.


  1. Do these companies not realize that there is a lot of competition on the internet? They act like a small town business that is the only game in town. Customer service is the most important thing, next to product quality, in my opinion. I just had a run in with a honey company that immediately charged my credit card but took their sweet time (one week) to get around to shipping. No email or tracking number. I finally had to call them and they acted like it was such a bother to talk to me. I will get my raw honey elsewhere from now on. We should post a list of crappy suppliers and an attaboy one, too.

    1. "honey company that ....took their sweet time" :-0

      That's a good one! :-)

      It's suicidal to do business this way when you work in a niche field, like these guys do. One, the word gets around the community, two you can't sell your products to the population at large, so the net impact of aggravating a customer is much more dramatic. Not to mention she writes a blog with a massive number of readers, more than I have by far, and I have no doubt she'll detail her misadventures with Camping Survival. com so none of those people run aground on an order with them.

      I'm not done with these guys. Part of my job with the oil and gas company was running down ownership in businesses, using internet tools like "Hoovers." I've found another individual in the company who should at least know what his underlings are doing, and I've emailed him. I will keep working my way up the ladder. I may not do my friend any good, but I bet I can make some eyes water there at Camping and Survival. In general, the higher ups are infuriated when they find out their underlings have cost them money through slovenly work. The old man I worked for who owned the entire company was a dyed in the wool S.O.B. with tentacles in every department or branch. If you cost him a lot of money by losing a deal or an investor, he would consider it the cost of business provided your own performance was unflawed. But woe betide any individual who cost him so much as a nickel through poor job performance. Those people vanished in short order.

  2. Thanks for the heads up Harry, I keep you and Stephen high on my list of trusted folk, and my list is short. Word of month can help a business or kill it.

    1. Especially in our community, the number of suppliers for some commodities is limited. That's bad for the supplier if they don't come up to scratch, because being a big fish in a small pond makes you vulnerable to "bad press."

  3. Well if nothing else your readers will be well informed now about them! That goes a long way. Although I dare say someone may be sorry to have not responded promptly to your inquiries.

    1. One thing most businesses know is not to screw around with retired people. First, you don't know what their skill set or life experience has been. They may turn out to be people who know how to make life miserable for you. Second, they usually have unlimited time to pursue a
      vendetta, unlike the average customer who has to deal with regular life.
      Third, senior citizens generally cherish a grudge against society in general because they feel patronized and discarded. Messing with them is like throwing a lit match into a black powder storage room. It is unwise in the extreme.

  4. word of mouth is the best advertisement. thank you for the heads up. I know many will look elsewhere, as competition is everywhere, and good American companies abound.

    1. Well said, P.P. That's my thought. Also, I don't want to be responsible for anyone else having difficulties, so like Pontius Pilot , I "wash my hands" of them.

  5. harry - we vouch for very few companies on our blog...for the very reasons you have described here. when we were involved with the canadian preppers network...a VERY HIGHLY REPUTABLE company did a contest with us...we were thrilled. so we asked the winner to do a proper write-up about what he won. the winner was HARSH about the packaging. and a few other details. the posts on the cpn have since been taken down by others.

    the president of the company and i had had several really nice emails during the time of the contest - he played up on both of us serving in the military and wanted to be "friends". however, the write-up on the cpn by the winner was just awful! and the president of the company went mad over it! and told me that he didn't like the write-up....and i told him that the winner had every right to make the complaints that he made. needless to say, the president of this high-and-mighty survival company told me he would have nothing more to do with the cpn!

    not the way to run a business in my mind. the winner/writer's complaints were all very justified.

    sending much love! your friend,

    1. Your experience was even worse than mine. But the principle is the same. Most of the people I know are hard working people who watch every penny. The person I recommended these guys to is a mom with little kids, she's a wife, and works two jobs plus runs her blog and God knows what else. So she sends them her money and they treat her with disrespect. I might have to let black thugs yell at me in my car, but I don't have to sit still and shrug off this kind of thing.

      I don't know any of us, (except one guy who owns an M60, I sh*t you not) who have the money to take a hit on our orders. And even he is frugal and wouldn't let it slide.

  6. Hey Harry and Kymber,


    When ever money gets involved in things people get ugly.

    There are a few retailers out there in the internet world that are really good. I talked to one today. A fellow out of Houston that makes the best muzzle brakes for Mosin Nagants on the planet. He makes a fine product from a small machine shop.

    Its hard finding good people out there that do good work.

    Oh' Yeah' Harry.....

    If I had land in the South I also would not have coon hunts on my land. It does not sound sporting. I don't mean to sound like a rabid, liberal environmentalist. My view is unless I need to eat the animal or the animal is threat that wont go away. I would rather not shoot the animal.

    My grandfather and great grandfather in New Mexico on their ranch had a raccoon that would come out and get 'handouts' on occasion at the cow camp. They really enjoyed that raccoon for all if its antics.
    Awhile later a hunter shot the raccoon for no reason and left it out to rot in the desert.

    Down here in South Texas we shoot feral hogs all the time for sport. Hell it's more like a mass slaughter that wont go away. The feral hogs are the most hated pests in Texas. I have no problem with shooting them because of their destructive nature and prolific breeding.

    1. " I have no problem with shooting them because of their destructive nature and prolific breeding." I bet you wreck havoc on the Mexican population then. When you get done cleaning that area up come up to North Georgia!

      I like having animals come up around my place and I don't understand just killing for fun. Killing for self defense, for food, to avenge an insult, I can see. But just for the hell of it? I can't tell you how many times I've had this discussion with somebody in town and they say "God gave man dominion over the animals so killing them is fine." What can you say to that?

      The day may come before too long before I'll be shooting feral hogs for food. Things aren't looking too good overall these days, and I'm looking for it to get worse. Not better.