Sunday, November 15, 2015

Feels like Winter

We went into town this morning, just before sun up.  Needed some supplies and didn't want to get in a lot of traffic.  Turns out we need not have bothered.  Town was deserted, hardly any people around. The tourist season is over and the snowbirds have gone back to Florida.  It's pretty bleak up here once winter comes along.

I tried to "go shopping " with the wife but got tuckered out and had to go sit on the bench in front of the grocery store.  They have benches for the old guys who come there to sit in the sun after they get their "Senior coffee's" over at the McDonalds.  Amazing how low energy I am feeling these days. I was trying to carry out a bag of groceries to the truck from the store, sounded like a steam engine wheezing along. Some young fellow came up and said "let me carry that for you, Sir." Ordinarily I'd have just thanked him but this time I wasn't sure I was going to make it out there so I took advantage of his kind offer. Most young people today are good at heart.

I hate being so old I'm "sir" now but I don't think there's much I can do about my age.
I'll tell you a true thing. This past few months I've begun to feel like Monte Walsh.  The movie just about sums it up.  Getting older, things are changing, and you wonder where it will all lead to. If you've never seen it, treat yourself. It's an old movie and probably only costs a couple of bucks to order now.

Then we went to the post office , and after that by the bank to do a little business. I am paying off and closing a line of credit there, trying to winnow down the number of statements I have to balance . Simplifying life for the new "retired couple" lifestyle.

My wife may be able to go ahead and retire right now.  She has 38 unused sick days, and since the school system won't pay her for them when she retires, she has asked to use them to cover December. They may let her do that, which would be nice.  Talked to the kids and they are coming down for Christmas. My daughter says she will find three or four ferrets that need a "forever home" and bring them to me.

 I asked her to please go get the concealed carry permit for her state. She let her Georgia permit (which was reciprocal) expire.

I have always believed in arming the women in the family and  training them in the use of the weapons. My wife put up with it, and so did my daughter. They used to complain about the heat, the humidity and the bugs at the range, but they went and they learned.  Back in the 80's you just assumed women in Georgia rural environments could handle a weapon. But now, with so many people from other places living here, the practice seems to have died off. I think that's a real mistake. When we were young parents I was always working and gone, so my wife had to be able to take care of herself and the kids. Once my daughter was a young woman, it was especially important for her to keep up to speed in that regard. But now I think we have become complacent, between her problems with her former boyfriend and the rising crime, it's time to get the show back on the road.

I think after watching the news yesterday she is more amenable to putting in some effort in that regard. My daughter is brave, and doesn't back off or kowtow to anybody. But she's still a woman, She needs Colonel Colt's equalizer. So do old people who have trouble walking on uneven ground, let alone going hand to hand with thugs.

My son has his Sig P226 that he got for his birthday years ago.  He went ahead and got a state CC permit when his Georgia permit expired, but I doubt he carries often.  I asked him to try to get back in the habit. The place they work is a soft target.

He and I have matching Galco Miami Classic shoulder rigs and we both own Sig P226 semi-autos. Mine is an older West German gun with a different finish, but as Jeremiah Johnson said about the Hawkin " you cain't go no better."

The long cold nights are coming.  I suppose I'm about as ready as I could be. Just have to see how things go. Don't we all...


  1. Well we've dropped down into the 30's here in the coastal flat lands. The almanac says our winter will be colder and rainier than normal. I guess I need to break out the flannels and treat my boots.

  2. 32 degrees out there at 4:00 a.m. No wind blowing. It'll be colder down the mountain, where the cold air pools in the hollows. I've been going around tonight checking for any drafts. Got to get this place 100% before the real cold gets here.

    Nothing wrong with a good pair of flannels this time of year.

  3. Yeah, I'm already starting to feel like a groundhog in winter.

    1. Gorges, it just isn't warming up today. Just before 1500, the sun hasn't been out from behind the clouds and it's low fifties.

  4. Nice to "meet" the missus - looks like scrambled eggs for breakfast - you've made me hungry :)

    S'funny, is't it - age suddenly "descends" and what was easy before, has suddenly become more difficult. A little scary, and quite irritating...

    1. We like to have breakfast out if we have to go to town. It helps make the drive worth the effort.

      I don't want to be one of those old people who go out laying in a hospital bed, with their mouths open. I hope I have some dignity left when my time comes.

  5. That time I had pneumonia it took me at least three weeks to get my energy back, and I was only 33 then and had been very healthy and active. So I bet the energy problems are related to that. It really takes it out of you.

    1. My wife says I am not exercising good judgment. But there are things here that still need to be done, and nobody to do them but me. You're right though, I'm just not bouncing back.

  6. Hey Harry,


    Damn' Vikings is good!

    That's one of the best speeches ever.

    I respect the Sig but I have to admit I Glocked out and been bite by the Glock bug,

    One the muslim thing I unfortunetly watched John Kerry (the plastic windbag) yesterday lay out he same plan for Syria as we used in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya etc.
    Guess what Kerry, democracy and elections don't work to well in that part of the world.
    What am I saying, the real reason we are over there (Syria) is to run natural gas pipelines from suadi Arabia to southern Europe to break the Russian Gasprom natural gas monopoly.

    well it will be interesting to see how Putin will go on this. Will Putin turn his back on Assad or will the Russians back up Assad in a proxy war on two fronts, one being europeon forces and the other being Isis.

    Kerry said something about ridding the world of the scurge of terrorism. Yeah' right. Thease bozo's are just getting started and they are in for the long haul. Its a way of life and a way or religion for them.

    The only way to rid the world of Isis (for the most part) is to get a general who thinks, plans and act's like Ragnar. That general should be allowed to do a full on blieztkrieg on Isis held territory (with no rules of engagement) Publicly desecrate muslim bodies, drop ordinance on holy places and specialize in being a ruthless bastard and fight with reckless abandon.

    If any Isis officers and or religious leaders are caught they should be held in pigpen's with live pigs with live video feed that any muslim can view online 24/7.

    Break there will and spirit. Let them figure out they are better off being store keepers, goat herders whatever. Just give up your current jihadis vocation and go home hadji.

    1. We will have to fight them, here or there. I think there is better. It doesn't matter if we "offend" Moslems because the ones that hate us, will anyway. The one's that don't are afraid of ISIS and it's ilk, so they will support ISIS to save their own asses.

      We are doing a pretty good job of getting rid of the most notorious and effective terrorist leaders, the drone program has chalked up some big scores. The problem is that they are like weeds, as long as any are left they propagate and just keep popping up. It's worth noting, in my opinion, that the only people who have ever been able to control these savages were strong men like Saddam or Mubarak.

  7. Cut yourself some slack. You've been pretty sick and it takes time to bounce back.

    All my daughters learned how to shoot. My two oldest enjoy it. My youngest, not so much, but she can pick up a firearm and know how to handle it. My oldest lives in MA, and it's nearly impossible to get a carry permit there. That's one reason her family plan is to bug out to NH.

    I'm heading back to NH for a few weeks soon and expect to freeze my tookus off. One of buddies talked to me on the phone yesterday and said it was snowing back home. Well, at least I've got a sailboat waiting for me in FL when I get back.

    1. That will be quite a change, going from balmy Florida to Ice Age New Hampshire. Hope there's no damage at your place from the cold.

      It's madness not to train the womenfolk in a family. Particularly today, when everybody seems to be working two jobs, the man can't be home all the time. That guy in Atlanta who trained his wife in using a .38 a week before the giant crackhead with a record longer than your arm broke into his house, had the right idea. If he hadn't done that, when he did it, he'd be short one wife and two children right now.

    2. I winterized the house and won't even open it up for the short time I'm going to be back. I will raid it for warmer clothes and more boat gear and tools, but that will be with flashlights. My daughter bought a second house as an investment and we'll stay there. It's not ready for renting yet, but the heat is on and the wifi works.

  8. Harry - i understand the "sir" thing. i was only 32 and was buying a coffee in a starbucks back in the city. when the 19yr old guy gave me back my change, he held both of my hands for a second and said very sweetly "m'am, i think it's so cool when older people are pierced" (i had a nose ring, and eyebrow ring and a labrette which is a piercing just under your bottom lip). needless to say, i took the piercings out when i got home that night. he called me "m'am"!!!! now you have to understand that i was wearing those piercings long before they became uber-cool, long before captain crunch was even surfing!!! but the idea that he thought "older people" were cool if they were pierced - that was it for me. not the same story as yours but i understand!

    i hope your wife can use her sick days to finish up her time to retirement, i knew a lot of people in the gov who were able to do that - even i did that with my saved up vacation time (80 days if you can believe it). i hope your daughter gets her concealed carry - in these very dangerous times, it is very important for young women to be able to defend themselves.

    winter is definitely approaching and jam and i are looking forward to lots of slow-downed activities, good soups and stews, lots of bread, lots of snow angels and snowmen, lots of naps and lots of reading. winter is a good time to get lots of rest and read lots of books.

    sending much love to you as always! your friend,

    1. Kymber, you are so petite and sweet looking, I never thought of you as having nose rings and things like that. The madness of youth, I guess!

      I hope my daughter will get it done too. She tends to put things on the back burner that I would have given a higher priority. She is talking to my wife right now on the phone, and in a minute I will go up and nag her about it again. All she has to do is go fill out the paperwork, I will pay the fees.

      It would be really nice if M could just go ahead and retire. She is just marking time now, and I don't like the administrators at her school. If her principal harasses her he is going to get a visit he isn't going to like.

    2. Hey Harry and Kymber,


      Okay' Kymber, I saw that!

      I have been surfing 20 years. Don't tell me you had the same nose ring thing for 20 years (I guess it would be all rusted right now)

      I am not uber cool either. I'm a pork chop in a 'shake and bake' world.

      'just this evening my oil field worker friend asked how I wanted my brisket. I said 'just slit its throat, lob off the hooves and I am good to go.

      That's why I don't go out on dates:) that and I am have no piercings or tattoo's.

    3. Harry - when i was in the military at age 20, i got my belly button pierced. then at age 25 i went to a doctor at the MIR and told him i wanted to get my nose pierced after my month long leave from an Alert (Arctic Circle) posting. i asked the doctor if having the nose ring in for a month and then taking it out during working hours would be enough time for it to heal. he said it should be fine. so i got my nose pierced the first day out of Alert. wore the nose ring for a month, then took it out to go back to work, put it back in on days off, took it out when in uniform, etc., etc. but then in the mid-90's when i was offered a civilian job at the same desk that i was working as a military person, i went out that weekend and did my eyebrow and labrette. a lot of friends told me that my face was too tiny for all of those piercings but then a bunch of my friends said that they couldn't remember my face without the piercings. when i went in for an interview for a specialist position at the solicitor general, the interviewer recommended that i take out the piercings. i asked if it was a requirement for the job. they said no. i kept the piercings and got on elevators with cabinet members and senators who almost fainted seeing my piercings. then, the canadian government public service formed a group to try and get young people to join the service and used a pic of me, with other people of course, because i looked "edgy and funky" or something. when i go out to dances and functions here i always wear my nose ring and people are always amazed...but the young kids think it's cool.

      i loved my piercings but there comes a time to take them out. my labrette and eyebrow grew over from years of not wearing them whereas my nose ring hole has never grown over, neither my belly button. jambaloney likes the belly ring so i wear it for him. one of these days it will start sagging like mad and i will take it out then. but i really enjoyed all of my piercings and i love jam's celtic tourque tattoo on his left arm.

      i hope your daughter listened to you and will go and do the paperwork. if she still hasn't done so in a few days maybe have your wife explain to her why it is so important?

      it sounds like M has some really sh*tty administrators and i don't like the sound of that. i hope she can just smoothly retire after all of her years of hard work.

      and Captain - i was 20 when i got my belly pierced so that piercing IS older than you've been surfing - bahahahahah! but i have changed the ring many times over the years. currently my belly ring is a barbell with a pink heart dangling from it. i used to wear all kinds of different jewelry in my nose, eyebrow and labrette...but now i just wear a small diamond stud in my nose and only when we go out to dances.

      and Captain - to me, you and Harry are the epitomy of uber cool!

      sending much love to both of you! xoxox

  9. I've been automatically getting the "Senior Discount" at a few places I go, and it jarred me the first time it happened.

    Can't deny I'm getting older and I'm slowing down whether I want to or not.

    Oh, well.....

    I bought a Sig P226 in 40 S&W back when the World's Best Gun Salesman took office in 2008. It was one of the only pistols my gun range had in stock, and I figured I'd better buy it while I could.

    I'm normally a "1911 Guy", but the only 1911's they had in stock were a couple of Les Baer models, and I just couldn't afford a $3000 1911!

    The 226 is a beautiful gun, very well made, and fits my hand like a glove, but I just don't enjoy shooting it. It's hard for me to transition between the double action and single action trigger, and all my training has been using my 1911.

    If the SHTF, I'm grabbing one of my 1911's first, my Remington 870 second, and my AR last!

    And if THSHTF really, really, really bad, I've got the Sig, 5 magazines, and a bunch of ammo that would be a very high value barter item....

    1. The P226 is kind of bulky, but it's a hell of a gun, reliable as they come. I'm a 1911 guy too, but the recoil is hell on my wrists, with arthritis to deal with. I have largely switched to 9mm because it's just easier.

      Getting old is not good but I am trying really hard to maintain a good attitude and enjoy every day. It's not always easy.

  10. It's nice to see some photos of the family! It would be great if she can use her sick leave and just call it a day, then you all can have a lot of fun with your new ferret family that will be arriving. Take care, it take awhile to recover.

    1. I sometimes wonder if I should do that, Kathy. But it's too late not to, I guess. Times being what they are........

  11. Turner Classic Movies (TCM) just showed Monte Walsh this past weekend, I caught only the last few minutes of it. I'll have to make an effort to check it out - Lee Marvin was one of my favorite actors.

    1. I really liked him too. "Shout at the Devil" was one of his best films but he sure had a lot of good ones.

      Monte Walsh is about an older guy watching the world change around him, losing his friends, and basically feeling adrift. I can relate to that.