“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Daily News from the mountain monitoring station.

If you sat through the entire dreadful press conference Obama gave at the "big summit in Turkey" here's what you heard.

The first four journalists asked him how , if ISIS is clearly getting stronger and bigger, he could claim to have "contained" them.  Obama got pissed off and said his "advisors" were sure his plan to just bomb them was working. Of course, he neglected to mention that any military officers who did not go along with that have been retired or  transferred to Siberia. His "advisors" consist of liberal college professors and career bureaucrats who never go outside their air-conditioned offices in D.C.

He said, in response to a question about why we don't just go in there and kick their asses, that yes we have the best military in the world, but we can't send it in against ISIL because we would have causalities.  What a great leader in this time of crisis.

But the most important thing he said, I thought, was that there is no way to stop attacks like that which took place in Paris, and we should just accept we are going to get hit too. That raised the hair on the back of my neck. ISIL has announced it's going to hit Washington and other American cities in the near future, sounds bad.

16 State Governors have said they won't accept "syrian" immigrants in the wake of the Paris disaster. This because at least one of the attackers in Paris got there by coming in through Greece claiming to be a refugee. ISIS is crowing that it has infiltrated 5000 dedicated Jihadis into the West with the refugees since April of 2015.  Obama then said, at the conference , that the immigrants were "orphans, old people, mothers and fathers." He clearly hasn't been watching the news. Even the journalists in the audience were rolling their eyes and smiling at that gaffe.  Obama's spokesman went on television yesterday in D.C. and told the country that "there is a very intense and careful" vetting process for these refugees. People on the news are asking how that could be? Is there some secret data base in Syria we can dial into?  More B.S. from D.C. telling people "All's well." when it isn't.

On an aside, Al Jazeera is slipping their native moslem correspondents back on the news, and some of these are describing the attackers in Paris as "so called terrorists."  I'd love to know what these guys and girls think the shooters and bombers really are.


  1. Those advisors in Washington apparently do not have math skills. Paris terrorists - one in eight was a Syrian refugee. So 10,000 refugees in USA could conceivably have 1250 + terrorists included if math model holds.

    Sounds legit to me . . . NOT!

    1. You are spot on. I saw a congressman from up north somewhere saying exactly that but the news talking head just blew him off. Obama said that people who don't want these"refugees" in the country are racist. That seems to be his answer anytime anyone disagrees with him.

    2. Fine.

      Call me a racist.....

    3. I was watching the news this morning and Obama is still touting his "widows and orphans" line. At almost the same moment he was making a speech in Manila, calling Republicans trying to stop the influx of "syrians" into the U.S "Xenophobic" and laying out the widows and orphans line, Turkey announced it had arrested 8 ISIS operatives trying to leave Turkey for Greece, headed west, who were posing as "refugees."

  2. The US could not have a worse policy if their goal was failure. Makes me wonder what the goal is.

    Another pet peeve is those arm chair warrior advisers who've never been punched in the face or bloodied a knuckle. What business do they have sending men into battle?

    1. I think the goal is to further minimize the conservative white component of our society by flooding red states with stone age immigrants who will belong to the democratic party lock, stock, and barrel.

      I had first hand experience of happens when the D.C. crowd makes decisions from their air conditioned offices for troops in the field. It ended very badly for those deployed while the drones back in D.C. didn't miss a meal.

  3. Well, when the attack happens here in the states.... and it most assuredly will, hopefully your wife will be fully retired and at home when it happens. That will be one less you have to coral.

    His speech yesterday was so pathetic. He was chiding the Republicans about closing their hearts. After he and his toady Eric Holder "walked" all those weapons into Mexico, he has no room to be talking. He's responsible for literally hundreds of deaths related to that. Far more than died in Paris last Friday night.

    1. Obama doesn't care a damn about anyone but himself. He commands only contempt overseas. Doubtless that's why the French leadership is looking to Putin and Russia to take the lead in coming up with a new game plan to replace Barrack Hussein's goat rope.
      I think they will hit us here soon. Then the mealy mouthed stuffed shirt that the people whose lives matter and the white liberal crowd elected will get up and make another speech that begins "our hearts go out to the families...."

  4. he is sanguine about DC being hit, no doubt because his fellows in isis will give him plenty of warning to get out in time.
    if he suddenly has urgent business in foreign countries hold on to your hats.

    lots of those young 'immigrants' could be orphans. my husband is technically an orphan as both of his parents are dead to this world.

    apparently obama is an atheist. no one who believes in a just God could possibly behave as he does.

    as the above commenters have stated, those in power have never been in battle or gone hungry or been terrorized.
    their time is coming. as i have said before, i understand hell to be a large establishment and i'm sure they can all be accommodated when their time comes.
    i just hope their time comes soon.

    1. The left wing has always had a problem with being disconnected from reality. They have a vision of the world, which is not based on experience of the world. Consequently it has a "Peter Pan and Tinker Bell" quality to it. The problems come in when the left has power and makes decisions for the rest of us based on fantasy.

      I am beginning to believe that Obama is not just corrupt, unintelligent, self centered and dishonest. I think now he might actually be insane.

  5. i also expect him to undermine king abdullah and treat him almost as badly as he treats israel.

    1. Jordan has a long relationship with Britain. The British created the state, and the army, in the shape of the Arab Legion, was officered by Brits and Australians for decades. But as UK influence waned in the region during the 1950's, the Jordanians were astute enough to form links with the U.S.

      Now, seeing that the U.S, has become a paper tiger, weak and corrupt under Barack Hussein and his minions, they are forging ties to the new strong power in the world, the Russians. If you need support, who would you trust, Obama or Putin. I can't say I blame the Jordanians one bit.

  6. this comment might not even make sense Harry..but you have always been kind about allowing my comments through. i am sick to death of soldiers being sent to countries that at best - we can at least maintain some semblance of order. here in canada - whenever there is a major catastrophe - be it a flood, power outage, crazy storm, whatever, we bring in our troops to deliver generators, build up sandbags in a flood or pass out food.

    i am only one canadian but i want all of our troops back home and the money that we spend deploying our troops to crazy 3rd world countries - i want that money spent for our troops to be building camps for the homeless, for feeding the homeless, for helping people who are just scraping by, for helping people down on their luck and might not be able to get enough wood in for the winter. i want my canadian forces to be at home helping canadians! our canadian troops have proven time and time again, disaster after disaster, that they are well trained to go and help ordinary canadians during extreme circumstances. i want them all home helping canadians and i want our defence budget, though very small in comparison to the US, i want that budget spent on our homeless and our needy.

    i am going to sound very uncaring but at this point i really don't care - there are people who are in worse circumstances in north america who need the relief that our militaries are providing to foreigners! are there people suffering in the middle east? yes..and it breaks my heart! but the minute that every canadian and american has a home and three meals a day and has a sense of self-purpose and has a job - THEN AND ONLY THEN will i worry about the rest of the world.

    Britain, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Tanzania - GO TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN! i am sick of young north american boys being sent to places where nothing they do changes anything. and i am sick of knowing that they could be doing so much more in their own countries and making change in their own countries.

    i am sorry to have gone off on a tangent Harry! but i am sick of all of this! our soldiers and our military budgets could be better spent on taking care of the people of our own countries!

    i feel for all of the refugees...i even feel for the terrorists because they are humans too. but i really feel for the homeless north american veterans, and the people in north america who, through no fault of their own are homeless, i feel for north american children who are out on the street because of running away from bad homes. i want my military here on my soil helping build homes for people, helping to give out food to canadians, helping to build ditches and set up phone lines and a whole pile of other jobs! i don't want to spend another canadian cent in the middle east!

    if that makes me selfish...then i wear that badge proudly.

    i am sending much love your way. sorry about the rant. your friend,

    1. Kymber, I don't care a tinkers damn about the refugees. What worries me is that ISIS is growing ,getting stronger, and starting to hit the West. Canada is on their list, just like we are. I'm not happy with just waiting around and ignoring them until they kill a couple of thousand Americans. That's the inevitable result of doing nothing, which is why Obama's do nothing approach to the problem is resulting in a worsening of the situation.

      I'm not for sending in troops with restrictive rules of engagement, with no clear guidance or mission, with no end game. I am all for going in and burning out the hornets nest before it's so big we can't get rid of it.

      Isolationist sentiments are no stranger to America. We sat on our hands during World War II hoping it would pass us by, and it didn't work out too well for us.

      I understand your frustration but doing nothing will simply lead to massive attacks in Canada. Remember that ISIS believes God has ordained a World Caliphate. They don't want just the middle east, they want the whole planet. I'd rather fight them over there than fight them in the streets like the French are now doing.

      You aren't selfish. I don't agree with your opinion on the issue but I certainly don't value one of my oldest blog friends any less for that.

    2. Harry - they have already announced that Canada is next on the list and if they are idiot enough to try this bullcrap in canada then i say bring it on. we canadians are dead sick of receiving "refugees" from 3rd world countries when our american brothers and sisters can't even come here..unless they have bazillions to spend on lawyers! thank goodness trudeau is not jumping at the gate about these refugees, even though he has agreed to 25,000 of them. but only after they have been vetted properly.

      i agree with you that the US, canada, and russia should head over there and bomb the living crap out of them! i really do. but what i am sick of is having one of my friends who is a tiny, well-trained intelligence analyst being sent over to afghanistan for her last 2 years of service before she can retire...being sent to a place that not even the americans nor the russians could control. she has served her country and served it well...and now she is in afghanistan??? away from her children??? why????

      i know that the US and Russia alone can bomb the hell out of anywhere that we think these terrorists live so lets do so. will civilian casualties be involved? in which war were civilian casualties not involved?

      i say we should p*ss or get off the pot!

      i feel terrible for true refugees who are trying to save their children's lives. i just don't want any pretenders here on our continent who can then wreak havoc. we have enough problems with the country south of your border.

      and i want canadian tax payers taxes spent here...in canada!!!!

      i send much love to you and all of yours, as always! xoxo

    3. You're a good woman, Kymber. You have a good heart. I'm not in disagreement with anything you said. I doubt we can finish this problem off with air power, though. I can't think of a single war where air power alone could bring the issue to a close. We bombed the hell out of Germany and Japan in WW2, but they fought on to the bitter end. Germany was overrun on the ground, and Japan suffered the atomic bomb.

      The only way to bring ISIS down is to crush them under the boots of the ground forces. If you have to keep troops there while you do some "nation building", then that's how it has to be. The "cut and run" solution didn't work very well for us in Iraq. I think in that part of the world you could hardly find a worse type of government than a democracy. The people there are happy with a strong man government, if the dictator can keep peace and order and make the water and lights run, they're happy. One really big problem with Americans is that they just don't understand not everybody wants to be just like us.

      Canada and the U.S. both have volunteer military forces. Nobody got drafted. It's the old saying "you knew the job was dangerous when you took it." I know people on their third or fourth tours are doing more than their share, but I also know that many of them are there because they asked to be.

      It's a tangled web, but wishful thinking isn't going to get us out of it. I just hope my country doesn't sit on it's haunches and wait for another 911 because we have a complete buffoon in the office of the Presidency.

  7. Replies
    1. He has the people who lives matter supporting him no matter what. He has the Democratic Party supporting him, regardless of what he does. He has the media behind him in lock step. I'd love to see it happen, but the second someone in D.C. suggests it they are inundated with high pitched screams of "racist" from the left. I don't think it will happen but I applaud the sentiment.

  8. Hey Harry,


    I read a book by that guy who wrote the book 'One Second After" called 'Day of Wrath"
    That's the worst case possible scenario that I can think of.

    Since our leaders on the federal level are incompetent. Maybe on the local levels, Sheriff's, police departments and other local and state law enforcement agencies are on high alert.

    I really hope that they are vigilant and standing fast.

    I fear much darker days are coming and every crisis will be used as a 'stepping stone' to tyranny.

    On one final note; I gotta say that if I were president I would give a press conference citing that I 'would use every weapon in our arsenal if we are attacked including the use of tactical nuclear weapon's and targeting of religious shrines in a swift and massive retaliatory strike.

    let them (Isis, Iran, North Korea and a few others) stew on that for awhile.

    Go big or go home I say....

    1. Well, there's this. Pakistan is a fanatical, fundamentalist Islamic state that has nuclear weapons. The Pakistani intelligence service is closely tied to the Taliban and has links to Al Qaeda. We are paying off Pakistan with huge sums to keep the lid on it. But if we irradiate some Islamic site, it's well within the bounds of possibility that the Pakis will pass some of their nuclear weapons to ISIL or some other outfit that will use them. It would not be hard, with our porous borders, to get the things into the states.

      Then there's the regime in North Korea. Little Kim is crazy as a bed bug. If we use nuclear weapons to solve one problem, he's sure to figure he's next on the list. They have a ballistic missile that can reach the west coast now. North Korea is a wild card when you consider using tactical nuclear weapons.

      And, there's always the Iranians. They will have a nuclear weapon in less than five years. Right now, nobody has used a nuc since 1945. If we start using nuclear ordnance it will be easier for others to justify doing so.

      We don't really need to use nucs anyway. If we decided to wipe out Mecca or Isfahan or Islamabad et al we could do it easily enough with conventional ordnance. We have have the B2 fleet and a large number of the old but still lethal B52 fleet.

      I haven't read Forstchen's sequel to One Minute After. I know of Day of Wrath, probably it's enjoying a revival of sales on Amazon as we speak.

      The States are taking precautions above and beyond the Feds. The push back against bringing in thousands of potential Jihadis is one example. There's much more common sense in some states than there is in D.C.

  9. Out governor seems to be living in Fantasy Land, right next door to Obama. Even though Minnesota is ranked number one in ISIS recruitment, and there are 7 ISIS wannabes awaiting trial for trying to join the terrorist ranks, and violent crime in Minneapolis has gotten so bad that a new task force to combat it was formed just this past week, and even though there is no way to background check these refugees, he still is adamant about welcoming them with open arms, and we who don't like it can just move somewhere else. He learned nothing from the Paris massacre. Less than 30 miles from my front door sits the Mall of America, a target designated as prime by the terrorists. Common sense would tell you that it might be a good idea to limit the number of potential terrorists who have vowed to kill us all. But no...not here. Lets just have another rousing chorus of Kumbaya.

    1. Well, the good thing about it is that when the Jihadis attack a school, or a hospital, or a shopping mall, it will be because the people who voted in that governor made the decision to do so. Those that sewed the harvest will reap the whirlwind. It's a shame though that a lot of innocent people, who had no part in putting that fool in power, will probably be caught up in it as well. 36 Governors have now said they won't accept "Syrian" refugees, and there isn't much the Feds can do about it.

  10. Your opening picture says a lot about the situation in the Middle East.

    I had the great pleasure to talk to his father, Hussein, when he was still alive.

    His Ham Radio callsign was "JY1", and if you asked him what he should be called, "Your Highness" or similar, he replied "Just call me Hussein. We're all ham operators, and as such are friends".

    One of the few "celebrities" I've met through Amateur Radio....

    1. King Hussein was a brave man, and an intelligent and capable leader. I felt a great deal of respect for him,especially after he turned the Army loose on the PLO and ran them out of the country. His son seems to have inherited his fathers many positive traits.

  11. I live in a fairly rural area, but within 20 miles of a "Resettlement City." Our governor has stated we won't take anymore refugees, but I really don't think he will be given the choice. I don't know if it really matters, as I'm sure that there are already terrorists here just waiting for the opportunity.

    It saddens me that I spent 20+ years of my life protecting this great nation only to have it taken over from within by a bunch of political imbeciles.

    1. There isn't much the feds can do if the Governor decides to make a real issue of it. The only real weapon the feds have is cutting off federal funds to the "errant" state. They can't go in there and use the Army to force their will on the people of the state. But, to take a successful stand would mean the people have to act. They'd have to block the routes the feds want to use to bring people in, and they'd have to be consistent. When the huge influx of illegals started coming in from South of the border, that is exactly the way the people of a number of states prevented having the riff raf dumped off on their states.

      There are two bills currently moving through congress that will prevent the President from bringing in more "refugees" until a vetting progress is established by Home Land Security. They are moving through the process at a rapid rate. It's possible though that , when Barack Hussein vetoes the bills, the Democrats may be able to prevent an override.

      By then, ISIS may have hit here. Once the left wingers feel threatened themselves, they'll do a "Geraldo" and start screaming for "getting tough."
      I heard old Geraldo on the news yesterday and he said this is the time to abandon political correctness and act. What' s the old saying about a liberal being one mugging away from being a conservative?

  12. We had better get someone in the WH next November with some cojones. As it is, I don't think we are gonna make it to November. Barry Hussein is without a doubt the most incompetent moron on the planet. And after yesterday's speech it should be evident to all Americans, even liberals, that this guy is OK with us being killed. It's like he's extending the invitation to do it. No wonder so many think he's an islamist.

    Did you notice that once again he lambasted America from a foreign pulpit? despicable.

    I did manage to get a letter off to my Governor, and I am happy to report that within two hours he made the decision to halt the Syrians from coming here. Kudos to the other Gov's for doing the same. Hopefully congress de-funds the entire operation. --Troy

    1. I think there's real hope that Governors of conservative states, and conservatives in the House and Senate, can undo the demented actions of our Little Caligula. I called Governor Deal's office and spoke to an underling, but I made my feelings on the issue clear and it appears many, many other Georgians are doing the same. The Atlanta news says the sale of guns and ammo has skyrocketed, in a state where the rural population is already armed to a point that would make the Taliban blanch.

    2. I was just thinking before I read this comment that if they've been surprised at gun sells so far, then wait till the next set of reports come out.

      Ammo too.

      They haven't seen anything yet.

    3. "There exists a law, not written down anywhere, but inborn in our hearts, a law which comes to us not by training, or custom, or reading. A law which has come to us not by theory but from practice, not by instruction but by natural intuition. I refer to the law which lays down that, if our lives are endangered by plots or violence or armed robbers or enemies, any and every method of protecting ourselves is morally right."

      Marcus Tullius Cicero 106- 43 B.C.

      Americans aren't going to lay down on the floor and let the ragheads shoot them and then reload. It's not the mind set, at least not here in the South and I think not out in the West, except perhaps the Left Coast states. And even then, there are thousands of people in the Blue States who have "red state" values.

      If I get into a jam, I'm going to protect my wife and myself. I'm not going to stand there empty handed. Millions of other Americans feel the same way. I think there are more people like you and me out there than there are Obama worshipers.

  13. I think he mostly commands contempt here at home too. At least among decent people. I see a visibly increased police presence on the streets of DC. There are about a million police agencies in DC already, including the "FBI Police" and my personal favorite the National Cathedral Police Force...(Halt, religious dogma violation!!) I see more uniformed DC cops out on the street corners, etc. All with side arms only. Still, they are not just protecting the hive...

    Yeah and his speech will end with I have signed an executive order banning the sales of guns and ammo. What a douchbag, wish they would find the balls to just impeach him already.

    1. Even some of his doughty supporters like Geraldo Riviera are having doubts now. I watched Geraldo on the news yesterday, advocating a violent and immediate attack on ISIS. He ended up by saying "I want this President to succeed, but........."

      The Kenyan might actually try to ban the sale of arms and ammo under some executive action, but it would be locking the barn door after the horse has bolted. In the South, closets, barns, shops, basements, tool sheds and the like already groan under the weight of stored arms and ammunition. I suspect the other red states are the same.

      Doubtless the blue states are preparing in their own way, stocking up on Korans, Burkhas, etc and practicing shouting "don't shoot! I'm a Moslem!" and Allahu Akbar!

  14. I hear that individual states cannot refuse to take 'refugees', that it is a federal matter. Looks like you all HAVE to have your sprinkling of Jihadis.

    1. Not so, Cro. The United States has a long history of conflict between the Federal Government and the States. Despite revisionist history, the War Between the States was not over slavery, but over which entity had the most say and the most power.

      The only real tools the Federal Government has to force it's will on the states is cutting off federal funds. They have also used the Department of Justice to terrorize the populations of states, but sometimes that backfires on them. Last year out in the west, the bureau of land management tried to use Federal law enforcement to settle a dispute over grazing rights. Hundreds of States Rights advocates came out to support the ranchers, armed to the teeth. In the end, the feds backed off. They weren't up for another Waco or Ruby Ridge.

      Much depends on how courageous the state governor is at the time, and which party he belongs to. Democrats tend to be slavish servants of the federal government. Republicans are more likely to defy the feds when they feel they have a just cause and the support of the general populace.

  15. Democrats. Party Before Country.
    Not all blue state inhabitants are suffering with the rectal cranial inversion. Some of us have closets and sheds...

    1. I was talking earlier today with a lady from a state who would fit right in with us here in Georgia. She was sad because their governor is doing very stupid things, that are going to cost them dearly down the road. I felt badly for her, because she's intelligent and practical, but lives under the leftist regime there and has to suffer the consequences of that through no fault of her own.