Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday 0400

No sign of fall.  Heavy rain for about an hour, then the sun came out and was primordial rain forest out there.

   Drove into town anyway in the afternoon, because I didn't feel like cooking and I didn't want anything I had on the shelves that I could just microwave.

Steam was coming up off the road and the grass by the road. I'm ready for the first fire of the year in the fireplace, but instead I'm running air conditioning in all the buildings.

My wife pointed out that the leaves are starting to change on some of the trees. That's a hopeful sign.

Got this from a friend.   I don't think it's much of an exaggeration.  You only have to look at what's going on in the North Georgia mountains with Hispanics to see what a massive influx of foreigners with astronomical birth rates will do to a place.  Don't take my word for it, go over to Gainesville, Ga.
Under 2,000 Hispanics in 1986.  Approximately 140,000 today.  The Europeans are committing cultural suicide. They should remember that no good deed goes unpunished.  I notice all this is now showing up on our own news stations. CNN was talking about how a group of Democratic Senators are getting up a bill to increase by 30,000 the number we let in from this latest exodus, this year. Wonder how many ISIS plants in that crew will vote Democrat, because that's all that matters to those social engineers.

Watched the new Mad Max on pay per view.  Not a bad show. I notice that modern weapons figure prominently in the post apocalyptic world of the movie. Ammo was a problem, though.  "You've only got three rounds left for the Big Boy."

SKS fans will be pleased by the tricked out Chinese SKS that figures prominently in the show.

Escapism.  We all need it.  There's a new Robert Redford movie that looks good. I liked "All is Lost",  This one looks good too.

At the end of the trailer there some obnoxious woman with her own video tacked on, just turn the thing off. This was the only trailer I could find without a long advertisement at the front you had to wade through.

If you missed "All is Lost" it was a good flick. Probably wouldn't cost a lot to pick up the DVD now.


  1. Hey Harry,


    I saw the Mad Max movie on Saturday afternoon.

    I was impressed with the guns used. There was one rather rusted, wore out looking Ma' Duce.
    I saw the first Mad Max movie back in 1979 in the movie theaters and Road Warrior back in 1981.
    The best car chase scene was in the first five minutes of Mad Max (1979) between the 'Main Force Police' and that insane character 'The Knight Rider" I would argue to date that still is the best car chase scene ever, from any movie (the video is on youtube)

    Kinda makes me think that upon societies collapse. All kinds of people that would otherwise be locked up and on meds in a facility will be running loose creating mischief, mayhem, murder and havoc.

    Hey Harry.

    Your right about the proliferic breeding and the immigrant exodus to our country and the people that are pushing for their own cultural suicide. What gets me is that unions push their members to vote democratic when the democrats are pushing to bring in workers to break the unions with cheap labor????

    I don't get it.

    I guess they are more concerned with immediate gains today then with stability and gains tomorrow.

    Hey Harry, I got a question. Is the SKS at range more accurate than AK, or is that based on who made the rifle in the first place and the quality of the rifle? I have no experience with the SKS.
    I guess if my AR was falling apart (or has fallin' apart) in a total Mad Max scenario. I would prefer the durability of a Russian weapon (actually anything I could get ammo for)
    I have to default back to the Mosin (If I had ammo) Maybe its just me, but I think older infantry weapons 1900 to 1945 could take much more abuse in the worst conditions possible (excluding the AK)

    1. I don't know the answer to the question about the accuracy at different ranges, CC. For me, here in the mountains, I almost never shoot at anything further out than 100 yards, so it's never come up. Maybe somebody else who's more into target shooting will see the question and answer it.

      It's a good question, though. I'd guess the SKS.

    2. My guess is the SKS has a longer barrel than the AK. Therefore you should have a little better accuracy.--T

    3. Makes sense to me. Up here in the mountains, where you are almost always hemmed in by the forest, accuracy takes second place to reliability and hitting power, so I never thought much about it.

  2. The "Walk in the woods" looks brilliant!! We'll probably only get it next year some time - if we're lucky. But, definitely something to look forward to.

    S'funny though, Nick Nolte took the bad guy role in the "Rich Man, Poor Man" TV series many, many, many moons ago - and I've never forgiven him / liked him because of that lol.

    1. I think the first time I saw Nick Nolte was in Quest for Fire back in the mid seventies. He's a good actor. I like Robert Redfords pictures too. It's a shame you have to wait so long to see the movie. I'm sure it will be out here on DVD in a few months, but I wonder if your country uses the same format as we do. I know Europe doesn't.

    2. Still haven't seen the new Mad Max - need to fix that. Was told that the hero is really the heroine, but full of action sequences.

      I highly recommend the book that inspired the movie A WALK IN THE WOODS by Bill Bryson. Funny as all get out but he also puts a lot of factoids inside it (as with all his books). He was born in America, emigrated to England for some years before moving back. I think his best book was the one written about Australia - he used to write a lot of travel books back before 9/11 events occurred.

      I agree with comments about uncontrolled immigrants moving into Europe - there will be trouble over this soon. Complete madness.

    3. I'm planning on going to the movie this weekend if the weather is good.

      I don't know Bill Bryson at all. Never came across anything he wrote but I'll see how the movie goes and if it's good I'll see about getting some of his books. I have to watch the book budget, as I tend to go over on a monthly basis as it is!

      The chaos over there is indescribable. I notice the news coverage in America is being carefully controlled to make it look like poor, sad little families are making up this mad rush. But the United Nations says that 75% of the "immigrants" are men. Watching Al Jazeera you can tell this because they interview all these young guys traveling in groups. Not the American networks. All mommy, daddy and the twelve kids on those shows.

  3. Good Morning Harry,

    I saw your comment at my blog , and I will email you shortly. But to answer your question, yes.

    Senior and I have been wondering how long it will be until obama opens our doors up to the influx of refugees hitting Germany. I am actually anticipating it at any time..

    1. He already has, Glock Mom. They are quietly bringing them into Idaho right now, but I think when they double the numbers it will cause a stir. A few day ago I did a post, can't remember the title, but I included a Fox News video that gave the actual numbers of these Syrians, Africans, et al that the government is letting in, and that was before the "white house press spokesman" gave numbers that were higher.

      I'll look for the email.

    2. Idaho?
      The giverment dumping gimmes' in the redoubt?

    3. http://www.wnd.com/2015/04/hundreds-of-muslim-refugees-headed-to-idaho/

      The above dates back to mid April, before the "crisis" in Europe had really been recognized. If you google "Idaho refugees" you'll find a lot of news articles on the subject. Apparently the Mayor of Boise is a "progressive" who also has financial links to companies that facilitate the importation of "refugees" into the state. Rural American states are getting a lot more of these people dumped on them because they raise less fuss than the better organized largely urban states. Somewhere on the blog I posted a news article from the MSM that listed the numbers of "immigrants" or "refugees" per year, per state and it was appalling.

  4. Harry,

    No way would I see "Walk in the woods". It stars two of Hollywood's biggest liberal, Communist gun grabbers.

    I don't support anyone who hates America and God given liberties, especially these two.

    Semper Fi

    1. Alex, I've always liked Robert Redford's movie, starting with the first one I saw in a theater. That was "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid."

      I tend to be pragmatic on that issue. Most actors are liberals. George C. Scott was a liberal but I liked his films too.

      While you could still do it, I bought Red Chinese ammo, AK-47's, SKS rifles, and even several M1911A1 pistols.

      I guess if it serves my purposes I'm flexible about the political side, but I can see your position as well. Like I'm doing with Amazon and Walmart.

  5. I was unable to catch the latest Mad Max movie. It's 50 mile drive to the theater and it just didn't happen. Too bad as I've enjoyed the other movies. I even know a local guy who was an extra in the movie. He looks like a Mad Max character in his normal life, but he's really a nice and intelligent guy.

    The question with all these new people is how strong is American culture? My grandparents on my Mother's side were naturalized citizens. They did everything they could to become American to the point of only speaking English at home.

    I've a brother-in-law from Mexico, now a citizen, who learned English so well he works as a translator. (you should hear him rant about all those illegals)

    American culture was strong once. It could absorb a lot of people from all over. They wanted to become Americans. If they didn't quite adapt 100%, their kids did.

    So I've come to ask myself, what has become of American culture? Have we devolved into people who's main goal in life is to buy more crap from China? That's not a vision that new arrivals find fulfilling.

    It doesn't look like we are absorbing new people like we used to.

    1. Part of the issue is that the immigrants we all think of from those days were Europeans. Italians, Germans, British, Irish, etc. They had an entirely different mindset than the middle eastern and african immigrants that are flooding across borders today.

      In order to integrate into a society, you have to want to do that. Of course people settled in Polish neighborhoods, Irish neighborhoods, etc for mutual support but they did make an effort to be mainstream.

      We have Iraqis from the First Gulf War in Atlanta who don't step foot outside their apartments except for the once a week trip to the grocery store when the state picks them up and gives them their check. They still wear their bizarre clothing, speak no English, have no friends. Not even other Iraqis since they brought their Sunni/Shia nonsense with them. They don't interact with Americans any more than they can help because they are appalled at what they see as our dissolute culture (with Miley Cyrus shaking her behind and such, I can see their point.) Ever so often some weed writes an article in the Atlanta paper about "the poor Iraqis" and how "we" haven't done enough to make them feel welcome, etc.

      Then there's the fact that any place can handle only so many people. There are only X number of jobs, X number of housing units, X amount of food and water, X capacity for health care, education, etc.

      Inner city blacks, who are the primary benefit of government largess, detest these immigrants because they draw off resources that many blacks consider "black entitlements." So the more middle easterners we import, the greater the tension in "de hood." I think that's part of why the feds have started dumping off the unwanted arrivals in rural states like Idaho and Georgia.

  6. I've been seeing dry leaves around on the ground. No colorful leaves just yet though.

    I agree with you that the Europeans are committing cultural suicide. That whole situation is crazy!

    1. Alisaa, it's raining and cold here today. Feels more like late November. I wonder if we are going to just give fall a miss and go right from summer to winter? ;-)

      Merkel said in speech yesterday that this migration will fundamentally transfigure Europe forever. If she knows that, why is she facilitating the "third world make over" German cities , for instance, are nice places , relatively clean and efficiently run. When the new arrivals start slaughtering goats on the balconies of their new state supplied apartments, I wonder how the Germans are going to like that. In Gainesville Georgia, the Hispanics moved in and started packing 20 people into a single residence. They did slaughter goats and let them bleed out hanging from the front porch in residential neighborhoods. The city council passed a law prohibiting that and the Hispanics just laughed. By then, the police weren't going into their neighborhoods because the Hispanic gangs were running those areas.

      That's what is going to play out in Europe. The Europeans are going to die from a self inflicted wound, just as we are doing here with illegal immigrants and the vast number of Third World troglodytes we've imported ourselves. Trump called it right from the get go.

  7. Haven't been to the movies in 15 years. Not much Hollywood has made lately that appeals to me. As with most so called stars I find it hard to watch a Redford movie as I struggle to separate him as an actor from the fraud he is in real life. The last real movie we saw at a theater was one called The Lives of Others. An obscure German film about a STAZI agent who becomes increasingly absorbed by the lives of the people he spies on. A real biographical account with no famous actors so it was much more realistic.

    1. I saw that movie about the Stazi. The guy wound up doing some piss ant job after reunification, as I recall.

      I like movies. I always have. My favorites are the older movies from the 1940's and 1950's. I still like some of the modern ones. I know the actors are left wing, but I try to focus on the characters they play, rather than the person playing the character.

      For us, going to the movies is a treat. We drive through the mountains to a town on a big lake. Right on the lake shore there's a nice theater with six screens. They have a nice concession stand and the theater is comfortable. We usually have dinner out afterwards. I suppose it's a "date night" for my wife and I, and we thoroughly enjoy it.

  8. We are for sure getting an influx of Syrians here in Idaho! The folks I know in Twin Falls aren't happy about it at all. At the last town hall mtg. some folks were mad as hell, but the city council acted like they couldn't do a thing about it. I dunno...maybe one taste of our winters here and they may decide to walk south to Arizona. One thing I know for certain, if they send refugees over to my side of the state, where the schools are so overpopulated, there might just be a riot.

    Nobody in the media has said this so I will. This refugee madness is the direct result of our dear leader's pathetic foreign policy. Thanks once again, Barry from Honolulu. --Troy

    1. Obama uses the politics of race. The only opposition to his politics is white. If you increase the number of non-white voters, you delute the power of that group who oppose him. You increase the number of loyal democratic voters. You bleed the opposition dry, because it's the white working class that pays most of the income tax in the U.S.

      We have more "needy" immigrants, who have to have public funding, but we're broke? What to do? Tax people like my kids, who already have trouble making ends meet while they work like dogs. Meanwhile , Jimal and Kunta are "drawing" their checks, living in the projects, paying no taxes, and having babies. Lots and lots of babies. Maybe not as many as Jorge and Juanita, but they're close.

      Basically, we and the Europeans are screwed. They just don't realize it yet. Although I should say some of them do. Yesterday off the coast of a Greek Island, masked men in Zodiacs attacked an immigrant boat, destroyed the engine, took the fuel, and left it to drift back out to sea. More of that kind of thing will happen as Europeans realize their leaders have sold them out, as ours have. The vast majority will do nothing, but there will be some who won't sit back quietly and watch this happen.

  9. Harry, yes I have been watching what is going on in Europe. Seems the spread of Islam is making its way west, and yes they will regret what they did.

    1. Senior Chief, I guess we should be glad, as not everyone is privileged to watch the end of an era in their life times. I don't feel very privileged though.

      I feel worse for people my kids age than I do for most people. The young ones are going to see the quality of life here decline precipitously.

  10. Harry,

    I saw a trailer on the movie, "A Walk in the Woods" while working in the family room of my parents home. This does look like a great movie, maybe I can get my husband to go with me to the theater. It's been a long while since we actually sat in a theater to watch a movie. I wonder if they'll be checking my bag at the door?

    1. They aren't doing that here, yet. I always go to the theater armed but they'd have to have me take off my vest to know it.

      I was planning on going to see the movie this weekend if the weather is nice.