Saturday, January 30, 2016

Shooting the G3 and a nice day weather wise.

I spent the best part of the day working on the roofs of two buildings. Those months this past summer, of constant heavy rain and high temperatures, did some damage to my shake roofs, and I'm putting  them back in order. I hate working on the roof.  I know it's strange for a former aviator to be afraid of heights, but I am. Never felt that way in an aircraft but an extension ladder scares me to death. I'm well versed in doing what I have to do, regardless of how I might feel about it, but working up high is still one of my least favorite things.

Once I had finished all that and gotten all the tools and ladders put away, I was done in. Went inside to clean up and then took a nap.

Afterwards, I shot my G3 off the porch at a dead tree.  I wasn't doing any target shooting, just making sure it functions properly. Lately I have been keeping a few of the semi-automatic rifles in "ready" condition. I normally rely on my bolt guns but I do own some semi-automatics. They aren't collectors items to me, they're practical tools.

This is an older picture of my Cetme.  My beard was not totally gray back then. The original Cetme was built with wood furniture, which I like better. You see it in catalogs once in awhile, and I should go ahead and buy a set next time I see it. This gun was rebuilt from parts kits by Century International Arms. The black plastic furniture is more practical but it just doesn't look as good.

The rifle above is a G3.  I still have the plain black furniture on it, as it came from Century International Arms. But I have a set of the German Navy green plastic furniture, and I need to put that one there when I can dig it out of the shop. I like that look better.

One easy way to distinguish between the two rifles, at least in my case, is that I use the original curved steel magazines for the Cetme, instead of the straight sided G3 mags. Some say a Cetme will take a G3 mag but I never tried it. I have beau coup magazines for both rifles.  Both of these guns are from the Clinton Gun Ban era so they have muzzle brakes instead of bird cage flash suppressors. Doesn't fuss me any. That whole gun ban was an exercise in stupidity by people who didn't know anything about guns. Remember the famous "news conference" with Diane Feinstein  telling everybody how easy it was to load an AK 47, then she couldn't get the magazine out or put a new one in because she didn't know to rock the magazine forward? Stupid Cow.

Back in 2010, some very good 7.62X51 ammo came into the states. It was Australian.  

Non-corrosive (non-mercuric primer), and Boxer primed. (Americans can reload the brass).

The Australians are like the Germans, in that their ammo is excellent, the best quality.

So I save it for my semi-autos, and I shoot my own reloads, or Chilean, or Venezuelan, , or Indian surplus out of my bolt guns. The bolt rifles are so easy to clean compared to a semi-automatic. You use corrosive ammo, and you have to strip the rifle all the way down three days in a row to clean it. That's how we did it in the Marines 30 years ago and I see no reason to change.  So to make cleaning the semi-auto's after shooting less onerous, I use the primo ammo, that I know is non-corrosive.

This Australian ammo came in again in 2012, and this time you had a big choice on how it was packaged.  You could buy blister packs in cardboard boxes. You could buy battle packs ( the ammo was sealed in heavy plastic bags).  You could get it in the can, in bandoleers, in stripper clips. Any way your heart desired.  Like everybody else that shoots, I placed orders with AIM, Southern Ohio Guns, Century International Arms, J&G Sales.  Most of the sellers were limiting purchases to small quantities, and some had one variety of packaging and others another. 
Surplus ammo has largely dried up, just like surplus guns.  Now most of what I buy to shoot is not surplus, but Privi Partisan.  Those are high quality rounds, boxer primed, non-corrosive and cheap.
I still look for surplus ammo, and sometimes I find some. Just bought some Nagant pistol ammo and some Russian 7.62X54R from Southern Ohio Guns. But the golden days of vast selection and low prices, Barrack Obama has done away with.  Import permits seem to be pretty hard to get from his regime. Maybe if Trump gets elected ( one can only hope) that will change. None of the Republican clones will change anything and a Democrat will make it worse.

But whatever happens, I should have enough for my lifetime and for my son's.

The old guys die off, but you have to plan for future generations. It wouldn't surprise me for this country to be "Mad Max" in my son's time.

He was still a teenager when this was taken.  My son is almost thirty now, but he's good with weapons, and has been since he was small.  Shooting was one of the things we used to do together. Even in summer, he'd go to the range with me, despite the heat, humidity and bugs. I could get his mother and sister out to shoot in Fall, when it was cool and dry, but that was it.

These are the "ready" guns I ordinarily have to hand. I always figure I might not have time to run open a safe if things go wrong.

This is us at the beach a few years back.  Even at the beach I carry.  When I am with my wife, I don't take chances. Woe betide anybody who tries to roust the old geezer at the beach. They'll be floating out with the tide.

Doesn't matter because I am not one who swims in the ocean. I am afraid of the nasty sea creatures. Years ago, I was at NAS Milton. I used to fly right down Pensacola beach in the landing pattern for one of the runways. I would look out of the cockpit through the canopy and see people way out by where the beach drops off in deep water. There would sometimes be gargantuan sharks between those people and the beach, which you could see clearly from the air. So I don't swim in salt water, which means I don't have to figure out a way to carry in a swimsuit!  Maybe a fake life preserver or something..

Not a bad day. I'm tired but I got a lot accomplished, so I am relaxed.  Days where I get nothing done make me anxious. Sometimes the way things are drag you down, but you just keep going, one day at a time.


  1. Harry, after that story in the last post of you and your brother fighting off the moon bats it makes sense why you conceal carry. Some scars never go away. From what you have said in the past about your brother, i'll bet he got in some good punches on that one.

    the mid 1980's of my youth were pretty tame. I did get jumped once in '86 by los hermanos but was got lucky on that one.

    Really like those G3's. Are those similar to the CETME rifles?

    1. Troy, we didn't fight them off, they beat us to a pulp. There were way too many of "de bruddas" and they were a good bit older than us. The odds would have been even if the other guys on the tour hadn't run away. They didn't have the benefit of a Southern upbringing so they hauled ass at the first sign of trouble, sauve qui peut.
      My brother that you mentioned lost both his front teeth in that little soire, but he went down swinging.

      The G3 is heavy, but that does lessen the recoil. I never really got used to the charging handle being mounted up on the front of the weapon.

      The Cetme was designed by German Engineers, previously employed by Mauser in WW2. They were working on a replacement for the STG 44 when the war ended. They got away to Spain and went to work for Cetme. When the Germans went for a semi-automatic rifle for their reconstituted army, they went to FN and asked for the purchase of a license to build the FAL in Germany. The Belgians were very nasty to them, so they went to CETME , got a modified and improved version of the CETME rifle, and then produced it under license in Germany as the G3.

  2. Like you heights on buildings, staging or ladders makes me very uneasy, but flying the plane I have no problem, though I can't say a much care for spins. Went up the CN tower in Toronto once and walked on the glass floor at the top, you look straight down the side of the support column of the tower, about two thousand feet to ground level, that gave me the willies. Won't be doing that again.
    Never shot a G3 but I handled a CETME at the gun shop recently and found it a bit to hefty for my taste. Can't imagine having to lug one around all day long. That's why I like the Mini 14. Light and simple and easy to clean.

    1. Heights give me the shakes. Even up here I won't go near the edge of cliffs, though tourists taking pictures do it all the time. Of course, three or four of them fall off and get killed each summer, usually at the local waterfalls.

      The G3 and the Cetme are so similar that if you've handled one, you know what the other is like. I prefer the heavier bullet the G3 throws but then I'm not lugging it around. I'm always at home.

      I have one Mini-14. Brushed satin finish with a camo composite stock. Ruger came out with matching pairs, a mini-14 and a 10-22, some years back, and I bought a set. Haven't shot either of them enough to speak of though.

    2. The one I have is the stainless ranch rifle with the black composite stock. Its an older 1990s production skinny barrel version. Bought it used for 450$ this summer, that's about 350$ under usual market value around here. Ruger recently came out with the Mini 14 in 300 Blackout, a .308 cal bullet stuffed atop a 223 case. Performance better than the 7.62x39 and for us reloaders the .308 bullets are easier to find than the .311 for the 7.62

  3. Nothing like a little range therapy at the end of a days work. Good for you.
    I am really hoping that some of the anti gun crap backs off (assuming the election is not already a forgone conclusion)next year. I have had a bellyfull already. I spent part of last weekends blizzard rearranging the ammo storage, and although I have a decent amount, I realize, it is not enough. I did find some 218 Bee though...Really, I am tired of being leaned on because I own guns, and support America as a Constitutional Republic. Somehow, that has become "wrong think". Screw em. I think I need some recoil therapy too, wish the snow would melt...

  4. I hadn't heard about the mini-14 in that chambering. Makes sense though.

    Ruger makes good guns, and the mini-14 has a good reputation. Sounds like you got a good deal on yours.

  5. J, I just felt like getting out something else so I wouldn't constantly be putting pressure on the magazine springs in my AR or AK style rifles. I have G3 mags in plenty. They are all German, so good gear. I try to rotate the weapons to spare the mags, which according to the big Guns and Ammo laboratory tests some years back doesn't even exist. But old habits die hard.

    The only way we will get any relief on guns is if Trump is elected. Cruz and Rubio talk the talk but don't walk the walk. The best we can hope for if they get into office is that they won't do any more harm, but I don't see them letting in the M1 Garands and M1 Carbines from Korea that Hillary the Bitch had State pull the plug on after they had already issued the import licenses.

    And if Heil Hillary gets into office, then God help us all. Nobody else will. It will be time to break out Ragnar Benson's book on firearms stashing again.

  6. Hey Harry,


    Its a good idea to carry at the beach after I saw a guy have a meltdown on 'Bath salts" on the beach, get his car stuck in the sand, blew the headgasket in his car and try to fight people on the beach.

    I've seen all kinds of fighting implements hidden away on cars on the beach. I think the Glock is the best.

    'with respect I think a semi-auto of some short is better for things that go bump in the night. Most bad guys will have some kind of semi-auto and sometimes getting lots of lead downrange can be a deterrent to run off bad guys (suppression fire) and I would rather have more than five rounds handy, even eight rounds in my Kymber would be an advantage.

    'Harry. I did not mean to seem 'out of line' by bringing up obamacare in the previous post but if I recall someone left a comment on obamacare and I did not want to let it disappear in the mix of comments so I mentioned it in my comment. I know its a ship that has already sailed, more like a pirate ship (yeah, a pirate ship is a good analogy for obamacare)

    I think I am done buying firearms. I got what I need. I neither have the space or the time, and money to devote to a large collection of guns and with the 'end of the era of cheap and plentiful imports' it has become a costly and legally, burdensome hobbie.

    I don't think Trump will override much on gun control, gun imports etc. Our culture has changed so much and there is so much against us thanks to liberal schools, liberal culture and liberal media programming the populace.

  7. I don't like being more than about 8~10 off the ground, either!

    And Privi is great ammo. Shoots clean, and very accurate.

    1. I broke 3 ribs falling off a ladder once. They hauled me off in the meat wagon. To add insult to injury, I fell into a big pile of chicken crap my wife was going to use for fertilizer, so I had chicken sh*t all over me when they hauled me off. Then after they got me all taped up, they said I had to stay overnight for observation. I told them I needed a shower. The old hag nurse said "well, I don't have anyone right now I can send in the shower with you." I told her that was damn sure the truth, and I went in there and got a shower, but it like to have killed me. Broken ribs really hurt and I don't do pain medicine. Then a couple of years later we had a big snow. My dogs came running down out of the meadow, hit the ice on a parking pad I was standing on, and knocked me way up in the air. Broke the same three ribs again.

      Privi is "the good stuff." Cheap and good quality. Those people in the Balkans have been fighting for hundreds of years. They know how to make good arms and ammo!

    2. OUCH!

      Never had any busted ribs, but I hear the hurt like H3LL!

      I've had a broken ankle once, and one time I dislocated my shoulder when I was ice dancing, and one of my blades dug in. Flipped me head over heels, and I landed on my left shoulder. It popped loud enough that everybody heard it, and the coach came right over to check on me. He checked it out, and said I'd be okay. When I asked him to help me up, you got it....he popped it back into place before I knew what was happening.

      Went to see the family Doctor the next day, and he said he probably would have done the same thing!

  8. CC: When I go to the beach, I am ALWAYS out there just before dawn, and lots of times I walk on the beach after dark. When my kids lived in Jacksonville, Florida I went down there a lot to visit them. They were just a few minutes off the beach. But you could run into some real sh*t birds on the beach, it was on the wrong side of the river and full of bruddas selling drugs and doing God knows what. I wasn't going to let them run me off the beach, but I wasn't going to get murdered by them either. Besides, I feel like my fly is open if I'm not armed.

    My dogs will give me warning if somebody is coming up here, and if I can't solve the problem with five rounds plus whatever I stuff in my pockets on stripper clips, then I should just go on and lay down and die quietly. But I take your point about volume. It's just that I never worried about more than one or two Mexicans coming up here at night before, and now I am thinking a few 30 round magazines might not be amiss, given the times.

    I have nothing against Glocks. I own a few. But I never carry one. I don't really like plastic pistols, and I sure as hell don't like guns with no positive safety. That little tit sticking out on the trigger does not give me that warm fuzzy feeling at all. But I know this is just because of my age group. You are twenty years younger and more accepting of new things.

    I'm not sure why you are worried about your comment being related to an earlier post. I don't fuss about thread creep. I think guys who run forums stress about that, but I don't. I'm just glad to hear what you think, when you think it. Don't sweat the small stuff, there's enough to worry about as it is.

    If Trump gets elected he said he would put a stop to a lot of the underhanded, illegal things the FBI and the BATF do to erode gun owners rights. He's the only one of the whole pack, either side, that when he says something I don't automatically think "Bullsh*t", except when Hillary the *itch (do you think I meant witch or something else?). She means what she says alright.

    I haven't spent much on guns lately. I have enough too, but still, if something really nice suddenly appears, I guess I will buy it. You can't lose money on guns. My son can sell off my collection if he wants to and make a tidy sum, by Appalachian standards, anyway.

    I might get that Star B Super. I waited too long last time, and just talked about it, but AIM has some "special select " specimens in so I tried to place an order today but couldn't get my account to pull up. If they have them on Monday I am going to get one. I don't need another single stack mag 9mm, I have Walther P38/P1 pistols in profusion because I went on a buying binge when they first came into the country from German War Reserve Stocks, back in the mid 90's I guess it was. But need and want are two different things. I am too old to run women, too scared of becoming an alcoholic to drink much, don't smoke my pipe that often now, so I need SOME sort of pleasure.

  9. I bought an HK-91 (7.62 by 51 also) back in '84 I think. German owner's manual. I think my 20-round magazines were straight. Took me a while to get used to the charging handle way up forward on the left side. I had fixed and sliding buttstocks. I liked the way it came apart with just a couple of pins. That was one heavy rifle, but there was pretty much no recoil because of it.

    I loved it, but got rid of it in about 2005 or 2006.

    1. Charlie, I almost never sell or trade anything for that very reason. Let go of a gun, and sooner or later you will usually regret it. Sometimes, if I have two of an item, I might trade one of them for something really special. The HK-91 was a nice rifle, at least you had it for awhile and got to shoot it whenever you wanted.

  10. I used to be happy to swim in the ocean all day. But seven years ago I got stung by a jellyfish. All seemed fine but then three weeks after the sting I had a reaction (doctors said this could happen up to a month after). My leg started swelling up and you could see where the tentacles were. Pus started running down my leg. Then I felt like I couldn't breathe well. I drove myself to the hospital, thinking I would just get a shot of epinephrine or something. But it turns out that jellyfish cause toxic, not allergic, reactions. They took blood work and discovered some sort of elevated heart things so they thought I was going to have a heart attack. I ended up getting an overnight stay hooked up to heart monitors. All very scary. It turned out okay but as a result I now only go in the ocean ankle deep.

    1. That's a horrific experience, Lisa. I'm glad it didn't turn out any worse, because it sure could have. I might once in awhile go out knee deep, but only if I can see all around me and run for it if something unpleasant shows up.

      I had to get dumped off in the Pensacola bay during water survival training, and I hated it. I hated the thoughts of my legs dangling down there in the water when I knew good and well there were sharks in that bay. I couldn't wait for the helicopter to come get me. It still makes my skin crawl to think of it.

  11. I like the picture of the guns that look like guns used to look. the military looking ones they sell these days, not so much. I get dizzy when up high as well, and will never again go up in a single engine plane. That was so scary to me.

    1. I loved flying anything with wings or rotors. I flew here with the CAP for awhile, and I could have taken my kids up but my wife wouldn't have it. Then the Air Force took the aircraft away, and I lost my medical certificate because of my eyes (no depth perception) so I guess my flying days are over.

      It might surprise you to know (or it might not) that Swedish Mausers are highly prized by collectors. Beautiful weapons, not a lot of wear on most of them, and they are shooters. There are two versions, one from the late 1890's and a shorter version from the mid 30's. Sweden surreptitiously sent a lot of those rifles to Finland during the wars with the Soviets. Lots of Swedish soldiers volunteered to go too.

      I don't have much affection for the plastic rifles either, but I own some because when the fewmets hit the windmill, they can pump out a lot more rounds down range than I can, even with stripper clips. But the old guns were made by craftsmen, to last forever. The new ones are made by machines, with a finite life span. Then they crunch them up and make new ones. No romance in that.

  12. Hey Harry,


    Yeah' its a good idea to have a few thirty round mags laying around. I know my way around Mexicans and one or two would not day get near your house. You can count on three or more. Now I mean this in a respectful manner but your grey hair marks you as being older and a possibly 'weaker' looking to a predator (your one 'Second Hand Lion' I would not tangle with) but Mexicans, black lives matter crowd, and white trash may try to creep up on your property some night thinking your easy pickens and when you meet them with superior firepower, and they survive and run off. They will tell their buddies and their buddies will stay away. Those guys thrive on soft targets. Stealing a flat screen tv, a little cash and a bottle of prescription pills is not worth the effort at your place.

    Now onto Glocks. I live in swamp like conditions. A hot day with 107 degree summer temps, 95 percent humidity and lets not forget the salt. Down here the silver teeth on the Mexicans even rusts!

    A 1911 does not fair well in a saltwater like swamp conditions. A Glock holds up much better and is much easier concealed in lighter clothing.

    Now what I need is an all weather, super reliable pistol and the Glock fills that need. Now, I sorely miss a thumb safety and I think Glock corporate would make billions if they would mount on a thumb safety on the frame somehow just like the 1911.

    One thing that is interesting is that the Navy Seals went to the Glock 19 that I have.
    I gotta check into the reasons why.

    I think the Glock is the 1911 of the 21st Century. The reasons very from superior reliability like the 1911 to corrosion resistance, ease of use, easy maintenance, light weight construction and many more.

    In 1911 military personnel were not burden down with body armor, chem warfare gear, radio gear, medical bag, etc, etc, etc.
    They had a 1911, some ammo. A 1903 Springfield and a lightweight field pack.
    I think the military is making some large, long term mistakes by burdening our men (and women) with too much weight and causing injury. Lighter weapons, ammo and gear will be all the rage in the coming years.
    Most soldiers and Marines I know that have served since 2001 have knee problems. 30 to 40 years from now if there is still a Veterans Administration they will become a factory for Knee Replacements that will cost almost as much as the damn war itself.

    1. A lot of the real heavies are going back to the M1911. There's even a hand built model (Marine Corps armorers at Quantico build a lot of custom weapons). The 9mm thing just doesn't do it for me. Especially if you can't use anything but ball. My problem with the M1911 is that now, with arthritis, it hurts to shoot it.

      People who have been "rode hard and put up wet" have a bad time with old age, if they make it that far. Knees, back, leg muscles. Where's the Bionic Man when you need him?

    2. Hey Harry,


      Im running 124 grain hollow point 9mm in my Glock. I think they are designed for more powerful 9mm now.
      Yeah' I know 230 grain ball .45 trumps, 124 grain 9mm but most of us use the pistol as an emergency back up to get to the rifle anyway and there's this. Most pistol fights according to the FBI happen within six feet and at that range its a matter of getting off as many shots of possible, does not matter if you have a .22 long or a .45.

      Don't worry about your arthritis.

      As long as you got 'fire in your eyes and gravel in your gut' No man should ever piss you off 'Harry.

      Im stealing a line from a Clint Eastwood movie.

      'Remember that when everything seems lost, you should get mean, real mean. Plumb 'Mad Dog mean.

      I stole that one from 'Outlaw Josey Wales'
      Don't tell Clint Eastwood. He would kick my ass.

    3. Well, it's very true that pistols are up close weapons. But events in the Middle East have not been very flattering to the 9mm as a fighting weapon in terms of getting someone to stop shooting at you as soon as you hit them. It's cold consolation if you hit the guy and he dies minutes later, if in the interim he's killed you. So though I do carry a nine millimeter more often than my Kindle .45 ACP because of the weight difference, I'm still a .45 fan. The problem with arthritis is that if you hit your wrist on a table or something, it's very painful.If you shoot the .45 and have to deal with the recoil, it's very painful indeed. But not as painful as being dead I guess, so I still carry a .45 sometimes.

  13. My psuedo son in law was given a shot gun by his dad when he was a lad. Last year this was stolen from their flat. They managed to see it advertised on gumtree yesterday and contacted seller to let them know they were selling stolen property. They also contact police as they had report it at the time. It appears that the police can't assist. At the time of writing this my daughter and her boyfriend have gone to the seller to negotiate. The rifle has sentimental value to pseudo son in law. He had modified it which is how its recognisable. I'm surprised police can't help.

    1. I don't understand how the police could be aware that someone is selling stolen property and not take action. If you buy stolen weapons, and the real owner locates them, then it would seem to me, once the fact is established that they were stolen and from that individual, the honorable thing to do is hand over the guns. They aren't yours to keep.

  14. I don't have the funds to buy all I want, but I sure buy what I can.. I really enjoy collecting the old milsurp stuff. Holding history in you hands.... I have a couple Number 1 MK 3 Enfields that turn 100 this year. Both made by BSA. One stayed in British Service, fought in 2 world wars... The other went to the Australians...It also fought in 2 wars, and both likely ended up in Greece. I wish they could talk, but some research gives at least part of the picture. I just think it is fascinating... I mean I would have a P51 instead, if I could...but just having my own little part of world history is cool. And collecting guns is a hobby that you likely won't lose money on. Like you, I hope to pass mine down to my kid, and my collection includes a few from My dad...

    1. Surplus guns used to be the poor man's hobby. Prices in the 1950's were unbelievable, and the sixties were a golden era too. As the sources dried up, the prices went up, to the point now that it's a tough hobby to break into.

      I like the history behind the old guns, and I like the fact that you can shoot them, and enjoy them. Sometimes, when I don't feel like shooting , I'll still get one or the other out and just give it good wipe down. They're works of art in their own way.

  15. I hope you're wrong about the Mad Max...but I think it, too.

    Our doctor told us the other day the "man" has requested a list of all people taking antidepressants with the threat to pull the medical license if they don't comply. Seems to me a violation of the Hippa law but what do I know? A back door to disarmament.

    The only thing that gives me hope is knowing there are far more like you than we know.

    Have a blessed day.

    1. That anti depressant thing is the result of one of Barrack's executive orders. There's an even more stringent law along the same lines in California. Now, if you suffer from depression, the cops can come take your weapons from you. It's a little more complicated than that but not much. In California, you don't even need to involve doctors. Just a family member saying they don't think you should have weapons can result in the police taking everything you have for "temporary" custody.

      The "authorities" have always chosen which laws they want to obey, and which they want to ignore. They could not care less.

    2. gail,
      wean him off by doc's directions and put him on st. john's wort, AVAILABLE EVERYwhere you can EASIlY GROW IT.

      HIPA IS WRITTEN SO THAT THOSE WHO NEED TO KNOW--YOUR FAMILY--CANNOT GET the info but the gov't. and anyone like that can read everything in your files.
      may they burn in hell.
      my husband was called to deliver something to a lady in hospital by her relatives. the desk clerk would not tell him where she was even though he had official standing.
      he drove miles to get there for nothing. she probably wondered why everyone had deserted her, poor thing.

  16. Ol' Mel Tappan sure liked the HK91 version of that G3. Believe he claimed it was the finest battle rifle ever. Back in the late 70s I never could get the cash together to buy one...


    1. They have always been relatively rare, in my part of the country anyway. Kokalis (the solider of fortune guy) talked about working with the Central Americans during the 1980's banana wars and he liked the weapon. I think Mel Tappan had one on the cover of his "Survival Guns", the paperback edition.

  17. Hey Harry,

    I like how you keep your ready rifles arranged. I would love to keep them out like you have yours, but I still got little ones to think of.

    I like Trump. Cruz or Rubio, but I honestly think the only one who will make any real change would be Trump.The other two are establishment politicians. I go back to when I had high hopes for John Boehner as speaker, and well we know how that turned out. Of course no matter how bad the three might be, they are better then any of the democrat choices..

    1. I figure if something happens, I'll be going out the door to see what the dogs are up to. Those are right there where I can grab one. There are stripper clips with the appropriate ammo sitting on top of the piano near the door. You're right, when my kids were little I never kept firearms where they could get into them. Made me nervous but I know how kids are. My dad had a pistol in a metal box in his closet. We used to pick the lock with one of my mom's hair pins and shoot it before he got home, but we were in high school by then.

      I believe you are right. No professional politician has a chance in hell of fixing our problems, because they are all in the pockets of special interest groups. Only someone who can't be bought has a prayer, and Trump is that someone. He isn't perfect. When I heard him say he liked Chucky Schummer I felt ill. But he's the best of the lot. At least he isn't a coward like Obama, or a conniving snake like Hillary.

  18. Some nice rifles there. I've had my eye on a PTR-91 ever since I got to play with one at last year's NRA convention. Well-made G3 clone and the prices are definitely right.

    1. I've done ok with Century. I know they had some trouble when they first got into building the guns out of parts kits, but they got the issues solved and my guns have been sweet shooters. I have an L1A1 that I bought as a sporter, then sent out to California to Entreprise Arms (Not Enterprise) to have it rebuilt legally to original specs. Love that gun.

      The PTR91 has a good reputation, I have never heard anyone who owned one who was displeased with it. You need one to add to those nice Enfields you rescued.

    2. Hey, email me your mailing address. I lost it, and I owe you a box of aviation magazines. Besides, I am cleaning out the barn and I don't have anywhere to store the things. Hate to see them just rot away.

  19. I'm so glad my husband is the one that does stuff on the roof! I'm so afraid of heights!

    We have that big storm coming up. Everyone seems to be panicking. I had to have a little talk with my Dad about how he shouldn't be on the roof, or shovel snow. He was in the hospital earlier last week for his heart. Mr. Stubborn Butt likes to take care of his snow before one of us can get there to help him.

    1. My wife hates heights. When we put the new roof on the porch a few years ago, she climbed right up there and helped me. But I never let her get on a ladder now. It's far too dangerous.
      I've been keeping an eye on the storm and I sure hope it doesn't come this way. I have had enough to last me awhile.