Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sportsman's Guide has the Federal .223 back in stock. This time I got some.

Remember I was angry because I missed out on a good deal for some .223 ammo although I went to their web page as soon as the email came?

I just got an email telling me more is in. So I ordered a can. If you need some here's the link to the right page.

Federal .223 in a can at Sportsman's Guide

Here's a picture of it.

Here's a coupon code for free shipping:   


I got it out of my last catalog, but it's still good because I just used it.  Wanted to pass this on as soon as possible.


  1. Did you buy some of their price gouging mags too?

    Ever since they were selling PMags at $99 during the last panic, I've refused to buy from them even if it is $,01/round and free shipping....

  2. B,

    I bought some of their thermold M-14 mags a couple of years ago, but usually I buy all my mags from CDNN. They have the best selection and best prices of anybody I know of, even if they are pretty unpleasant if you have to call customer service. I buy a lot of ammo and equipment from Sportsman Guide though.

    I know what you are saying. I don't buy anything off Amazon or from Walmart anymore because they pissed me off royally when the handful of prancing fools from Black Lives Matter started their attack on Southern people. I'm not going to contribute to the economic well being of an outfit that spits in my eye.

    On the other hand, it has cost me a lot of money. Everything at the only other grocery store in town is 33 percent higher. Take a can of spam. It was 2.28 at Walmart but it's just over 3.00 at the other place. Every thing is like that. Walmart is cheaper, and a lot cheaper.

    So I am cutting off my nose to spit my face, and I know it. I know it's nonsensical but it's all I can do.

    I'd buy .223 if it was one cent a round and free shipping if Al Sharpton was selling it! My principles only extend so far, I guess....

  3. You are paying 430. for a thousand rounds at that rate...OK, take 20 bucks off for the can. $410 for 1000 rounds. Go over to Ammoman and get 1000 rounds for $355. and free shipping every day.

    1. I remember you mentioned them before. They are definitely somebody I will look at, as that does seem a better price than I got. I'll check it out tonight after I get all the chores done and get back from making a town run.

    2. Buy their stuff on sale only if you want really good price. Subscribe to their alerts and get emails on sales.

    3. I'm back from town. Going by there to take a look in just a second.

  4. 40 cents a round seems alike a lot of money. I've been buying the Tula steel case stuff, as well as Fiochi brass cased for 30 cents a round. The Mini 14 seems to digest both OK. Still looking to get under 20 cents a round. I still need to experiment with casting and powder coating for the 223 to see if I can get much lower.

    1. I think if I pay , 180 for 440 rounds, that's 42 cents a round (plus you get the can and stripper clips, and free shipping). The Tula stuff has a bad rep for being dirty and for not extracting in some AR-15's, but maybe they have fixed that problem.

      Where are you finding the Fiochi ,that's a hell of a deal and I'd like to order some if they have any left in stock. Usually by the time word of a deal like that trickles down it's all gone.

    2. I got it on sale at both Cabelas and Walmart under the label of Perfecta which is actually distributed by Tula but its manufactured by Fiocchi. Its actually pretty decent stuff and as it is brass it is reloadable.

    3. I know the Perfecta brand but somehow I got it in my head it was Turkish. We don't have a Cabelas anywhere near here and I'm still mad at Walmart, so I don't guess I can get it unless I order it on line. The Sportsmans Guide sent me an email today, 420 rounds federal 7.62X51 for $180.00. I am going to go look at that ammo place TewShoz recommended and see if they have a better price

      But first I have to go up on the roof and do some repair work. I have been gaffing it off because I don't want to go up there, but there is more rain coming so I need to go get it done. So far I bathed the ferrets and washed their bedding, but now I am out of excuses. Time to get it done.
      If I am not back on the blog, then I fell of the roof and that's an end of me.