Thursday, December 3, 2015

Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik

I started watching the news yesterday evening.  Every single station, including Fox, carried the clip with Obama insinuating that this shooting in California was a random act of violence that could be addressed by more gun control laws. I noticed he is using a new phrase now, it's not "gun control" it's "gun safety."

Immediately, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, (yes , even Fox), Al Jazeera and CNN started taking the theme that this was a nut case issue that could be solved by gun registration and better "gun safety" laws. That's still going on this morning. Al Jazeera had one of the Brady Bunch, all dressed up in black, on. She ranted and raved about guns, and said "guns are like cockroaches, you have to exterminate them."

Anyone on any of these channels who had the termerity to suggest that this might be an Islamic Terrorist incident was hooted down or cautioned that it was "too early to draw any conclusions."

I don't think so.  Syed and Tashfeen fit the profile. He toodled himself over to Saudi Arabia for a little cultural training, and picked himself up a bride while there.  The two of them had tactical equipment, Islamist propaganda on their computer, pipe bombs, the whole nine yards that shrieks Islamist Terror.

But that's really awkward for Black Jesus and the feds. They've been busy telling everyone in this country that Syed and Tashfeen , and their ilk, don't represent a threat. So we can't call this terrorism, let alone a Terrorist Attack.   Just as the Chattanooga attacks were portrayed as the acts of madman, and not a Jihadi, they're trying to pass this off the same way.  I expect the final story the press and the white house put out will be that this was something like a job related incident. If the facts don't support that conclusion, they'll manufacture and massage the "facts".  They may not even mind this happening, since they are turning it to good advantage in convincing the empty headed that just getting rid of guns will make all this bad karma go away.

Feinstein , Pelosi, and their ilk are all on TV this morning downplaying the terror aspect and ranting about guns.

I'd like to secede. I've had about all I can take.


  1. OK, they are telling us that the Shaheed went to Saudi Arabia in April, and returned married. And now they have a 6 month old child.....Let me get my fingers going here an all... What? Adultery is ahhh frowned on in the Kingdom, normal human gestation is 9 months...Wait, I am out of fingers already....Was the Shaheeda married to another martyr previously? Some things just don't add up.
    Oh, and the entire Democrat/ Communist party just needs to SHUT UP.

    1. They should but judging from my news viewing today, the empty head crowd is just growing shriller. As more and more evidence surfaces that this was a terrorist attack, it's more and more embarrassing for those pin heads like Clinton, Obama, Feinstein et al who came out before the smoke was out of the air, bewailing another "senseless killing spree."

      Terrorists have nothing in common with psycho one time off shooters. But the MSN is working very hard to obscure that difference and minimize damage to Obama's "let them all in they are good people" spiel. This character and the Chattanooga shooter were both apparently long time U.S. residents, so if they can be radicalized, why is it appropriate to pretend that no radicals, no terrorists , are going to sneak in as refugees from the anus of the world where terrorists bred? I can't understand such willful stupidity and ignorance ,even by Democrats.

  2. both shooters reported to be wearing Go Pro cameras....Huh?

    1. ISIS encourages self made Jihadis to film their exploits for use in ISIS propaganda videos on line. In this case, if it's true, it'll be hard for the government to explain this away since it shows pre-planning and many of the hallmarks of an ISIS or Al Qaeda operation, such as using toy car remotes to detonate IED's. But then again, since the MSM just parrots what the regime tells them to say, if it is true we may never know it.

  3. Hey Harry,


    Yeah I read much of the stuff online about Syed. What gets me he everything going for himself including a six month old daughter.

    I guess something snapped in his little weasel, muslim brain and he became another idiot for isis.

    If someone is that truly unhappy with western civilization. Move to camel jockey land amongst your people and leave the rest of us alone.

    Now our fuhrer and chief said a few hours ago that we are safe from isis attacks in the U.S. (Duh)
    That's asking for trouble. Stupid dear leader.

    That's asking for more attacks and 'egging on' and motivating isis. Real smart asswipe, real smart.

    I think the bastard may want a large scale attack to happen so he can bypass the Constitution and go after the guns.

    'Just try that and watch as millions, millions and millions of law abiding Americans become felons overnight as they openly defy an Unconstitutional act by the Executive Branch (and other two branches too)

    1. It's interesting to me to see how this is being played. Blowjama has promised us "it can't happen here" and "Americans are safe." He glosses over the fact that it has already happened here, more than once. The standard way to sweep this under the carpet is to say "he was crazy" or "it was work related." The spate of beheadings earlier this year was all blown off as "work related" even though the perps modeled their behavior on ISIS and were Moslem.

      Today on the news conference out there in the People's Democratic Republic of California, the police chief was asked if the two terrorists got their weapons legally. AR-15's mind you.

      "Yes" was the answer. But he's being disingenuous here. It's illegal to own the AR-15 in the PDRC. Period. So it wasn't legal for those two to have the weapons. But we can't say that out loud, because all day long the news programs have been shrilly shrieking for more "gun laws", and the politicians from the Head Idiot on down, including Pelosi and Feinsten, and our friend Hillary, have all been saying "gun laws would have prevented this."

      What to do? We can't admit that this crime was more proof, if you need it, that criminals and terrorists lose little sleep over laws passed by the Democrats. So the news media and the government are twisting things to avoid showing the fallacy of their claims more laws would prevent this kind of thing.

      It reminds me of the lead story on Radio Moscow years ago. The announcer broadcast that in a European car race that was part of a cultural exchange, the Russian car came in second, but the American car came in next to last.

      What he didn't mention was that there were only two cars in the race, the Russian and the American.

    2. Hey Harry,


      as I understand it, you can have an AR-15 in California as long as it has a ten round magazine and the bullet button (extra mag release) to make it a little harder to change out mags.

      that being said. if guns were illegal period, then terrorist would smuggle guns in and or come up with some other plan to kill people.

      eliminating the bad guys ahead of time oversea's in their backyards is the semi-permanent solution.

    3. CC: there are some relatively rare circumstances in which a person can still own an AR 15 in California. The most plausible and probably the most common is if you can prove you owned the gun, and were a resident of the PDRC before 2000. If you can do that, and can meet stringent storage requirements, you can keep the gun but you can't pass it on to your relatives or anyone else.

      The other means such as you the one you mentioned are so impractical as to largely irrelevant. They were written to be that way. There's a good discussion of these laws on Wiki under "AR 15 Calfornia legal". One way you can do it, for instance, is to have the weapon disabled by demilling the gas system and making it a single shot.

      However, based on photographs of the weapons in the street at the site of the shootout in California, I'd say these were smuggled into the state in defiance of California's laws, which goes to substantiate the theory that making more laws only impacts honest people and has no bearing what so ever on scumbags like this guy and his Pakistani wife.

  4. Like Rush said today, Sayed Farouk, that's Arabic for Global warming...

    1. Listening to the mainstream media today, though I am not very religious, I wondered if we have sunk so far down, and become so immoral in this country that God has decided to do Flood version 2.0. Instead of flood though, he's just going to let us destroy ourselves. I note that today, over the well founded reservations of the Marine Corps, the Secretary of Defense has decided to open all combat arms to women. This from a guy with no combat experience, a career ass kisser by trade.