"A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within."

Ariel Durant

Friday, December 18, 2015

It got cold just in time for Christmas.

This time yesterday, it was nearly sixty degrees.  Today it's 31 outside.  I like this better, it feels like Christmas.  My wife has gone into town to the grocery store, with a long shopping list. You have to have good food for it be Christmas, and we want some things we don't normally eat. When she gets to the turn on the two lane road coming back, she'll call, and I'll start walking down the mountain. We'll get to the gate at the same time. She doesn't like to open or close the gate. It's right by a pool from our stream and sometimes bears hang out there.

CDNN is out with their new catalog.  You can get one by going to their web site and requesting it on line. There's no charge.  CDNN is good for guns, magazines, and all sorts of ancillary equipment. Their prices, particularly on magazines, are excellent, and their selection is outstanding. On the debit side, every time I ever called them I got older guys who were surly and acted like it was a real pain to be asked a question.  You pays your dime and takes your chances, I guess.

This edition of Survivalist came out late, but it was sure worth waiting for!  I actually called them because it was so late, I thought my subscription must have expired. They are a small outfit. If you call them, the guy who picks up the phone is often the same man who publishes the magazine. I called down there about something or other a year or so ago, and the Honcho answered. He asked me what I needed. Then he said he was about to go pick up his grandson at school, and would I mind waiting for him to call me back when he came back to the office in about 30 minutes. I said  that was fine, it wasn't anything urgent, and he called me back as promised.

This months edition is great.  There's an outstanding article on ammunition and the terms associated with it. Remember the nurse I mentioned who is now part of our group? She still absolutely does not understand that a "bullet" is not a loaded round of ammunition. I am going to get her to read this. Part of it will go over her head, but it's great for the basics for a beginner. Can you explain "minute of angle?" If not, you might want to pick up a copy.

There's a really good article on the Mosin Nagant series of rifles. CC, you need to find a copy, this is the first part of a  three part series and it's right up your alley.

For the Europeans, there's a long article about medieval weapons like crossbows, maces, swords, etc. As the Moslem hordes come swarming over your garden walls, you might want to be able to reenact the Song of Roland, though one hopes with happier results!

It's a good issue, well worth the measly cost of the magazine.

They are a little strange in that they never, to my knowledge, send out renewal notices. I've never gotten one. Either you keep up with your subscription, or you just suddenly stop getting the magazines. Usually you can tell from the mailing label on a magazine when your subscription expires, but the last time I looked you couldn't do that from theirs. Small thing, just unusual.

Well, I need to start dressing for the trip down the mountain. I wear comfortable clothes inside, but to go down the trail when it's chilly I dress more appropriately.  Looks like it will be a good day.


  1. Wow Harry I had no idea how cheap guns are. I'm glad the cold has made the Christmas spirit hit you guys. Christmas brings out the worst in people in my line of work. My non existent patience has been severely tested by a multitude of idiots this week!

    1. Kirsty, the only way to escape is to go far, far away from humanity. And even then you have to go into town sometimes!

      People are harder to deal with at Christmas. For young families, I think it's often a time of greater than normal stress.

      Hope you have off some this coming week just to be with the family.

      Good quality guns are affordable here. I look at a British web page that sells deactivated guns to collectors. I have noticed that a deactived gun there costs three to four times as much as the same gun in full working condition here on that web page.

  2. I wouldn't know that ammunition lingo either. I guess we all have our strengths and weaknesses. It did get cold! Blustery too.
    I bought a ham today for Christmas. Hope it will be good.

    1. Well, since you don't do much shooting, Lisa, it doesn't matter.

      Very cold here tonight (10:21 pm Saturday).

      I'm sure the ham will be great. Once you have eaten most of it you can make Lima bean soup! Yum.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I gotta check out that Mosin article.

    I still have to mount that adjustable front sight on my Mosin and fix that stock on the Ruger 10-252. I just ain't had the time.

    What I wanted to lament about is the recent bill put through the senate that includes that latest ciber security bill 'CISA' that is supposed to be worse than the Patriot act somehow.
    I think its all bullshit. It wont help keep out any motivated, Islamic son of a swine. Its only there to monitor and control Americans.

    As per your previous post on powdered milk. I think that its really possible that Putin may shoot down a Turkish plane or two and then it will snowball into a giant storm of crap that will hit the fan.
    You still may need that milk and your other supplies yet.

    Politicians love war so they can curtail civil liberties, motivate the populace into a frenzy and send young men and women off to their deaths to thin out the population all the while as they loot the treasury and help out their friends in the arms industries.

    The only winners are the leaders (and the business interest that back them up)

    Maybe many of those young Islamic men in Europe with no job or future will find themselves being shot at by well armed Russia MI-24 Gunships and strafed by SU-24 air to ground assult aircraft near the Russian border. Maybe many of them will freeze to death come the winter of 2017 north of Ukraine in southern Russia near or on the same ground as the French in the 19th century and the Germans in the 20th century.

    History will repeat itself.....

    Oh' yeah Harry. If you do move. Move to an area outside of a town that's still quiet. I think if after all thease years were to move to standard noisy neighborhood like I live in. You would go 'Bat Guano Crazy"

    The last thing we need is you turning into another General Jack T. Ripper like in the movie 'Dr Strangelove' and complaining about the 'purity of our bodily fluids and how we need to preserve our bodily fluids from the florides of Communism and Tyranny.

    Leave the crazy stuff up to me since I am the resident 'Nutter' as Kymber puts it:)

    Speaking of Kymber. Where is she?

    1. CC. Kymber did one post recently to let people know she was ok, but she seems to be taking a break from the internet. They are trying to make some lifestyle changes and you know how that is.

      I think you will enjoy the article. I certainly did.

    2. Hey Harry,


      I read about Kymbers diet thing, no cheese etc. Myself I like tv dinners, whataburgers, lots of good tasting, heart clogging all American poison and I plan to expire in about 22 years.

      I never saw a cow that I thought I could not eat.

    3. I try to watch the cholesterol and the fats in what I eat. But I don't eat "healthy." I am strong willed in some things, but resisting delicious food is not one of them.

  4. It is strange that holidays like Cristmas there and Passover here brings out much sadeness along with a little beet of happiness.

    1. Yael, I think holidays always stress people because they are completely disruptive of everyone's normal routine. I enjoy them but they can be unnerving.

  5. In response to Obamas gun control speech, I picked up another new baby today. Since we dropped our satellite TV, we have not been exposed to the Christmas commercialism craziness for once. It sure is nice. I don't like opening and closing our gate, either, especially in the wind and snow like today. Two more days to the Solstice...yay.

  6. I like having the satellite system when something is going on in the world or I want to keep a close eye on the weather. I also like Turner classic movies. Then there are some good shows on Nat Geo, Discovery, History and Science Channels. I like Les Stroud, for instance. I know I don't get enough out of it to justify the expense but everyone needs a little bit of extravagance in their lives.

  7. Well,that is why we have Netflix and Amazon Prime for our movies and documentaries and the news I get online. It's all about control.......mine.

    1. I have thought about Amazon prime a good bit, and also netflix. I hear good things about them. But I already have so much to manage, qand I am not sure my bad internet access would work with the video feeds for those anyway.

      It's a lot like my continual upkeep on satellite radio. I can listen to good music on the internet, but I worry about what happens if the power goes out. With the satellite radio, as long as I can power the house, or have batteries for it, it will work. As long as the satellites themselves and the ground relays are ok, anyway.

  8. My granddaughter is going to Smoky Mountain Nat'l Park on a class trip (she is 11) and they told her that they would wear bear bells and I also see you can carry spray. Does that work for you all?

    1. Well, the standard joke up here is as follows:

      A ranger was taking a group of tourists from Atlanta on a 6 mile nature trail walk. As they moved through the forest, the Ranger said "oh,look, everyone! Here's some bear scat!"

      One of the tourists said "how do you know it's from a bear?"

      The Ranger answered "well, it has little bells in it, and it smells like pepper spray.


    2. I've heard that and told it to Taylor! LOL

    3. did you see where the Scout Master fell into a cave and there was a bear in there? He got away. I hope they don't kill the bear.