Friday, January 22, 2016

Well, I'm sure putting up signs will prevent further attacks on women in Europe. Glad that's resolved.

Yeah, put those signs up. That will help.  This is in German, English and Arabic. I wonder who would be defecating in the shower at a public facility?   Just can't figure it out.
Rocked by a wave of sexual assaults committed by migrant men, Germany is fighting back with cartoons, in a PC campaign critics say would be comical if it didn’t address such a serious issue.
In a national effort already blasted by critics as demonstrating the government’s ineptitude in dealing with unruly refugees from the Middle East and North Africa, authorities have distributed anti-sexual harassment cartoon leaflets at public swimming pools and other public facilities. One depicts a hand reaching for a shapely, bikini-clad woman’s backside, and bears a universal-language slash demonstrating such behavior is forbidden.

Mass sexual assaults of women by refugees during New Year’s Eve celebrations sent shockwaves through the nation. The attackers were believed to be among the estimated wave of 1 million Muslims who have poured into Germany in the last year, prompting a culture clash that critics say Berlin has been slow to grasp.
Before and after the New Year’s Eve attacks, hundreds of which occurred in Cologne, there were widespread reports of male refugees sexually harassing and assaulting women in public. Many of the incidents occurred at the nation’s popular public swimming halls, where authorities this week posted signs and issued codes of conduct to discourage the violent behavior.

In the East German city of Leipzig, migrants have followed women into restroom and changing facilities, according to the newspaper Mitteldeutche Zeitung. Elsewhere, male refugees have jumped into pools fully clothed or wearing underwear and groped female bathers. Officials in several communities, including the Bavarian capital of Munich, have responded with anti-sexual harassment cartoon leaflets to stop the increasing number of sexual attacks and aggression in public swimming facilities.

“These signs are a good step, but they can only be a first initiative of more security measures to come,” Saba Farzan, executive director of Foreign Policy Circle, a Berlin strategy think tank, told “Protecting our women from vicious assaults means to teach refugees as well as migrants about gender equality.”

"Well, good luck with that Saba."
But critics say laws, not leaflets and signs, should be used to protect women from assault.  "Dirty Racists!"
“If our criminal and asylum laws can’t discourage perpetrators of sexual harassment and the activity of other offenses, what effect can signs in swimming facilities have?”  Cologne-based lawyer Stefanie Galla told
The codes of conduct and leaflets are being printed in multiple languages, including Arabic and English.  The city of Leipzig also plans to rapidly introduce English signs about appropriate conduct and multi-language information pamphlets.  Security cameras are set to be installed in the swimming facilities. Berlin, the capital of Germany, announced this week that it will introduce behavioral codes and signs for refugees who enter swimming buildings.
The small western town of Hermeskeil now requires that refugees participate in a 30-minute behavioral class before entering public swimming pools. The city requires that the migrants read 10 rules and sign a pledge that they will follow them before issuing an entry card for swimming.
“Swimming is only allowed in swimwear (not in underwear  or  jeans or  t-shirt)!” reads one of the rules.
Some communities have found the education approach lacking. Last week, the town of Bornheim began barring adult male refugees from public swimming facility because of sexual assaults. Bornheim has a population of about 45,000, and has absorbed approximately 800 Muslim refugees.
Sexual assaults have also been reported on public transportation facilities. Christian Janele, a city council representative in the Bavarian city of Regensburg, has suggested pink-colored “Lady Zones” where women would be separated from men. The bill, which was rejected by the city, was not prompted by the refugees, Janele insisted.
In the wake of the Cologne attacks, a prominent Muslim imam, Sami Abu-Yusuf, told reporters women were to blame because they “dress half naked and wear perfume.” The outrageous claim prompted Green Party Member of Parliament Volker Beck to file a criminal complaint against the cleric.
The above article is from Fox News , 22 January 2016


  1. Hey Harry,


    Yeah' Islam, the religion of perversion and submission. Islam the religion of intolerance and slavery. Islam the religion of Neolithic behavior.

    I them boys in Germany need to dust off their great,great, granddaddy's funny Prussian Helmut with the spike on the head and get busy.

    We fired our guns and the muslims kept a comin' from the shores of the Baltic Ocean to the beaches of the Mediterranean Sea.

    We fired once more and they commenced a running.

    I forgot the rest of the lyrics...gotta rewrite that one!

    Okay Harry,

    heres one you gotta post's. Its a cartoon from the 1950's about the evil's of 'Ism" as in Communism. Its five or eight minutes long or so like most cartoons from that era but it explains in great detail what is happening now. I recommend you whatch it. You will be astonished.

    1. That's Johnny Horton. He wrote "Sink the Bismarck" too. I can remember when I was a little kid, there was a cafe in Donaldsonville, Ga where we lived. It was called "The Green Top." My dad would take all four of us kids there for icecream, and he played "The Battle of New Orleans" and "Sink the Bismarck" on the juke box. That would have been about 1957, somewhere in there.

      I'll look that cartoon up.

  2. I wonder how long it will take the Germans to figure out that this sort of behavior is inbred in them, and no amount of gov. propaganda is going to change that. --Troy

    1. I think a lot of them do realize it, but the deed is done. Once those cockroaches get into a country, you never get them out. Ever.

    2. Hey Harry,


      They might get the muslim's out but there gonna have to be ugly.

    3. I don't think they will ever get them out. There are now more mosques in Southern France than there are churches.

  3. Disgusting. Well, you can't spell "barbarian" without "arab".

    - Unbreakable AZ

  4. I was in Istanbul a good bit when I was stationed in Europe. For public bathrooms, there were little courts off the road. There were holes in the ground, with yellow footprints painted on the ground over them to show you where to "squat." No stalls, no toilet paper. You could buy tissue from a little old man who sat at the entrance.If you didn't I have no idea what got used for TP. So the idea of middle eastern Moslems crapping in the shower is perfectly plausible.

  5. Geez getting raped for just walking down the street seems crazy! It reminds me of Bill Cosby. To think I liked his comedy. I imagine I still do. It will never be the same though.

    1. It's an epidemic in Europe. At first people made fun of the report, but now even the leftists can't deny it's a serious issue. They should have asked someone who had been in the Middle East before they welcomed the roaches with open arms.