“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Got up tired, and I'm going to bed tired.

Watched CNN, Fox, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, and CBS today. Never got around to ABC because by 1900 I'd had all the BS I could handle.  Brief Synopsis of the stories:

Fox: Norway is quietly giving "Islamic Immigrants" free plane tickets and a big cash bonus to get the hell out of the country. Primary reason: sexual assaults are going through the roof, and the perps are all young Islamic men. It's reached crisis proportions.  Want the details, go to the side bar on the Fox web page and there's a shortened version of the story.

 CBS: Of the approximately 70,000 people on the "no fly" list, the head of the FBI estimates that over half  of the listings are "erroneous or unjustified."  It seems that almost anybody in any of the myriad of law enforcement entities can put you on the list with no more justification than knowing the password to a data base. The Fox reporter doing the story was on it, couldn't get off it, and had to get up with his crony the Head of the Homeland Security Department to get it fixed.  Senator "Chappaquiddick Ted" Kennedy got on it and it took him three weeks to get his name off the list.  But Black Jesus wants to say that anybody on the list loses his constitutional right to self defense.

CNN: ran a big story about how Australia banned semi-autos. They dredged up all these Limp Members all in favor of banning guns, and showed big piles of guns being smelted.  CNN admitted it hadn't done squat to end gun violence.  The story said gun violence had been on the decline before Australia banned semi-autos, but that it was a great idea anyhow. They dragged out some shriveled up old prune who had been the El Supremo in Australia at the time and he made it crystal clear he didn't give a Tinkers Damn about what people wanted, he knew what was best for Australians and had no regrets. For CNN, it was fairly balanced as they didn't call gun owners "gun nuts" or "deranged" an inordinate number of times.

Al Jazeera: All the Republicans are going after Trump for saying we need to halt Moslem immigration until the broken system can be fixed. Al Jazeera found some idiot from the State Department who said that it's "not what America is about " to do that and that if there are more shootings and killing by "extremists" who sneak into the country , it's ok because "freedom isn't free." He said a lot more inane things, a typical State Department moron, of the type I saw in Lebanon. Shades of Philip Habib and his lackey Bob McFarlane so long ago.

Ok, yeah. She's no beauty queen, but she speaks sooth.

On the more mundane level of how I spent today.  I slept late, which is to say I got up just after sunrise. I have to go around the outbuildings and turn off security lights and heat. Electricity is not cheap, so I don't sleep in often.

Cooked some spare ribs and potatoes. Couldn't even begin to eat all of it so I put most of the food in containers and froze it.  Won't have to cook anything for awhile.

Later in the day I walked down to the mailbox.  My package of .333 bullets and two boxes of 7.62X39 was at the gate.  Why did I order two boxes of 7.62X39? Not something I'm short of. I did it because I had to in order to make the minimum order with Graf and Sons. I really only wanted the bullets.

Yugo brass cased FMJ.  Have cases of it on stripper clips, but had to buy two boxes to make the minimum order for Graf. I can live with it.

At dusk I went around and turned on the security lights and the heat in the outbuildings.  That was today.

I think I'll finish this post with a few cartoons sent to me by a friend . Just about says it all.


  1. No one complained when Carter banned Iranians. And he was the 2nd worst president in history.


    They all thought it was great.

    People are so bleeping stupid anymore.....

    Of all the front runners, only Cruz stayed out of the mud slinging. I'm starting to wonder if there is a deal between the two where Trump is plowing the road for Cruz. I like them both.

    1. Matt, you may be right and Cruz may be a good man. But if he gets elected he will be beholden to the party machine and nothing will change. I have made up my mind never to vote for a Republican machine product again. I don't belong to that party anymore. Overall they sicken me.

    2. I agree about the republican party as a whole. But Cruz has caused them a lot of grief since he's been elected. He's generally bucked their plans on most things and especially on the things that matter. Calling his senate party leader a liar in public didn't win him any favors.

      But I certainly understand where you come from. It's gotten to the point where I have to hold my nose when I go vote and feel dirty when I leave the election precinct.

      This 2 party system blows.

    3. I'm done with the bastards. I detest Democrats, but after the Confederate flag blow up and the craven way the so called "Conservatives" in the Republican party turned craven and kissed black behinds, I'm done with them. Never again.

  2. I'll take Cruz over Trump for now. He's the real conservative IMHO. Can't help but wonder if Trump's less than tactful comments will put Hillary in the white house. Sure looks that way.

    Harry, you mentioned on another post that you have quite a following in the middle east...really? Do they write you? What could they possibly have to say to you? --Troy

    1. Troy, I know people have concerns about that but I find Trump refreshing. I think you can be a man or be a politician but not both. I'll email you about your question. I am sure I have your email address on a different medium.

  3. Diogenes Midle Finger said it right:
    "The San Bernardino terror couple didn't buy their guns at a gun show (making the effort to close the so-called gun-show loophole irrelevant); they weren't on the terrorism watch list (so the proposal to ban people on the list from buying guns wouldn't have stopped them); and Syed Farook passed a background check when he bought two handguns (rendering calls for universal background checks moot). ...
    "But please don't confuse the anti-gun campaigners with facts. Their ignorance is invincible, and necessary to their crusade." — National Review

    1. Exactly. I have a very hard time watching the news because it's so full of outright lies and distortions. But I feel like I need to know what's going on in order to make valid decisions for myself and on behalf of my family.

  4. Hey Harry,


    I got a few things done today. I am backlogged on stuff while I was sick so It will take awhile to catch up.

    The 'Beauty Queen' up above looks like 'Wendy' the Meth addict on 'Breaking Bad"
    There's an old song from the sixties called 'Everyone know's its Wendy"
    Well there's a five minute long scene with that song playing Wendy plying her trade next to an old Ramada Inn in Albuquerque 'Harry that you will have to see. The video is vulgar dark humor and not fit for this blog, albeit its really, really funny with that song in the background.

    I read you have lots of people in the middle east read this blog, Suadi's, Paki's etc.
    I have one message for them. 'Five thousand years ago, your ancestors lived in sand and were cutting off each other's heads in the desert.
    Five thousand years from now, your progeny will be back in the sand and be cutting each others heads off in the desert when the oil runs out.

    1. If I hear about some old surfer being beheaded down on the Texas coast by the minions of Allah and the Prophet, I'll know your gone... :-(

      Yeah, she's pretty harsh looking, but I liked what she had to say. I'm no spring chicken myself. I actually thought "meth head" when I saw her but maybe the years have just not been kind to her.

  5. I'm on the list and it's really not a no-fly list it's more of a pain-in-the-ass list. I can fly but have to be cleared each time and the more I fly the easier it gets. Can't get off the list because my name is too common (same reason I'm on it).
    Unfortunately if the close that 'dangerous loophole' I'm screwed.

    1. My God, I've known you all these years and never realized you were a TERRORIST! I mean, a right wing extremist is ok, you know... ;-)

      That's the pits. If this high powered reporter couldn't get off the list, even with a big lawyer paid for by the network, and only got off when his buddy the Head of Homeland Security cut him some slack, what hope is there for a normal citizen. Hell, maybe I am on it? Haven't flown in a commercial aircraft for almost 9 years now, so who knows?

  6. daughter asked why i read some things--i told her i want to know what they are up to.

    if you are tired you might need sublingual vitamin D drops and sublingual vitamin B drops.
    i take them. then try to get a bit of sunlight on you on clear days.
    this winter tiredness is probably the body trying to get you to hibernate.

    1. I've got a lot going on. Wife is seriously sick, daughter has a deranged x boyfriend bothering her, and there was a rape and stabbing at her upscale, high priced apartment complex that I pay a fortune for, hoping to keep her away from the 13 percent and their doings. But one of the Lives Matter crowd came into the complex, attacked a young woman who was throwing her trash in the dumpster. A middle aged professional man who came driving up tried to intervene and was stabbed four times for his trouble. The cops say there is almost no chance they'll catch the Goblin as he was clearly not from the area, it's a big city, and the police budget is marginal.

  7. stress - still vit. b complex.
    praying your kids go to asheville.
    jobs are so hard to come by you can't blame them for hanging on to the ones they've got.
    but it is very worrying, to say the least.

    1. There's no decent jobs out here. They have a good life in the city, it's just a bad place to be these days.

  8. I see nothing wrong with halting immigration until the system is fixed, if it can be fixed. If a bad element wants in, they will get here.

    1. Trying to stem the flow of Jihadis into the country on free tickets like the K1 Visa and the "Syrian Immigration" program are examples of the fantastic detachment of our government from the realm of reality. Everyday people see the danger, as the polls clearly demonstrate. But the idea that the high and the mighty know best for us is alive and well, as we continue with plans to bring in 200,000 "syrians" from all over the world, virtually none of whom can be "vetted" because there are no records of them extant in their own countries.