Thursday, January 7, 2016

A week after the event, ABC gets a clue. Others stay mum.

ABC forced to acknowledge Sexual Attacks in Germany

It really sticks in their craw having to acknowledge that this disgusting event was perpetrated by Obama's "widows and orphans."  Look how many times they put the word "alleged" in this story despite hundreds of witnesses and reams of video footage.

As Goebbels frequently pointed out, if you control the news you control the views.

The National Socialists and the Democrats are alike in this respect.


  1. Hey Harry,


    I would find it amusing if a few high, ranking news network talking heads were beheaded by muslims from Isis or another group.

    'Buck on the beach'

    I saw a full grown buck on the beach tonight. It had at least an 8 point rack or better.

    It was near the dunes where the grasses are and I drove up on it and it was 20 yards to the my right. Big magnificent animal of trophy quality.

    I can't hunt out there so I all could do was look at it and admire it.

  2. I am hearing that Anderson Cooper gave Obama a rough time tonight on a CNN sponsored anti gun town hall meeting. Apparently some of the people in the audience did too. Of course most of the people in the audience were hand picked Obama shills but I feel more kindly towards Cooper now.

    I get more pleasure out of watching deer than killing them. That doesn't mean I won't if I have to, I'm just glad I don't have to at this point.