Wednesday, November 25, 2015

A Cold Wind from the North

A cold wind has been blowing in from the North all day.  This morning I went out and everything was frozen over.  Had to bust up the ice on the water troughs with a hammer.  The sun is out, but it never warmed up past 40 degrees. The dogs and I were going to walk down and get the mail, but I decided to pass for today. Might not have gotten back up the mountain, the cold just saps the energy from you.

Spent most of the day in my easy chair.  We have a new system worked out here now that the wife is home. I have a set of head phones with a long wire on them. So I sit in the easy chair and listen to the satellite radio while she lays on the couch under a blanket and watches her favorite shows on TV. We can spend time together and still do what we both want to do.  I can hack about an hour of QVC and women's clothing for the sake of "togetherness" and that's about it. She can watch one "Survivorman" and then she's ready for a change.

We have so much food we bought for the holidays that today I couldn't shut the freezer on the refrigerator. I don't know why we did that, we didn't really need anything and the kids aren't coming home for Thanksgiving. But we both agree it makes us feel more festive to have a lot of fresh food.Much of it is things we would never ordinarily buy, like pies.  It does make it feel more like a holiday season time though.

I am normally a frugal person.  Part of it is due to my life's experience, where money was often in short supply. Part of it is being Scotch Irish.  But even so, we spent lavishly and didn't count the cost. I even tried to buy several cases of canned chicken at a big box store a few days ago. They said they could not sell me the chicken in the case. They said they would have to take all the cans out and scan them individually. I pointed out that I had brought them a can to scan. The clerk got the manager. She said they couldn't sell the chicken in the case. She did not know why. I told them to keep it.

In a few minutes I'll go out and feed the chickens.  Then I'll turn on the security lights on the outbuildings, and turn the heat on in the shop, the enclosed portion of the barn, and the apartment.

Later, after dark, I'll feed the dogs and cats (again.)  I have to feed them before the chickens come down from their roosts in the morning, and after the chickens go to roost at night. No way to keep them off the animal food otherwise, though the greedy birds eat 80 pounds of corn a week in winter.

For the most part, I keep chickens as a reserve source of eggs and meat.

The dogs eat the eggs now, since I'm not much on eggs. That is largely why they tend to obesity I suppose, but since my chickens are free range there's not a lot I can do about it.

The dogs aren't complaining, at any rate.

So, it's been a very calm, relaxing day with no aggravations or worries. I hope the holiday season stays calm and without worry, for all of us.


  1. Hey Harry,


    I have a head cold right now. I don't feel much for typing. I think I will go back to bed.
    I will be okay. Being sick, even a minor sickness sucks.

  2. CC: Sorry you are sick. Being sick is bad enough, but I keep telling you that you need to get a woman to take care of you at times like this.

    Try Nightime Thera-Flu, it will help you breath and it will knock you out so you can sleep. If they don't have that down there, get some Baptist Bourbon, also known as NyQuil.

  3. Well dog food is expensive too so the eggs make a good supplement for them.
    So annoying they wouldn't sell you the case. Sheesh.

    1. They were moronic little drones. I so wish there was a Costco or a Sam's within driving distance, but there isn't.

      The dogs are overweight but so am I , so we all need to do more morning walks.

  4. So here you go Harry, " OMG! Gun Home Shopping Network Set to Launch in January! OMG!"

    1. I hope they are on Direct TV! Then I can sit in there and watch hours and hours of programming and my wife can listen to the satellite radio!

  5. Snow on the car this morning. Temperatures in the teens and the wind cuts like a knife. My head's in two places. Taking care of business up north while planning sailboat projects and destinations.

    Everyone up here is either sick, getting over being sick, or think they are starting to be sick. I think I got some minor food poisoning, but pretty much have that sorted out.

    1. I notice a lot of sickness up here too. I guess it's just that season what with the cold and damp.

  6. Get better and simple chicken stock helps too. Happy Thanksgiving and stay safe all of you.

    1. You too, Fiona. Hope things are all well at your place.

    2. Happy Thanksgiving Harry! We are going to have an abundance of food a good deal on boston butts at the market, needless to say the freezer is packed and we will be eating pork for 6

      Love to you and the Mrs. Enjoy the day...

  7. had the drones-refuse-to-sell-a-case problem before.

    treatmrnt for wnter diseases.
    buy cherry kirsch and real lemons. every other hour heat gently a cup of kirsch and add fresh lemon juice to it when you take it off the heat.
    at every in between hour have hot chicken stock.
    these things are brought to you by your loving mate all night and all day until you are better.

  8. FYI :

  9. That can story sounds about right... groan.
    Reminds me of this :

    I was in England once and wanted to buy a few slices of meat and cheese.
    They sliced the meat and then started to carve a big block of cheese for me.
    I asked them if they could just slice a little bit instead. Brits always buy cheese in blocks, and my request for slices threw them off-balance.

    The girl wasn't sure if they could do that, so she and the manager had a meeting about it. After a few seconds, they decided that the meat slicer just might work to slice some cheese too, and by Jove they'd give it a go. The girl bravely loaded the block onto the slicer and proceeded to carve out a few mini-blocks that were about a quarter-inch thick.

    She deserved a "A" for going outside her comfort zone, so I told her that they were perfect, and walked away grinning to myself. She probably told her family that night about the crazy Yank who doesn't know how to eat cheese.

    Heh - Baptist Bourbon.